Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur on Bathroom Bill (Video)

Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur on Bathroom Bill (Video)

Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur on Bathroom Bill (Video)

The Federalist Papers website has reported that a total of thirteen states are lining up to fight the Obama’s administrations guidelines on transgender bathrooms. Thirteen states are willing to forego Federal Education Funds in order to fight this latest federal overreach by the Obama Administration.

The Obama Administration issued the “guidelines” on Friday through the Justice and Education Departments using Title IX (No discrimination based on sex in federally funded activity, decreed in 1972.) as a legal basis for these “guidelines”. The guidelines followed the suit and countersuit by the North Carolina and the Obama Justice Department over transgender bathrooms last week. The “guidelines” detail what schools receiving federal funds (K-12 and colleges) must do or not do for transgender students.

The new transgender bathroom symbol
The new transgender bathroom symbol

CNN has helpfully provided a propaganda (this writer’s word for it) video to indoctrinate educate the ignorant populace regarding the history of public toilets in the United States. Voila!

Notice how bathroom issues only happened in the United States. Apparently, the rest of the world has long been sophisticated regarding restrooms. Women in public, Heaven forfend! The brief video includes no discussion of our only recent (several generations) understanding of germs and the spread of disease with regard to toilet history.

With education of the ignorant United States populace again in mind CNN, Michael Smerconish invited transgender reporter Zoey Tur (formerly Bob Tur) on his program to discuss the bathroom battle. Watch the video below!

Okay, I am a bigot. I understand that. Zoey Tur is a man. I know Zoey had craniofacial and sexual reassignment surgeries but…Heavens to Murgatroyd…Zoey is a man. Despite the stringy hair and really bad make up job, I can practically see the hair on his chest and there is definitely a mustache on that upper lip. Waving his man hands around only serves to remind us that he is a man.

On top of that, Michael Smerconish and Zoey Tur are both dreadfully condescending. Governor McCrory is “reaching in to the pockets of taxpayers so he can feed his ego”. And, Michael Smerconish has solved the problem “#StallsForAll”.

I have to wonder if forgoing federal funds wouldn’t result in a cash surplus for states. Think of all the savings from regulatory and compliance issues. So, I am not so sure that Governor McCrory is reaching into the pockets of taxpayers. Michael Smerconish is on to something with #StallForAll. Rows of urinals are a really bad idea any way. Talk about body issues.

Zoey posits that this is the fallout from the gay marriage decision. I cannot say one way or the other. But, I do know that the gender confused community has certainly gotten more visible and vocal. Can you say Caitlyn Jenner?

Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner
Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner

And, we cannot forget “non-binary” girl from Obama’s visit to London.


Because the end of this is the end of gender and sexual identity. Period. End. Full Stop. The folks at GenderQueerID have provided a helpful list of the new identities. There are a lot. The end result will be that forcing anyone into a label will be the actions of a bigoted society.

You can quote me on that.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Blacks, who constitute 13% of the population, commit over 50% of the homicides each year, and over 90% of the victims are black (actually, it’s not all blacks. Overwhelmingly, the perps and victims are young blacks males who grew up in single parent (mother or grandmother) households which were in urban areas dominated for decades by the Democrat Party, and which households qualified for one or more welfare benefits). Yet, according to the Obama Administration and Attorney General Lynch, the Number One Civil Rights issue is ensuring the right of an adult male to decide he must go into the girls’ restroom in an elementary school to pull out his schlong in front of any female children present, to relieve himself. But, as Caitlyn Jenner has revealed, feeling one’s inner female can be transitory, so like any woman, she retains the right to change her mind, and he wants to be Bruce, again. Thus, under the new Obucation Dept “Guidelines”, it will be OK for Richard to enter the girls’ restroom as Rickie, but leave as Dick.

  • GWB says:

    Because the end of this is the end of gender and sexual identity.

    No, the end of this is absolute chaos, from which our elite masters will deliver us. The end of this is camps and ovens and gulags and ghettos.

    The folks at GenderQueerID have provided a helpful list of the new identities. There are a lot.

    There are three: male, female, deviant.
    (I include in the first two any person who truly has a physiological medical condition of ambiguity that decides to commit one way or the other.)

    As for “Zoey” – oy vey, you are right. The dragster Dundee grabbed in the first movie was more feminine than this dude.

    • Toni Williams says:

      GWB- Then end of this is always camps, ovens, gulags and ghettos. Did you see the woman who thinks she is a man who graduated from The Citadel this weekend. Read that and weep big tears.

      Zoey is more manly now that before she “transitioned”.


  • J walter says:

    Thank SJWs/ feminism for this mess.

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