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Trans Fascist AleX Caraballo Gets Maced

Trans Fascist AleX Caraballo Gets Maced

Trans Fascist AleX Caraballo Gets Maced

It’s not often one gets to watch one of the far-Left’s darlings hoisted on their own rhetoric, and #Womanface LARPer “Alejandra” Caraballo has nowhere to hide from South Carolina’s Nancy Mace.

Watch this chef’s kiss of an exchange that demonstrates not only the saying if not for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all combined with Caraballo’s risible, naked attempt to pivot to the Bill Clinton’s patented “It depends on what your definition of “is” is” maneuver.

Who is this “Alejandra” Caraballo and why should we care? Well, let’s start with the fraud that everyone keeps referring to him as “her” and “she” without the asterisk that Caraballo is a trans-identified male. Then let’s get to the relatively influential position he seems to hold.

During an exchange at the House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing exploring the “threat to American democracy posed by white supremacist ideologies,” Mace (R-SC) asked the six witnesses whether they thought harsh political rhetoric posed a “threat to democracy.”

Alejandra Caraballo, a transgender rights activist and Harvard Law clinical instructor, answered “yes” before Mace exposed the progressive advocate’s apparent hypocrisy based on her prior social media activity.

AleX is a TRA and teaches at Harvard Law. Which says a lot more about the lack of quality of Harvard Law than the undergrad racist Harvard pipeline into the law school. Harvard Law’s own announcement of Caraballo’s hiring is long on Woke drooling and way short of qualifications. Activism and strict adherence to TRA dogma is at the heart of garnering Caraballo a position.

Requirements when taking the bar in some states include mental health background checks or only allow applicants to be addressed with “Mr.” or “Ms.” honorifics, said Albert, Caraballo’s colleague at the Cyberlaw Clinic. This presents a different potential barrier: Most trans people in the U.S. need documentation from a therapist or psychologist in order to medically transition, and requiring an explanation of that paperwork is another form of transphobia, they said.

The depth of details that students need to disclose before taking a bar exam, which varies depending on the state, has historically “been a problem for trans people who wanted to break into the law,” Caraballo said. “You’re essentially forced to out yourself to a bar committee,” she said.

Awwww… pity poor AleX who just wants everyone to participate in his daily lie.


Of course, after Caraballo’s sterling performance where he was unable to activate his protective MagicTransShield appeared on Twitter, AleX went into fetal position and did massive blocking of anyone pointing and laughing, including followers.

Somehow, Caraballo is considered “an expert” on trans issues for little more than his own personal experiences, which certainly doesn’t speak to any objectivity on the subject.

Let’s just say in closing here, that AleX is an “expert on trans issues” like a wolf is an expert on sheep. We need a lot more Mace in Congress.

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  • Robin H says:

    Love the double standard they have. If we use one word they find offensive they attack us. If we find an entire tweet offensive we just didn’t understand the context.

  • Cameron says:

    And frankly, this needs to happen more often. They need to be called out and not permitted to use “but muh context” as an argument.

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