Clinton Ad Mocks Donald Trump’s Refusal To Release Tax Returns. Pot Meet Kettle [VIDEO]

Clinton Ad Mocks Donald Trump’s Refusal To Release Tax Returns. Pot Meet Kettle [VIDEO]

Clinton Ad Mocks Donald Trump’s Refusal To Release Tax Returns. Pot Meet Kettle [VIDEO]

Sometime last night, maybe around 3 a.m…. Hillary Clinton released her latest attack ad against Donald Trump.

Well, I do have to admit that the question is valid. Trump is doing a massive tap dance complete with a few somersaults in order to avoid A. answering questions about whats in his tax returns and B. answering yes or no as to if he’ll definitely release them or not.

Hillary? Let me just say…. Pot meet Kettle.

Evidently Hillary and her campaign staff have been planning this ad for some time. Especially after being asked about Trump’s tax returns during a rally in New Jersey last Wednesday.

Mrs. Clinton, who often ignores catcalls, smiled and said, “We’ll get to that.”

Moments later she urged the man and other voters to keep asking to see Mr. Trump’s tax filings and indicated that her campaign would make them an issue in the general election, saying, “We’ll get around to that, too.”

“Because when you’re running for president and you become the nominee, that’s kind of expected,” said Mrs. Clinton, who, with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has released annual tax returns since 1977 and posted eight years of returns on her campaign website.

“So you’ve got to ask yourself, why doesn’t he want to release them?” Mrs. Clinton said with a slightly dark edge to her voice. “Yeah, well, we’re going to find out.”

Oh?? You’re going to find out?

Wonderful!! That means we get to ask YOU the following questions.

  1. Why won’t you release the transcript of all of your oh so secret and oh so very well paid $300K a pop speeches you’ve made over the last few years?
  2. Why won’t you release ALL of your emails
  3. Why won’t you admit that you flouted State Department rules and conducted emails and phone calls over extremely insecure internet & phone lines?
  4. Why did you have a private server set up in your house while Secretary of State?
  5. Why are you refusing to admit that yes, the FBI IS conducting a criminal investigation and yes you WILL be questioned?
  6. What are you still hiding concerning the terrorist attack in Benghazi that led to 4 Americans being killed?
  7. What really happened to the $100 million donated to your foundation from leaders in the Middle East?
  8. What are you hiding concerning the Clinton Global Initiative run by your husband, former President Bill Clinton?

What will your answers be Hillary? And no… “What difference does it make?” does NOT COUNT as an answer.


If you are going to call out your opponent regarding his refusal to release his tax returns…if you are going to ask ‘What’s Donald Trump hiding?’ You’d better be prepared for the same type of questions to come back to you …IN SPADES.


So Hillary? What are YOU hiding?

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