Trump Wins, Bernie Slides and Biden Spins

Trump Wins, Bernie Slides and Biden Spins

Trump Wins, Bernie Slides and Biden Spins

What a day yesterday turned out to be. Ohio postponed primary due to concerns over Covid-19. But that didn’t stop Illinois, Florida and Arizona from holding their primaries. Early results for President Trump held no surprises. With wins last night, he is now the presumptive Republican nominee. But least it to the Dems to continue to give us entertainment as Joe Biden tried for a presidential attitude and appearance all while Bernie Sanders slipped into the shadows and refused to quit.

Trump’s Win

You’ll have to hunt to find any mention of the President’s primary wins. Not that it should surprise anyone. The MSM isn’t going to do anything that might show Trump not only has the support of the party but the confidence of voters. The media, along with its political mavens, are trying too hard to paint him as incompetent, possibly criminal, to allow the unwashed masses to know he not only won the nomination (short of some unforeseen circumstance removing him from the race) but he did so quite soundly. In fact, in all the primaries to date, he won every delegate save one. One! And he is, according to the media, the worst president ever.

A prime example of the bias in the media, we need look no further than CNN political commentator Paul Bagala:

Our economy is teetering. Our health system is tottering. But our democracy — at least among Democrats —-is still standing strong.”

Every non-Democrat in this nation should be up in arms over this comment. Bagala basically said no one except the Dems, the party that has allowed a socialist to run under its banner, is standing strong for our democracy. He is nothing more than a fear-monger acting on the concerns of not only our nation but of the world over the Covid-19 virus to try to push his own political agenda. And his handlers at CNN are enabling him, encouraging him, to do so.

And the bean counters in their ivory journalism towers wonder why their readership and viewership numbers are down.

The Democratic Votes

To no one’s surprise except maybe Bernie Sanders, Biden appears to have been the big winner again. Early returns showed him winning  both Florida and Illinois by a large margin. In fact, the margins were large enough to allow the networks to call the two states for Biden even before we started seeing vote tallies coming out of Arizona.

Early Illinois returns showed Biden leading Sanders by an almost two-to-one margin. By 11 pm Eastern, Biden was winning in 93 of the state’s 102 counties. With more than 59% of the vote to Sanders’ 36%, the former V-P was projected to pick up at least 93 delegates to 46 for Sanders.

Florida simply confirmed what Illinois showed: Biden was the preferred candidate. Early results saw Biden leading with almost 62% of the vote to Sanders’ 30%. That put the delegates won at 130 to Biden and 48 to Sanders. As of 11 pm Eastern, Biden was carrying every county in the state.

Very early returns from Arizona continue the trend with Biden carrying 43% of the vote to Sanders at 30%

What Happened to Sanders?

Poor Bernie is probably asking himself the same thing. Super Tuesday I and II left him reeling. Remember how he tried to explain how strong he was polling with African-American voters? Remember how he had to sidestep the questions after the votes were tallied and it became clear what he thought was a bloc of voters in his corner actually happened to be in Biden’s?

Well, he had something similar happen last night. Historically, he has done well with Hispanic voters. And then along came Florida. Six out of 10 Hispanic voters did not vote for the elder Socialist, er, Democratic-Socialist. Instead, they voted for Biden. Add that to the fact Biden carried eight out of ever 10 voters 65 or older and there went a huge part of Sanders’ support.

This despite Sanders raising a great deal of money not only during the course of this primary season but over the last month. “He received more than 1.3 million donations this month, for a total of 10 million since he announced his candidacy last February, he raised $2 million since Sunday, and his last three digital events drummed up 5.3 million views”

Am I the only one laughing at the thought that the Socialist is now finding himself suffering from the Mike Bloomberg effect? Money can buy a lot of things but, at least for the moment, it can’t buy the Democratic nomination.

What’s Next?

Such an easy question with so many possible answers.

The first question is whether or not Sanders will keep in the race. Everyone remembers how he refused to give up against Hillary Clinton four years ago. But does that mean he will step back and let Biden get on with the business of being the presumptive Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump in the general election come November?

