Traitor Chelsea Manning Debuts Campaign Ad. It Is HIDEOUS [VIDEO]

Traitor Chelsea Manning Debuts Campaign Ad. It Is HIDEOUS [VIDEO]

Traitor Chelsea Manning Debuts Campaign Ad. It Is HIDEOUS [VIDEO]

Haven’t we had enough Sh*tstorms regarding who said what about what country in the last few days? Guess not, as the traitor Chelsea Manning decided to grab his share of media attention with his weirdo campaign announcement. Oh but wait! He didn’t stop there. Someone ponied up a whole lotta dough for his debut campaign ad. BEHOLD:

I probably should’ve warned you that there would be a serious uptick in blood pressure along with an urge to send your computer or laptop winging across the room. Sorry. My bad.

Look, I’m all for people wanting to run for office. IF they are absolutely unequivocally SINCERE in wanting to help make this Republic better. Is Chelsea ‘Traitor’ Manning that person? Yeah…NO. 

Traitor Chelsea Manning, whose sentence was commuted by President Obama last year, announced last week that he’s running for Senate in Maryland. Sunday, his campaign released its first ad and, oh boy, is it just as awful as you might imagine.

Manning begins by attacking the police. A common thread for him. On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Manning tweeted“F*** the police,” followed by his signature excessive use of emojis.

He goes on to say he thinks Americans don’t need better politicians, we need ones who will fight.

Wait what? Did he really send that tweet about our law enforcement? Why yes. Yes he did.

Secondly, he wants politicians who will fight? You mean like his pal Barry Obama did with his Gumby style Red Lines regarding Syria? Or how about good ole Dick Durbin, who is laughing gleefully while the media and world react to a definitively debunked Sh*thole of a Shitstorm that he started?

Excellent company you’d be in Sparky! Excellent company.

Take a look at Chelsea’s campaign ad again. What do you see?

Hatred of police? CHECK

Hatred of prisons? CHECK

Slam all leadership, Republicans AND Democrats? CHECK

March with pink pussy hats? CHECK

Grandstand in all black like he is Black Power or something? CHECK

Brandish red roses and pink lipstick because emojis are AMAZING? CHECK

Slam THEM because … well I don’t know why or who THEM are but just BECAUSE!!? CHECK

Yeah, I’d say that pretty much covers it all. Isn’t he so CUTE and EDGY??!!

Yeah, I’m with you. Makes me want to barf.

This is one of the typical reactions to Chelsea’s grandstanding idiocy.

Meanwhile, in answer to repeated inquires as to if the announcement was true, this was his/her reply:

“WE??” Who the hell is this ‘we’ you are speaking of? You gave away major national secrets to the the entire world. By ‘we’ are you signaling that you are planning to be the ‘mole on the inside now?’ Yeah, good luck with that.

Manning is tilting at windmills and grandstanding. Why? Marta outlined the reasons here. I’d say, with the debut of this hideous ad, that Chelsea is doing this because he wants money, fame, and power.

Chelsea, all you will end up with is fame…of the infamous sort. Listen up Toots. You definitely DON’T got this. Bless Your Heart.

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  • Kate says:

    Complete freak.

  • Jenny North says:

    OMG, that’s so horrible! Scary.

  • CK Young says:

    There is an outsider who fought the establishment on behalf of the American people. Someone who understands our Rights come from our Creator, not government. That government exist to protect and preserve our Rights. That person is President Donald J. Trump. We don’t need any more America haters such as manning in public office.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Under normal circumstances I would say that a felon convicted of selling out his country who decides to run for public office must have a huge pair of brass appendages, but in this case I am obviously and spectacularly wrong.

  • Wfjag says:

    Thank you Bradley – Chelsea. You remind me that it’s important for me to vote before or after work (and, get my spouse and friends to vote), and, while I’m sometimes disappointed in my representatives, that it could be a whole lot worse, and so, who to vote for. Those of us with children realize that the the future is important. You’ll never understand what that really means.

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