Megan Rapinoe Disrespects America With Her Selfishness

Megan Rapinoe Disrespects America With Her Selfishness

Megan Rapinoe Disrespects America With Her Selfishness

With the well-earned success of the Women’s Soccer Team in France, Megan Rapinoe has been much in the news. Soccer fans are focused on the goals and team play that has gotten the women two games away from the World Cup. On the other hand, those, like me, who cannot give a fat rat’s backside about soccer have been stunned by her display of selfishness.

Megan got the ball rolling at a scheduled team press conference. The New York Times reported:

The interview room was packed with reporters and television cameras. Fox Sports went live with a telecast, as if it were covering a presidential news conference. In an indirect way, it was.

Then Megan Rapinoe, the star forward for the United States women’s soccer team and a social activist, stood her ground. At a regularly scheduled news conference for the team on Thursday, she reiterated that she would refuse to visit the White House if the Americans won the Women’s World Cup, regardless of President Trump’s criticism of her via Twitter on Wednesday.

That move probably didn’t surprise anyone. It is difficult to imagine an athlete who appears more assured in her views and comfortable in the spotlight than Ms. Rapinoe. She has, after all, dyed her hair lavender for the tournament, a sign of her willingness to stand out.

Actually, as The Advocate reported, Megan said she was not going to the “fucking White House”. Like many of the athletes who take a knee, refuse to stand or in some other way protest the playing of our National Anthem, Miss Rapinoe confuses the President with the Presidency. The White House is the peoples’ house and a refusal to visit is a big “F” you, not to the President, but to the people who are cheering her on to victory. But, Megan must protest because she is a social justice warrior.

Here Miss Megan stands by her comments:

Let’s talk about someone else for a moment. Let’s talk about someone who doesn’t make his living kicking a ball around. I am talking about Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny Joey Jones. On his third deployment, Jones, whose MOS was Explosive Ordnance Disposal, lost both his legs. Before the deployment, then President Barack Obama went to television to announce the small surge and assure the American people that the military personnel would be home in a year. Well, of course, the enemy watches television too. Jones believes that, because of the Obama pre-deployment withdrawal announcement, the enemy was emboldened and the result was that he lost his legs.

So, when Obama invited Jones to the White House, did Jones act like a pissant? No, SSgt. Jones is a grown up man who owns his choices and his life. Jones knows that he didn’t serve the President as a Marine; he served the people and the Constitution of the United States. Jones went and spoke pleasantly with President Obama.

Now, let’s go back to Megan Rapinoe. Soccer is a sport that requires ticket sales and sponsorships in order to pay the players. The women are kvetching and have filed suit against the U.S. Soccer Federation for gender discrimination because they are paid less than the men.

So, Megan, listen up and listen good. You want respect and higher pay. You want to be a role model for young people? Great. Then, stop being a selfish, self-absorbed, condescending, know-it-all cow. You are an athlete. You kick a freaking ball around. Show a little gratitude that people are willing to put their fannies in the seats to watch you play. Show a little gratitude to the people of the United States who support you by going to the “fucking White House”.

Best of luck against the British team on July 2. Maybe you can grow up in the next couple days.

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  • Jim says:

    ”The women are kvetching and have filed suit against the U.S. Soccer Federation for gender discrimination because they are paid less than the men.”

    Perhaps women athletes will be paid more when their performance improves so that women’s national teams, e.g. Australian and United States, are no longer being soundly beaten by Under 15 boys sides in practice matches? To make a comparison female violinists such as Janine Jansen and Anne-Sophie Mutter earn good money because they are amongst the best violinists [not women violinists] in the world.

  • Matthew W says:

    ” Soccer is a sport that requires ticket sales and sponsorships in order to pay the players.”
    Ya know, I’m not really too big on soccer anyway (except English Premier League) and quite frankly, I now avoid watching ladies soccer JUST BECAUSE OF HER.
    So great work angry dyke.
    Also, “filed suit against the U.S. Soccer Federation for gender discrimination because they are paid less than the men.” Man, I really,really hope some judge rules against them and tells them that they aren’t paid less because they have boobs, but because people value their services less !!!!!!!

