Today, We Fight

Today, We Fight

It’s not over yet. Don’t give up.

When this happened four years ago, I went and read the story of how Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem. Bombing, all night long. Absolute terror and hopelessness and certain death… except that because we fought on, because our countrymen refused to quit even when the whole sky was lit up like all of hell, at the end of it all, in the dawn’s early light there flew the flag.

We cannot give up. Not in the bombs, not in the hopelessness. We mourned last night and today we fight. Because, in this morning we awaken. We still have each other. And we have the unshakeable belief in what we are meant for.

The flag still flies, and as long as it does, we fight.
– Kit Lange

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  • Brian says:

    More of a reader . . . very (very) rarely a comment, but thank you to Cassy, Kate, Joy, Amy & Kit – your contagious courage, humor, and spirit uplifts and delivers hope (to those of us made of lesser stuff).

    “Where do we find such [wo]men?”

    Sincerest Regards

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