Trey Gowdy Does Wow Interview With Martha MacCallum

Trey Gowdy Does Wow Interview With Martha MacCallum

Trey Gowdy Does Wow Interview With Martha MacCallum

January 3, 2019 is the last day that Trey Gowdy will represent the Fourth Congressional district of the Palmetto State, South Carolina. There are more than a few of us who will be lighting a candle and holding a day of mourning. Representative Gowdy is a true Conservative. He sat down with Martha MacCallum of the Fox News Channel for an “exit” interview and it was a real wow!

I heard Gowdy speak in person several years ago at the Blount County, Tennessee Lincoln Day Dinner. He beautifully articulated Conservative ideas and got teary eyed describing driving his oldest for college visits. Even then, his heart didn’t seem to be in Congress. To say, that I am a Gowdy fangirl is an understatement. While it’s sad to see him leave Congress, we could not really expect him to want to hang around with that gang of losers (Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell and Ryan?).

That’s why I was interested to see that Martha MacCallum got Mr. Gowdy to sit down for what’s basically an exit interview. In case you missed it, here is the video of the interview:

Everything about Trey Gowdy screams, “Does not tolerate idiots well.” For a South Carolinian, he clips his words. He still has a drawl, but he does clip his words. He is direct in his eyes and body language

Now on to the substance of what Mr. Gowdy said. As he recounted the two track justice system for Michael Flynn and Hillary Clinton, it seemed so clear to me that there is bias at the FBI. How do our fellow Americans not see it? Note to self: Never, ever speak to anyone from the FBI without legal representation, no matter what the FBI says.

Regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trey Gowdy reminds us that Mueller was supposed to be looking into Russia attempt to sway the 2016 election. Yeah. Someone needs to remind MSNBC and CNN of that.

One of the villains of this piece is James Comey. Trey Gowdy was unsparing with the former FBI Director. I found a partial transcript of the MacCallum/Gowdy interview at The Daily Caller. Here is the Comey portion:

“Comey is one of the best I have ever seen at always being right in his mind, and it doesn’t matter if he is a universe of one. When you write a book about ethics and morality, that in and of itself is a fairly high-opinion-of-yourself thing to do,” Gowdy stated.

“Comey just thinks he’s always right, and if [DOJ inspector general Michael] Horowitz thinks he’s wrong … it doesn’t matter if everyone else concludes he did wrong,” he continued. “He knows better. So, that’s what it’s like to interview an amnesiac with incredible hubris.”

Cue the applause! Yes. One hundred percent correct, sir. But, wait, he’s not quite finished:

“Do you believe that he functioned as a political FBI director?” MacCallum asked.

Gowdy responded:

I think Jim Comey was primarily motivated by a desire to protect the brand of Jim Comey. I defended him a lot in 2016, even when it was lonely to do so. I would still defend him today if I thought he was making the right decisions, but he has been so overtly partisan since he left, not just [with] the president, but he wants people to vote Democrat, he wants a Democrat House. He’s just become a political flunky. It’s the same guy, in this very room that you and I are in right now, said the FBI doesn’t give a hoot about politics.

Hale yeah. If Comey thought it would boost his brand, he would promote a Kale and Vodka diet. In his own mind, Comey is a giant of ethics. He is a tower of might and right in a world gone wrong. And, if Donald Trump is in the room, you’ll find this tower hiding behind the curtains. Remember, that?

Next up Martha MacCallum and Trey Gowdy talked President Donald Trump. I found it stunning that Trump and Gowdy had never met before last week. I loved the look on Gowdy’s face as he talked about his convo with Trump. Trump asked his opinion on a lot of things. Gowdy’s whole face became animated. I got the feeling that Gowdy may have been agnostic on Trump before and was very surprised that he liked Trump.

Trey Gowdy has little faith in the future Democrat led Congress, but you already knew that.

Gowdy was great on the Rumble in the Oval with Pelosi and Schumer. He is so right to point out the hypocrisy of Pelosi and Schumer having voted in the past for a border wall and now only wanting Border Security. Idiots.

This was a great interview by Martha MacCallum. It was a definite wow. As I said at the start Trey Gowdy will be so missed. But, we can’t expect good people to want to deal with the majority of loser leeches that populate the halls of power. Good luck in the future, Mr. Gowdy.

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