Tone-Deaf Mitt Romney Supports Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Tone-Deaf Mitt Romney Supports Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Tone-Deaf Mitt Romney Supports Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Tone-Deaf Mitt Romney (R-Utah…yes, really, Utah) touted his support for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Monday. Mitt threw his support behind her Monday afternoon after the Senate judiciary committee deadlocked 11-11 on whether or not to back her nomination.

The 11-11 deadlocked could have been the roadblock needed to keep her nomination from proceeding. Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), used a rare procedural move to force the nominating decision out of the judicial committee and putting it to the Senate floor for a vote.

“By a bipartisan vote of 53-47, the Senate has forced the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson out of the Judiciary Committee…”

Yes, the Senate is tied 50/50 Democrat and Republican. You don’t need to ask who were the three that joined the Democrats but I’ll tell you. Susan Collins (Rino-ME) had already broken and said she would side with Dems to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson. On that rino vote alone, no one had to say or do anything–Democrats had all they needed at that point. However, not to be outdone, Lisa Murkowski (Rino-AK) joined Collins.

The vote to formally confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was delayed due to a California senator having a delayed flight and rushing to the chamber to attend the vote. Much consternation and speech making ensued as the Senate took a long recess late Monday.

Sitting in the chamber, the boredom must have gotten to Mitt Romney. His vote for Judge Jackson didn’t matter and it doesn’t matter now. If he votes against her, he’s being a good Republican, for once. And it still doesn’t matter because Collins and Murkowski have given their votes to Schumer. What does Mittens do instead of keeping his mouth shut and voting like a good Republican?

He plays with photoshop on his laptop, makes a grand little graphic…and took to Twitter.

For a man who has the political experience Mitt Romney has, he is politically tone deaf.

Let’s remember, Mitt was against Judge Brown before he was “for” her suddenly today.

He voted against her before he learned of her inexperience, lax on immigration views, her radical judicial activism, and her pathetic view on sentencing pedophiles.

He got to meet her recently, so that made it all better.

Let’s remember the serious and valid concerns Republicans—real Republicans—have in Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

First, her lax sentencing for pedophiles, as so clearly laid out by fellow Victory Girl, Lisa Carr. Romney says she’s a “person of honor.”

Second, her stance on immigration is radical and overreaching. In fact, she was grilled in committee on her action to review immigration law that wasn’t her business to review.

“Grassley noted that Congress had given DHS ‘sole and unreviewable discretion’ to decide whether expedited removal could be applied, and that Jackson herself had noted that it had ‘sole and unreviewable discretion.’ ‘But you still went on to review [DHS’s] decision, in fact you issued a nationwide injunction blocking [DHS] from removing illegal immigrants who had been in the country in less than two years,’ he said, ‘Could you please explain why a federal court could review something Congress called unreviewable?’ he said. Jackson responded by saying that the case was not about the determination itself, but the procedures the agency took to make it…”

Blah blah blah…luckily her little stunt was overruled by the D.C. Circuit and America is safer for it.

Ted Cruz has made it clear, she will be the most “liberal justice” on the Supreme Court if confirmed.

Third, the phrase “judicial activism” has been used to describe Judge Jackson. Does Mitt know what that means? He should.

“…Jackson was one of the most frequently reversed judges on the D.C federal district court. Even liberal judges frequently ruled against her and found that she intervened in cases where she did not have jurisdiction and engaged in judicial ‘abuse of discretion.’ The high rate at which appellate courts have overturned her decisions signals that Jackson frequently engages in judicial activism—intervening where she should not—and gets the law wrong on constitutional matters.”

Of course the radical, progressive, Socialist Democrats want her. The real question, why does Mitt Romney? Why did he decide to be an idiot at the last moment, when his vote didn’t matter, and publicly align himself with her and her insane judicial record, judicial inexperience, and radical agenda?

What a complete embarrassment to American, Constitutional and Republican values he is.

Also consider–he is a senator from Utah. Utah! One of the most red, conservative states in the union and this is who they send to Washington? Can we remind the voters of Utah, he’s up for re-election in 2024 and it’s time to vote for someone who not only represents Utah values but American principles?

Twitter agrees more eloquently than I.

Here’s a thought that strikes close to home.

Mitt’s vote, along with the appalling votes of Murkowski and Collins, are not just a bad vote on a bill. This is for a Justice of the Supreme Court that is a lifetime appointment. And he’s proud to have voted for her. What an incredibly sad day for America.

Featured Photo: Mitt Romney – Caricature and Ketanji Brown Jackson – Caricature, by Donkey Hotey via Flickr, CC by 2.0, combined and cropped.

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