Schumer Promises Beatings Will Continue Post-Trump

Schumer Promises Beatings Will Continue Post-Trump

Schumer Promises Beatings Will Continue Post-Trump

Five years of failure at a soft coup and now two impeachment defeats should finally spell the end to the beclowning of the Legislative Branch by Democrats and Vichy Republicans. But don’t bet on it.

Chuckles Schumer knew the writing was on the wall the minute he insisted on erecting a Big Top over the Capitol and affixing a clown nose on his face (here’s hoping he did it with Gorilla Glue).

So playing off his earlier histrionic and insulting depiction of the LARPer breech as Pearl Harbor, Chuckles has one of his staff write another yawner of a speech where he invokes the word “infamy” three times.

January 6th will live as a day of infamy in the history of the United States of America. The failure to convict Donald Trump will live as a vote of infamy in the history of the United States Senate. (snip)

Let it live on in infamy, a stain on Donald John Trump that can never, never be washed away.

I guess he was expecting Beetlejuice to appear and grant him some wishes. Alas, poor Chuckles.

We all had to listen for five full years of Democrats in office and in the media blather on and on about how the 2016 election was “stolen”. Hillary sure couldn’t give up her claims that Trump was an illegitimate President and that the election was stolen …

It was a Big Lie that cost the American taxpayer around $25 million. But for our unAmerican Democrats, some lies are more equal than others.

Because if lying about the results of an election is acceptable, if instigating a mob against the government is considered permissible, if encouraging political violence becomes the norm, it will be open season, open season, on our democracy; and everything will be up for grabs by whoever has the biggest clubs, the sharpest spears, the most powerful guns.

See what Schumer does there? He equates a form of speech in the opening clause – and even lying, unless under oath, falls under the auspices of the First Amendment – with illegal behavior.

Schumer cries “lies” when what we have here is actually opinion he doesn’t like. Schumer desperately tries to make the case that to express any other sentiment about the 2020 election than it was the Most.Fraud.Free.And.Transparent.Election.EVAH. not only makes you a WrongThink WrongPerson but dangerous. Dangerous enough that you may explode at any minute and don a Village People costume or cause AOC another bathroom stall meltdown miles away from you. But wait! Schumer isn’t done with you deplorables, yet.

If a president had said, during WWII, that “Germany should attack the United States on Long Island, we’ve left it undefended” — I suspect Congress would have considered that an impeachable offense!

Understand, for that analogy to work, Schumer is calling the 74 million Trump supporters – especially the hundreds of thousands who attended the legal and permitted rally at the Ellipse – Nazis

Trump supporters are national enemies as far as Chuckles and his band of Leftwing ayatollahs are concerned.

Prof. Turley is a voice of reason, but Democrats are about bloody revenge. They allowed months of their shock troops to gain experience in inflicting violence in the streets of Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago and others. You will be punished. It starts now.

Take back your local government, ensure that your local election process isn’t something out of Venezuela and pushback against every Left-fascist attempt you run across. And that includes voting out Vichy Republicans.

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  • Scott says:

    Good theories Darleen, but the left has proven that they can steal elections and get away with it.
    There will never be a free and fair election again in this country, without a revolution. They will continue to steal elections until they are stopped.
    In 2022, expect nothing but democrats to win, other than the swamp dwelling scum like cocaine mitch and mittens romney, et al…

  • Loreen Bobo says:

    Damned friggin straight! let’s get rid of those Vicky publicans because they are RHINOS! RHINOS should go extint! There not fit to be in office. Fancy Nancy and Chuckly Wuckly are traidors and should be expeled! Your only going to have more problem with people like Vicky republican MIttens and other traidors in the Publican party! How many people did Killary and BJ Bill kill? We all know Obummer wasnt born in the US! And even if he was born in Hawai that doesn’t count because Hawai hasn’t been a state very long and its full of minoridies! Lets take out local school boreds back from the Vicky publicans! Woo hoo!

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