Turning Point USA Rally Ends Trump’s Very Big Week

Turning Point USA Rally Ends Trump’s Very Big Week

Turning Point USA Rally Ends Trump’s Very Big Week

So what does President Trump do on the eve of Christmas break, right after his week of being impeached? Or maybe not impeached? Who knows? Anyway, he didn’t go away licking his wounds. Instead, he riled up the young adults attending the Turning Point USA rally in West Palm Beach, Florida.

And, in typical Trump fashion, he delivered some very colorful remarks. Because why not? Turning Point USA is made up of conservative students, and you know how millennials love a high energy show. Thousands of them showed up to watch Trump perform, and he did not disappoint.

Oddly enough, Trump did not spend a lot of time talking about the impeachment vote last week. But the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi were definitely in his crosshairs.

Calling Pelosi “Crazy Nancy,” he fired these shots at Democrats:

“They call themselves Democrats, but they really don’t believe in democracy.”

“The Democrat Party is trying to shred our Constitution, tear down our history and erase the nation’s borders.”

“They will destroy this country.”

Nor were Democrats the only recipients of Trump’s derision. Someone in the crowd called out “Where’s Hunter?” and Trump launched into a diatribe against the FBI:

“These people have gone crazy. They perpetrated the Russia hoax, the biggest lie ever told to the American public.”

And he also talked about windmills. Yes, windmills — those gargantuan propellers dotting the countryside. Trump hates them.

“You want to see a bird graveyard … go under a windmill.” 

Actually, he has a point. Windmills are hugely inefficient, and unsightly to boot. Sorry, Greta and AOC. President Trump is correct — they don’t belong on our lands.

But I digress.

turning point

Credit: Robert Couse-Baker/flickr/CC BY 2.0.

Yet Trump did more than bash his opponents. He also told the Turning Point attendees about the new Space Force, low unemployment numbers, record spending on defense, and USMCA — the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. Not only that, but he touted being able to “say Merry Christmas again.” Because, after all, it is the season, right?

He also gave the Turning Point crowd props, too:

“You’re the elite. The radical left doesn’t stand a chance against young conservatives who are putting America first.”

And then it was off to the Mar-a-Lago estate, where Trump will spend the next two weeks celebrating the Christmas holiday. Then after the first of the year, the President will host another Florida rally, this time in Miami. Called “Evangelicals for Trump,” this event will rally Christian supporters and push back against that Christianity Today editorial which called for his removal from office.

As my late mother would say, “he won’t let grass grow under his feet.”


Featured image: Gage Skidmore/flickr/cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0.

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