Celebrities, your Hollywood privilege is showing

Celebrities, your Hollywood privilege is showing

Celebrities, your Hollywood privilege is showing

Once upon a time, there was a place called Tinseltown where the beautiful people gathered to make films that entertained us. Their bosses, more concerned with making a profit than in making a statement, made sure these beautiful people understood they were there to entertain. When our country went to war, these entertainers stepped up. Those who could joined the military. Others supported it in other ways, through USO tours, through selling bonds, through making films to support the nation and keep morale up. How those stars must be rolling over in their graves as their beloved Tinseltown has turned into a Hollywood more concerned with making political statements than in entertaining, in personal aggrandizement than in the truth. Yes, Hollywood, your privilege is showing.


Using the term “entertainer” in relation to Chelsea Handler is a bit of a stretch. As with the so-called celebrities of a decade or so ago who were famous for simply being famous, Handler long ago stepped away from her attempts to be funny to be socially relevant. In other words, she wasn’t making enough press trying to pursue her career, so she ran to social media to become a voice for the people. Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.

This pale imitation of Kathy Griffin has struck again, proving yet again just how clueless she really is.

I don’t know which is funnier, the fact this supposed political activist with all her Hollywood connections can’t locate such a movement on her own or the fact she wants to drop everything to march until the immigration policy ends. Mind you, if it meant she would also be taking a break from social media, it might be worth it to send her such information. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t mind being able to go to social media and news feeds and not see her screeching everywhere.

But good ole Chelsea isn’t the only member of Hollywood showing her privilege these days. That privilege of celebrity has obviously gone to their heads without giving them the ability to do a bit of research before hitting “enter” on their Twitter feeds or to consider the consequences of what they are advocating. Another of those who really should think before posting is Rosie O’Donnell. Once a promising comedian, now little more than a rabid Never-Trumper, you have to wonder if she literally foams at the mouth whenever the president’s name is said where she can hear it. Does her head spin and does she vomit split pea soup a la The Exorcist when she sees his picture? One thing is certain, she has apparently lost the ability to click through on links and read the text whenever Trump is involved.

The irony here? Rosie should have, could have seen the problem with her Tweet if she had even looked at the link she was sharing. It shows the date of the article was January 2016. Hmmm, who was president then? Donald J. Trump took office January 20, 2017. That means her beloved and Hollywood’s sainted Obama was in office at the time this happened. But noooo, Rosie had to jump on the “Trump is Evil” bandwagon, using her celebrity privilege in the hope the common folk wouldn’t see the problem with her tweet.

But it gets even better. After director Judd Apatow called out Fox News for not speaking out against the current Administration’s immigration policy, he then demanded everyone who has a show, movie, etc., with Fox start speaking out. Steve Levitan listened and did and, in the process, showed his celebrity privilege.

He is soooo committed to the cause he will walk away from Fox AFTER his show is over. Now, before someone says “he has a contract”, let’s remember a couple of things. That has never stopped actors and directors from walking out before. There have been instances of them walking out for better wages or working conditions. Others have done so because they didn’t like the way their character was being scripted. Think of it was Hollywood’s version of “blue flu”. But Levitan is going to wait until he’s gotten all his money before making a statement. Hmmm, could it be he isn’t getting the sort of adoration and adulation from Fox he thinks he deserves? I guess we ought to be grateful he’s at least waiting until Modern Family finishes its run so the men and women who work for the show aren’t impacted by his decision. That is certainly more consideration than we usually see from these self-important celebrities.

What we have to remember is these celebrities are such special little flowers that they not only think we should listen to them and do as they say based on their so-called status but who were so convinced Trump would ruin the country they promised to leave. So why the hell are they still here?

How long before we see them crying and whining like they did after the election results came in? Who knows, maybe this has all been a huge piece of performance art. If so, can it stop now? Please?


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  • SFC D says:

    Hollywood is a land of make-believe. Actors pretend to be someone else, producers and directors pay for and create the illusion that is entertainment. And they all need to be regularly reminded of those facts. They don’t live in the real world. They look down on the real world, because after “portraying” a role, they are now “enlightened” and know what is best for the rest of us. Just stay in Hollywood and your Malibu enclaves, and let the rest of America live their lives. Just make your movies and shuttup.

  • parker says:

    The Hollywood sjw cult is doing conservatives a valuable favor by making it obvious they hysterical idiots.

  • Trotsky's Icepick says:

    Future democrat voters and housekeepers, landscapers, are important to the comrades in Hollywood. Those rube deplorables in flyover country not so much. Their dreams don’t matter because they don’t do as they are told and don’t worship someone who reads a script written by someone 10 times smarter than they’ll ever be.
    About time for another 70s sitcom or comic book remake or Rambozo Part 70-Storming the Nursing Home from the super duper creative talents in Hollywood.

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