What does Trump really mean when he says that the election is rigged? Remember ACORN? [video]

What does Trump really mean when he says that the election is rigged? Remember ACORN? [video]

What does Trump really mean when he says that the election is rigged? Remember ACORN? [video]

Yesterday the Whiner-in-Chief publicly scolded Donald Trump for suggesting that there might be some funny business going on with the election.

While Barack Obama has little room to talk about whiners – Takes One to Know One – he really knows exactly what Trump is talking about since he knows a lot about voter fraud, err, community organizing. Obama has, as one of his only achievements, the passage of a slick voter registration law in Illinois, known as motor-voter. The law was criticized as being an invitation for fraud. It allowed people to register to vote at the same time as they visited their friendly government office. Obama, for the short time he actually practiced law, represented ACORN in the lawsuit to force the implementation of the law.


You remember ACORN, don’t you? That was the group James O’Keefe shut down through an undercover investigation showing ACORN workers eager to circumvent immigration and tax laws. ACORN was heavily involved in promoting mortgages for unqualified buyers and for fraudulent voter registration practices. Several ACORN workers actually went to jail because of these crimes. (James O’Keefe continues his noble crusades releasing just this week videos showing the Democrat machine at work to disrupt and pervert the election process, VG wrote about the videos here and here). ACORN officials didn’t repent, they formed new groups: Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment; New York Communities for Change; Affordable Housing Centers of America.


So what is Trump really talking about with the election? Does he mean that the ballot box will be stuffed, that the electronic voting machines will be hacked? Maybe, but what he is primarily referring to is the rampant media bias that sways the electorate, widespread broadcasting of any and every poll regardless of its veracity, publication of unsubstantiated claims against one candidate while letting the other one go into hiding without any questions of inquiry, clear bias of debate moderators, various and sundry modes of voter registration fraud, outdated voter rolls, reinstatement felons’ voting rights on a mass scale, and the very suspect historical results of some candidates receiving a total of zero votes in districts ruled by Democrats. And let’s not forget those people very concerned about the preserving order at the pols: The New Black Panther Party. Even though they clearly engaged in intimidation in 2008, the DOJ, under Eric Holder, was happy to look the other way. That was only the beginning, look how far the DOJ has fallen today.

Sorry Obama, but we know what we know. For all those Republicans saying, “Back off Trump, you’re undermining the integrity of the election. That’s dangerous!” I have this to say: You suck. If Wikileaks proves anything, it’s that what we’ve been saying all along – that behind the scenes the Democrats are no angels, and in fact lie, cheat, steal, and provoke violence to get what they want – is true. But we didn’t need Wikileaks to know it. And we don’t need even more proof of voter fraud to know that it exists at a troubling level. So don’t stand there, Mr. Obama, and act like you don’t know what Trump is talking about. You know full well, and you know better than anyone how it’s done.

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