#TrumpRally in #CostaMesa Turns Violent

#TrumpRally in #CostaMesa Turns Violent

#TrumpRally in #CostaMesa Turns Violent

Build the wall!

Build it higher!

Make Mexico pay for the wall.

Ban all Muslims.

Accusations of Gestapo tactics. Mocking widows, making fun of people’s looks, calling people haters and losers, and issuing threats of physical force. Which include promises of a “rough” July if things don’t go his way and promises of “riots” at the GOP convention if there is any move towards a brokered convention.

"No more hecklers... EVER!!!"
“No more hecklers… EVER!!!”

This and more from Donald Trump, the campaign, and many of his followers has set the tone for this year’s election cycle. The tone is mean-spirited, hateful, and oftentimes times vicious. Just scroll through Facebook and Twitter and you’ll catch a glimpse of it. Last night, Costa Mesa, California got a dose of this ‘tone’ and divisiveness that the campaign has generated.

As Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump held one of his typically raucous rallies inside the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, Calif., Thursday night, a wild scene was unfolding outside.

A large group of protesters flooded the streets as Trump kicked off his Golden State campaign. The crowd continued to increase as the billionaire businessman’s speech drew to a close around 8:45 p.m. local time and he began signing autographs as his Secret Service detail stood close by.

Very quickly the scene turned violent.


The protestors stomped on cars, hurled rocks at passing motorists, scrawled graffiti on vehicles, and tried to flip a police vehicle.

“I’m protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest,” said 19-year-old Daniel Lujan, one of hundreds in a crowd that appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s.

“I knew this was going to happen,” Lujan added. “It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.”

Think about that last sentence for a minute.


And then consider what another protestor said…

“This is the anger people have against Trump,” said Jose Cruz, 21, as he pointed to the protesters running in the middle of the street.

“It’s not because he’s white — it’s because of what he’s said.”

Does this writer condone what happened last night. No. Absolutely not. Others are equally disgusted by what happened last night, yet they as I do, see that Trump is enjoying this.

Meanwhile, Trump was fanning the flames once again during his rally speech.


Like Donald Trump or not (and I don’t)…I fear that we are going to see more of this from now until the convention. California’s primary is on June 7. Can the state, the citizens, and the law enforcement sworn to protect handle more clashes like this? I hope so because its pretty obvious that there will be more of this senseless violence.

Many are, rightfully so, denouncing what happened last night. However, there is one who isn’t and in fact hasn’t denounced ANY of the violence that has happened at his campaign rallys across the country. That person is Donald Trump. In fact, his only comment about violence was to state, in response to a question from Jake Tapper, that protestors are bad dudes who’ve done bad things. That’s not denouncing the violence, that’s half heartedly acknowledging that it happened!

Quite frankly, I think he’s enjoying this. I think he’s enjoying watching this country go up in flames verbally and physically. So Presidential isn’t it?

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  • Deserttrek says:

    really blame Trump for illegal aliens and their supporters committing violence? time for fresh air and mental hygiene

  • GWB says:

    This and more from Donald Trump, the campaign, and many of his followers has set the tone for this year’s election cycle.

    Do NOT blame Trump for this crap. This is entirely the fault of the leftists. This is the same crap they brought to Ferguson, to Baltimore, to Chicago. They brought it to University of Missouri, and here, to UC San Diego. They bring this to any time and place they need to bully folks.

    Yes, Trump is a [vulgar reference self-censored]. But this sort of stuff is ALL on the shoulders of the progressive Alinskyites, not on Trump’s.

  • Nina says:

    GWB – I totally agree that this is definitely the fault of the leftists. However, Trump has remained silent on the riots that happened last night, in AZ, and elsewhere. Why isn’t he calling them out for their actions? IMO he should.

    • GWB says:

      Why not simply let their actions speak for them? They aren’t his people. He doesn’t have responsibility for them.

      Would it be smart to make some comment? Normally, yes. With Trump it might backfire. (The man is like old dynamite – never sure just how stable it will be.)

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