Trump Presidential Election Sparks Protests [VIDEO]

Trump Presidential Election Sparks Protests [VIDEO]

Trump Presidential Election Sparks Protests [VIDEO]

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump won the Presidential Election protests happened in most major United States cities, as reported by USA Today. Even in London, England, Social Justice Warriors took to the streets to protest President-elect Trump. The Social Justice Warriors couldn’t give us a day to recover from Election 2016. Thanks.

Protesters at the Grand Hyatt by Grand Central Station, NYD
Protesters at the Grand Hyatt by Grand Central Station, NYD

Protesters took to the streets Wednesday in at least 10 cities to march against president-elect Donald Trump – and numerous college students and faculty leaders took to social media to announce support groups and even postponed exams.

I have friends with kids at Washington & Lee University in Virginia and Denison University in Ohio and the kids were texting their mothers all morning with information about therapy dogs, hot chocolate and counseling for the confused and butthurt. My friends’s kids are bio-chemistry and economics majors. They were busy studying.

I have felt anger and confusion at the elections and re-elections of President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. However, not being a coddled cupcake, I didn’t protest. I had no time for that nonsense.

The Indian Express (from India??!!) reported:

Protests flared at universities in California and Connecticut, while several hundred people marched in San Francisco and others gathered outside City Hall in Los Angeles. And they spread south to Richmond, Virginia, and to middle American cities like Kansas City and Omaha, Nebraska.
Hundreds of University of Texas students spilled out of classrooms to march through downtown Austin. They marched along streets near the Texas Capitol, then briefly blocked a crowded traffic bridge.

Trump Protests in Seattle, Washington
Trump Protests in Seattle, Washington

Many of the signs were professionally made. Not that I have any proof, but I do wonder if George Soros has some kind of Fast Protest Sign Shop. And then there were the simply confused Planned Parenthood Pussy Protesters.

Planned Parenthood Protesters against Trump
Planned Parenthood Protesters against Trump

See, there is their problem. The Pussy or vagina, if you please, does not have a brain at all. I voted with my brain. Not my lady parts.

All of this would be tragic and sad, and a little laughable, but then there is this video.

Shades of the French Revolution! Casualties on both sides. That is not funny or sad. That is frightening. This woman is calling for deaths.

Hopefully, now that everyone has gotten that out of their collective systems. The anti-Trump protests will end. George Soros will hatch another plan. And, we can get on with making America great again.

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