I Went Out to Dinner, It Didn’t Kill Anyone

I Went Out to Dinner, It Didn’t Kill Anyone

I Went Out to Dinner, It Didn’t Kill Anyone

Saturday night I took my family out to dinner. You read that correctly. We went to a restaurant, sat down, and had a dining experience circa early 2020. Even more surprising, despite dire predictions of imminent doom and death, it was oddly normal. If “normal” can be described as most of the tables moved off the serving floor, and the staff wearing masks.

I’m feeling extremely fortunate to live in Texas right now. Especially when seeing my friends in California facing even more draconian lockdown measures with closed beaches and vanishing liberties. Returning to my California roots never placed high on my list of “wants”, and right now I’m especially thankful that my Texas governor is a rational man, following the recommended reopening stages.

Dinner Out Doesn’t Hurt People, But Poverty Does

Texas is following a conservative plan for reopening restaurants in phase 1. From Gov. Abbot’s office,

…all retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and malls are permitted to reopen on Friday, May 1. These services must limit their capacity to 25% of their listed occupancy.”

By going out to dinner my family supported not only the restaurant, but the server who brought the food, the bartender who brought the drinks, and the busboy who cleared the table. Our tip was split amongst the staff, and those workers earned wages during their shift. Something that doesn’t happen during carry out. Service industry hourly workers are amongst those with the most to lose in a shut-down. No amount of “learning to code” will keep them paid during a shut-down. Spending money dining-in does.

Fear Mongering and Chicken Little Proclamations

In my elation at the prospect of dining out, I made a Facebook post regarding our plans. People were decidedly split, with those who are fed up being vocally supportive. Meanwhile, the “masks are essential forever” group was notable in their silence. There was definitely a “if you can’t say something nice…” approach.

I hope they liked my pictures as much as I enjoyed eating the delicious pizza. Incidentally, if you find yourself in Bee Cave, try Tony C’s pizza. The staff is always on point, and the manager recommends a reservation. Seating fills up fast when 75% of the store is unavailable.

A few patrons were wearing masks, but most of us were disinclined to participate in that spectacular scam. As one acquaintance pointed out to me, “Masks are to protect others from you!”, I replied that at-risk people should stay home (because THEY are the ones at risk), and said I was actually closer to people at the grocery store. Of course, logic and personal responsibility pale when compared to “the greater good!” virtue signals. I silently toasted her with my second glass of wine.

Now that the veil is being lifted and citizens are willing to function as “canaries in the coal mine” for the rest of the county, MSNBC can’t wait to spread the fear. Because, duh, I’m selfish and think pizza is more important than keeping grandma safe.

“Texas Starts To Reopen As Coronavirus Deaths Hit Single-Day High”

During the interview, Congresswoman and Ranking Member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Eddie Bernice Johnson (D- TX)  says,

 I’ll go along with restrictions as long as we can…”

Thankfully she doesn’t represent my district. But it’s nice to know that she is complicit with MSNBC’s fear mongering about Texas reopening for limited business. According to a recent New York Times article, Texas has 31,610 documented cases of COVID-19, with 868 deaths. This means that for every 100,000 Texans, three will die. Right now the Cowboys have a greater chance of winning a game than I do of dying from COVID-19. I do love me some Cowboys football, but dang the odds are really low for them and COVID-19.

Chill Karen, I AM Thinking of The Children- Mine

Going out to dinner was a weekly occurrence in our house, and regarded as “no big deal” by my kids. But I’m happy that the kids (ages 11/13/15) were with us to experience something that most of America is still dreaming about. Therefore, on this occasion I stressed the monumental significance of how a seemingly normal activity was in reality a big deal.

We talked about the empty seats and, how despite having the opportunity to go out, many people succumbed to fear and stayed home. I have stressed to the kids that the world is a big scary place, and they should be prepared for the monsters around the corner. But more importantly, most importantly – the world is an amazing adventure, filled with opportunities they can’t even imagine. Around every corner is a new experience that will forever change them for the better. Living in fear and cowering at home over a virus that is rarer than a Cowboys touchdown… Well, that may work for some people. But not my people.

I’ve already made reservations at a Mexican place for dinner on Cinco de Mayo. If you’re still in lockdown, I’ll raise a toast to your imminent release.

Godspeed, and God Bless Texas!

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • gklicker says:

    We are still doing take-out here in Arizona because restaurants aren’t open for dining in. We always add a large tip to our order. I asked the server what happens to the tip and was told that it is shared with all the workers. We have been leaving big tips whenever appropriate.

  • Kate says:


    Glad you guys had fun!

  • GWB says:

    I have stressed to the kids that the world is a big scary place, and they should be prepared for the monsters around the corner.
    And hopefully you’re teaching them how to kill those monsters. Or at least how to knee them in the hoo-hoos so they can run. Some monsters are easy: a little alcohol gel and POOF!

  • Taylor says:

    If America is to one day be saved, Texas must lead the way.

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