U.S. History of Ripping Children From Their Parents’ Arms

U.S. History of Ripping Children From Their Parents’ Arms

U.S. History of Ripping Children From Their Parents’ Arms

Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth. The white liberal guilt for the white privilege. The epic emotional masochism. Never before President Donald Trump have we ripped children from their parents’ loving, aching arms. Except that’s not quite true. The United States has a long history of ripping children from their parents’ arms. As do most countries in the history of Planet Earth.

Up until this last century and a half when many of our basic needs were met, life was very, very, very cruel. Very. For everybody, except for the very few, cruel. Let us, once again, hop into Mr. Sherman’s Wabac Machine and take a walk through history.

From the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, through the Viking slave trade, the African slave trade to the very modern slave trade, those subjugated peoples have had their children ripped from their arms.

The photo above is Navajo children taken from their parents and settled with white families to civilize them and give them religious instruction. The Navajo children were not the only tribal children taken from their parents.

Massachusetts children were forced into public schools at the point of a gun in the 1850’s. Let us not forget Ellis Island, right.

These examples all sound so horrendous to us, the educated and modern folk. So of course, many are horrified that we are ripping innocent children from their loving parents’ arms today.

Back to the present and out of the Wabac Machine.

Being the heartless hag that I am, I am down with separating adults and children. We do it every day. Commit a crime and your children will be taken from you while you do your time. Neglect your children and they will be taken from you while you take parenting classes.

Maybe, stay with me here, there could be very good reasons to separate children from adults in these illegal immigration facilities. Let’s try to think of some reasons:

1. Can the adults prove that they are the biological or custodial parents of these children? These children might be pawns for the adult illegal immigrants. We don’t want Trump to be like Obama, do we? Do you want that on your conscience?

2. Do the adults have inoculation records for the children? We have, with the exception of some pockets of idiot anti-vaxxers, eliminated most of the deadly childhood diseases. Do you want these children to bring diseases or maybe lice into the country?

3. Do the adults have criminal records? Think about Kate Steinle and all of the other United States Citizens murdered by illegal immigrants with violent criminal records. We have enough crime with our own citizens.

4. Do the children have command of the English language and an age appropriate understanding of what is happening? From a psychological point of view, I think this is important.

I know y’all are running around twisting your pearls and sobbing over the poor babies. I know that I am an evil, heartless hag. I just want everyone to take a moment and really truly think about this, without any Holocaust references, especially.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap set by politicians of both sides and the media. I just want to let a little logic and reason in along with some sunlight.

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  • Scott says:

    Well said Toni.. here’s the thing, we need to go back to the Ellis Island model… anyone LPC (likely to become a public charge) needs to be turned back to the country they came from, we don’t need to support people from other countries, we have enough here.. And i just can’t understand why people are all worked up over this, and fighting the President on enforcing the law at the border. Has this nation really become so overwhelmed with idiots? The parents have broken the law by entering the country, period, end of sentence! and that’s quite possibly only the beginning of their illegal activities, as you pointed out. for all the reasons that people were vetted at Ellis Island, and other points of entry, we still need to do the same now! These people are coming from third world shitholes (just to trigger any snowflake that might stop by), and bringing lots of that with them, from crime to disease, none of which we need. And here’s the thing that all the whiny leftists forget, ignore, or are just too damn stupid to realize… NOONE IS MAKING THESE FAMILIES STAY!!!!! They are quite welcome to stay together, just not in our damn country!!! Of course, the flip side of this is that for the left, the President can’t win… if he decides to house children with adults while awaiting determination, and one of them gets raped, robbed, or assaulted by an adult ( and it WILL happen), they’ll scream that he’s heartless to expose children to these risks…
    Put the blame where it belongs, on the “parents” that drag their children here illegally (or send them alone), and as always, LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

  • The New Civility says:

    Now that the Bolsheviks know they can milk pictures of crying foreign children and get the republicans to destroy what is left of the border you can consider all of the winning over.

  • GWB says:

    I hope the progs realize that the next iteration of populist anger will not be another Trump. It will be much, MUCH worse than Trump. Think Pinochet. Or Napoleon. If they keep up their blatant lying, filthy accusations, and mob actions, they might very well get the revolution they’re stupidly agitating for. And it will be bloody – but it won’t be the blood they desire that will be running in the streets.

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