Trump’s Iraq Visit Makes Media Heads Explode

Trump’s Iraq Visit Makes Media Heads Explode

Trump’s Iraq Visit Makes Media Heads Explode

You already know that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Iraq. Nina wrote about the visit and Narcissi wrote about the Newsweek dust up. However, the angry ugly reaction of the media is post worthy on its own. At one time, the reaction would have been funny. No mas. Now, the reaction to Trump’s Iraq visit is just one more reminder about the unending hatred for this duly elected President.

President Trump and Mrs. Trump arrived back in Washington D.C. this morning. They missed the Tweet from Soledad O’Brien and the epic response from Britt Hume.

Apparently, former child star and now terminally annoying Alyssa Milano and Soledad O’Brien think that the President of the United States takes a notion to travel, after media shaming, and just hops on Air Force One and jets off. The Washington Times took note of the O’Brien/Hume Twitter battle:

rit Hume, Fox’s senior political analyst, schooled Soledad O’Brien over her crowing about liberal outlets having forced President Trump’s Wednesday visit to U.S. troops in Iraq, “congratulating” her for noting that Mr. Trump had invented time travel.

CNN, other liberal outlets, and activist-celebrities had noted throughout Christmas Day and into Wednesday that Mr. Trump did not visit U.S. service members for Christmas, as has become custom for recent U.S. presidents, especially during the war on terrorism.

Mr. Hume highlighted tweets complaining about this by Alyssa Milano and Montel Williams — the former of which was time-stamped “2:07 PM – 26 Dec 2018” — by noting that “by the time this was posted, the President and Mrs. Trump were in Iraq with the troops.”

Heh, heh, heh. Time travel. The problem is that this isn’t funny. The Olympic hatred that the media has for Trump is not funny. As Dan Bongino, former NYPD and former Secret Service pointed out the POTUS doesn’t just up and take a notion.

And, the troops are grateful for the visit. The troops are grateful anytime the Commander in Chief comes to visit. Let’s go to the digital video.

Yes, a military member told Trump that he re-upped because of Trump. He is in Iraq because of Donald Trump he said. I am here because of you Trump responded. Trump signed many MAGA hats. The media exploded with anger. How dare the military personnel have MAGA hats in a war zone. It must violate some military code. Not.

Trump’s Iraq visit reminds us, yet again, that the media hates us. The media hates you and me. Donald Trump is the focus of their hatred. But, it’s really anyone who voted for Trump or supports him now that he is President. That’s not allowed. Soledad O’Brien doesn’t really care whether Donald Trump visits the troops at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Soledad O’Brien is only looking for any outlet to announce her hatred for you and me. It’s not funny, at all.

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