“I’m not a masochist who wants to stay in the race that can’t be won.” Sanders said that during an interview on “This Week” on ABC. But that begs the question of when is the race one he can’t win. Certain politicians and political pundits have said since Super Tuesday II that he can’t win. More have jumped on that bandwagon after the results from Illinois and Florida.

And what does Sanders say? Not much of anything. He gave a 25 minute, give or take, speech about Covid-19 before the results starting coming in. But, against as of 11 pm last night, he had yet to respond to the election results. In fact, members of his campaign said he wouldn’t discuss the results for a day or so. I don”t know about you, but that, coupled with his earlier statement, sounds like he is trying to figure out a way to get out of the race without loosing face. Who knows, perhaps he is trying to work a deal with Biden to become part of his Cabinet.

One has to wonder what happened to blunt the initial lead Sanders had on Biden in the early days of the primary season. I wish I could say it was voters realizing his political beliefs are about as far from those forever memorialized in our Constitution and in the Declaration of Independence, but I can’t. I do, however, wonder if the antics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in trying to defeat established Democratic office holders, not to mention some of the other idiotic things that she’s pushed (as well as those in her band a gurrls) might not have turned off a number of Democratic voters. Whatever the reason, he’s lost the advantage and very likely the nomination.

But what about Biden?

Well, Sleepy Joe did his best to look and act presidential after the polls closed last night.

Oh how carefully his people staged it to look like he’s not at his home. The dark background. The flags. The podium. The somber expression as he talks about Covid-19. That is a man desperately trying to show he is presidential material.

And failing, in my opinion. No amount of window dressing will change the fact this is Bumbling Joe. We made fun of Obama being unable to speak without his teleprompter. What will we get with Biden if he, somehow, manages to win the election?

That is a question we should all be asking.

Final Thoughts

As much as the Democrats would prefer Bernie to slink away and let Biden get on with the business of running against Trump, the rest of us should want just the opposite. Not only is it entertaining to see which of the men will put their foot in their mouth next, it keeps them focused on each other, and spending money to fight the other. It also helps widen the split in the Democratic Party and anything that causes them to focus on something besides destroying our country is good. At least it is in my book.

But we must also be vigilant. Here is something else Paul Begala had to say and it speaks volumes about what many in the Democratic Party want:

Now it’s up to Bernie Sanders to turn his guns — and his millions of energetic, committed supporters — away from the battle and toward the war. Sanders has won in many important ways: there is no doubt his candidacy has pushed the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction. But at the end of the day, as Biden said, voters want results, not a revolution.”

They don’t want revolution because they know they would lose an open fight for the future of our country. They would much rather move slowly, behind the scenes, undermining the very tenets of our nation. Many of those in political power have already done a great deal of damage to our country and our freedoms. We must not allow them to continue.

So I will take a page from Bagala’s book, correcting what he said.

Now it is time for all patriots to stand up and let their voices be heard. It is time to run toward the battle instead of withdrawing from the field. The enemy has won some skirmishes but the war is far from over. It is up to us, to our friends and families, to our neighbors and co-workers, to let our voices to be heard. Let them hear us at the polls. Let them see us when they meet. Let us haunt them in their dreams. This is our country and we are not going to sit still and let them destroy all it stands for.

The fight starts here and now. Will you stand up and fight for our liberty, our country and our lives?

Featured Image: Joe Biden Caricature by DonkeyHotey. Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    I figured that Bernie was more akin to George Wallace- both had strong support inside the base of the Democratic party, and no appeal outside that base. At best, Bernie is a 40% candidate.

    Remember that the polls during the pre election silly season are fake, phony, rectally-sourced, and more about generating clicks & newspaper sales then they are about actual public feeling.

  • 370H55V says:

    In this red (but not overwhelmingly so) part of Florida I saw not one sign or bumper sticker for either Biden or Bernie, nor did I see any TV or digital ads for said candidates, or even any radio spots. The only candidate who showed any activity at all was Bloomberg before he withdrew. Amazing.

    • Amanda Green says:

      That’s pretty much the way it was here in my part of Texas. Lots and lots of Bloomberg ads, a few from Steyer. Nothing until the very last minute from Bernie and zip from Biden. No signs for any of them.

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