Trump Thinks The NRA Makes Gun Laws?

Trump Thinks The NRA Makes Gun Laws?

Trump Thinks The NRA Makes Gun Laws?

I watched Donald Trump’s speech on Monday with a mixture of confusion and surprise. Who was this person speaking in Trump’s voice with Trump’s face? In light of the Orlando shootings, this man appeared to be a credible threat to Hillary Clinton’s incessant pandering. And more importantly, was this the candidate who Trump supporters had insisted had been there all along, and who would now stick around?

"I know what I said - listen to what I'm saying now." (Photo Credit: Daily Beast)
“I know what I said – listen to what I’m saying now.” (Photo Credit: Daily Beast)

It’s Wednesday. Time for a different Trump.

This is the same Trump that insisted that he was the strongest candidate on the Second Amendment, and pledged to veto additional gun control measures.

Can we start with one simple fact? The NRA does not make gun laws in this country. I know this is VERY hard for liberals to understand, but Congress makes law. The NRA can support certain laws, push for legislation, and donate to legislators in order to push their agenda. But the NRA doesn’t get to actually make the law. Why, oh why, is Donald Trump pushing this stupid and terrible fiction that buys into every bad stereotype that the left has?

As we have discussed previously, the terror watch list and the no-fly list are TWO SEPARATE LISTS with separate uses. And even the ACLU has long argued against the use of the no-fly list as a cause for restriction of rights – and it is extraordinarily difficult, if not near impossible, to get a name off the list.

And, just like San Bernardino, the Orlando shooter was NOT ON EITHER LIST. So, again, exactly how would Orlando been prevented if people on the no-fly list were prohibited from buying guns?

Oh, right, it wouldn’t have been. Because Omar Mateen had no criminal record, the FBI had closed their investigations, and he had passed all background checks that allowed him to work as a security guard. Hello, straw man, would you like some water to put out that fire?

I am honestly and sincerely tired of playing the “which Donald Trump is talking today?” game. Is he a badly tanned terror warrior, or is he a spray-painted weathercock that spins whichever way the wind blows? If the GOP intends to present Trump as its best hope to beat Hillary (notice, I did not say if Trump wants to present himself this way – I really think he’s as unfiltered as my six-year-old, with the identical sense of shame about what comes out of his mouth; so long as people keep cheering, he assumes all is well), then they are going to have to explain how Monday Trump can bash Hillary and Obama for being weak on terror, and Wednesday Trump sounds exactly like them when he wants to deny Americans, charged or convicted of no crime, their constitutional rights.

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  • GWB says:

    Honestly, I think he was intending (based on the tweet, which I saw earlier) on speaking to the NRA about their position that restricting gun purchases based on the watch lists. I never got the impression from that that he thought they had any direct involvement in making law.

    As to the wisdom of his new position? You’re right on. The actions proposed would have done nothing to stop this guy.

    BTW, several folks are making the point that, because there was no effectual resistance to this terrorist for 3 hours, it wouldn’t matter at all what sort of firearm he used.

  • parker says:

    Trump never holds one thought or position for more than 24 hours, often its merely a matter of a few minutes. If elected (highly unlikely IMO) he will prove to be just as authoritarian as our current boy king. Those who support him, including the rino establishment, will go under the bus in a New York minute. The donald, the unhinged progressive, will implode the gop. Mission accomplished.

  • OC says:

    “…progressive, will implode the gop”
    parker, you say that like it’s a bad thing…..

  • Tom Bee says:

    You’re right. The NRA has as much say in gun lobbying as Planned Parenthood has on abortion lobbying….

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