    • GWB says:

      Just one thing on the pay issue: I think (don’t know) that women’s matches are attended as well, if not better than, men’s matches. But, I could be wrong.

      Also, I will say I’ve been impressed with the play by our women’s team. It’s been an aggressive, skilled style – more like Pele than almost every men’s team I’ve seen in the last dozen years.
      The men (and a lot of the other women’s teams) kick the ball back and forth, into their back field, back out to get tossed back and forth a dozen more times, to … YAWN. The women demonstrate skill by controlling the ball and maneuvering, pressing forward to take shots, passing when it actually advances the ball, etc.

      And, yes, the politicization of any sport/team is so damn annoying. Shut up and kick!

      • Scott says:

        I recently heard (but can’t verify- or don’t care enough to take the time to do so..) that the women get paid roughly 1/52 what the men in soccer do, and that the sport brings in rough 1/36th what mens soccer does… so based on that, I’d say they deserve a raise to 1/36 what the men get, then their pay to value will be the same as the men… somehow I’m thinking they won’t be happy with that, especially the attention whore Rapinoe..

    • Craig says:

      Women’s sports in general are boring AF!!! Look at women’s pro basketball. Boring. The only semi-interesting women’s sports is women’s tennis and that’s a stretch. Even women would rather watch men’s sports. And yes, any men’s college soccer team could beat this pro women’s soccer team’s asses just like the #200 ranked men’s tennis player could destroy Serena Williams.

  • All these idiots refusing to visit the WH are idiots. They are basically doing a “look at me, look at me”, instead of taking the opportunity to have an adult conversation with the most powerful person in the world, and possibly change Trump’s mind, maybe moderate his views, or at least give him something to think about. People Rapinoe want a one side lecture. They don’t want to listen, and they do not want to converse.

    And, I said the same thing when Boston Goalie Tim Thomas declined to go the WH when Obama was there.

  • Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Don’t complain here. Contact US Soccer .. the women’s national soccer team… Their sponsors… Tell them you are done watching and supporting them. That you will encourage your friends and family to put their children in more “American” sports…

    Get a tsunami of e-mails to them… You’ll see a change… Quick.

  • Fitz says:

    Good article and spot on. I don’t begrudge anyone their political views, but for Pete’s sake, if you feel so much anger and disdain for the temporary leadership your fellow countrymen elected, then fine….don’t represent the country in competition. Why demonstrate to millions of young athletes such poor sportsmanship (13-0 Thailand), such anger & and immaturity (“I’m not going to the F’n Whitehouse!!) and such incredible entitlement (pay us more because we win, regardless of how many paying customers watch).

    I normally LOVE teams of all sports and genders who represent the USA. Not this one. They make it all about themselves, their politics and the money they get paid.

  • alan says:

    By calling out someone for being a ‘social justice warrior’, Toni tells us that she’s interested in talking herself up more than she’s interested in justice. By attempting to insult MA as a child who needs to grow up, Toni advertises her own childishness.

    Funny – you’re exactly the kind of asshole who needs the education that ‘social justice warriors’ are offering. Be a little graceful, a little gracious, a little grateful – and stop acting like you’re some gift to the world that the rest of us should feel blessed by. Grow up yourself, and get off your high horse. You look silly on it.

    • GWB says:

      Wow. That’s some anger you’ve got toward a woman writing a blog post on the internet.

      No, Alan, Toni doesn’t need an “education” from Social Justice Zealots. Nor do the rest of us. She’s pretty well centered on actual justice, not the perverted crap the SJZs demand.

      You might want to talk to a therapist about your projection. It could be debilitating as you grow up.

  • GWB says:

    On the pay issue, Commentary has an article on the actual differences in their pay. They don’t just get paid more as a percentage of income (to the league), they are paid salaries along with performance bonuses and medical benefits. The men are strictly pay-for-play.

    H/T to Instapundit.

    • Scott says:

      Wait a min. GWB, are you suggesting that they’re pulling a bait and switch, and playing fast and loose with the facts?

      That can’t be, the wage gap is real!!! and women would never lie…


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