Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Celebrates America

Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Celebrates America

Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Celebrates America

This Independence Day has had a cloud hanging over it like nothing in recent memory. It fell to President Trump to remind Americans why we need to be celebrating.

Donald Trump Jr. had promised on Twitter that the speech would “defend and celebrate” America. And from the start, President Trump knew how to make an entrance – with a low-altitude flyover of Mount Rushmore in Air Force One. (I am assuming the music choice was made by The Hill, who posted this video to YouTube – they chose to set this flyover to Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” – specifically, beginning with the movement “Storm.” Are you trying to tell us something, The Hill?)

Even if the crowd on the ground couldn’t hear the musical selection, they certainly got a good look at Air Force One’s dramatic flyover. And after remarks by Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, President Trump stepped up to the podium. (As a side note, Governor Noem’s speech was absolutely solid and spectacular. She could definitely have a place in the national spotlight before too long.)

While the left was moaning and whining and protesting about Trump even being at Mount Rushmore – and complaining about the monument itself – the president delivered an inspirational speech to an enthusiastic audience. The speech was one part history lesson, one part rebuke to the mob, and one part spirited defense of America. The president’s calling out of “cancel culture” that has insidisously moved into all parts of American life was well-timed and much needed.
President Trump talked about each of the men immortalized on Mount Rushmore.

The president then went on to describe how only America could have produced such a vast and rich array of people who have accomplished so much, mentioning names as widely varied as Alan Shepard, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Clara Barton, and Harriet Tubman. And then he announced an executive order to create a new monument park, containing “statues of the greatest Americans to ever live.” Trump wants to call it “The National Garden of American Heroes.” The president was unequivocal in restating several of the themes that got him elected in 2016, while paying homage to our founding ideals and addressing the current state of turmoil, expressing his support for police, the Second Amendement, and wanting American kids to be taught to love their country.

The left will lose their minds over this speech, mostly because they no longer want unity in this country or a celebration of this country. The left cannot be convinced that America is a force for good. This speech was not meant to convince them. It was meant to address those who are horrified at the mob mentality of tearing down history. Listening to President Trump deliver this speech, it’s clear that he understands the gravity of the moment. We need speeches like this. We need more talk of history and unity and American exceptionalism, because it won’t come from those who want to divide us for their own profit.

My only wish is that President Trump had delivered this speech a couple of weeks ago. Or even a week ago. We need more of this, not less. The media is hopeless and has cast its lot in so utterly with the left that without widely covered speeches like this, they are left to run amok on air, in print, and online. The president must maintain the themes of this speech – love of country, pride of history, acknowledgement of high ideals that we are still striving toward – in order to banish the spirit of apathy among the silent majority.

Watch this speech, and take heart, patriots. Happy Independence Day!

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  • Kathy says:

    “The left will lose their minds over this speech” – Too many had already written their response before President Trump even started speaking and didn’t listen to the speech before screaming.

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