Three Thoughts After Trump’s Rally in Monroe

Three Thoughts After Trump’s Rally in Monroe

Three Thoughts After Trump’s Rally in Monroe

President Trump held a rally in Monroe, Louisiana where thousands of supporters waited hours to hear him speak. The POTUS came out in brash confrontation against the Democrats and the attorney representing the Ukraine whistleblower. The political heads took the opportunity to blame him for the recent GOP loses in VA and KY. Meanwhile the crowd of thousands remains indicative of the sheer cult of personality that is Donald Trump. And, to the entertainment of all, CNN’s Jim Acosta was overshadowed by “the worm.”

Monroe Takedown

The President opened his rally by reading tweets from the lawyer representing the Ukraine “whistleblower.” For someone who sells himself as “non-partisan” the tweets are dredged in dark blue sauce. His tweets are anything but non-partisan, though ambitious considering POTUS had been in office less than a year. Like so many others called out after being caught, Mr. Zaid pulls out the “R card.” Law and Crime quotes his response as,

“In the time since that tweet was posted, which was referring to lawyers serving as the force of good to prevent this president from doing harm to our democracy, I’ve probably represented more Republicans, including White House officials, than Democrats,” Zaid said. “This is nothing more than the continuing partisan deflection to desperately avoid discussing the substance of my client’s whistleblower complaint.”

I bet he mentions that he has Black friends too. I mean, what better way to defend perceived bias than to highlight your affiliation with those you are accused of opposing? His “R card” is for Republican. Because … he can’t possibly be partisan or on a witch hunt for this POTUS, he has represented Republicans. Last time I checked plenty of Republicans were lighting torches with their Democrat counterparts. Mitt Romney is out buying gas right now.

Mr. Zaid further states that he’s justified in his belief because, well, “everybody else” feels the same way!!

“I referred to any lawful methods that exist, whether impeachment, if justified, or voting him out. My views are in sync with the majority of the country,” he said. “In fact, there are tweets I made that speak out against impeachment.”

Hmmm. Using majority rule as a defense for your actions sounds a lot like telling the traffic court judge that “everybody was speeding, so I wasn’t doing anything wrong…” Please, just own your opinion for what it is, and disregard using the feelings of others as a prop. I’d have more respect if you’d said, “hell yes I wrote that! I feel this way because…”

The Unflip, a Media Favorite

Major media outlets are showcasing the recent Democrat victories as a referendum on POTUS. While this may play a small role in specific elections, the two they are touting as “BIG” wins, are not.

Kentucky’s gubernatorial race was won by the Democrat challenger to the current Republican, Governor Bevin. The outcome was billed as a Blue flip, but in actuality was a return to the party that held the office for two decades. The National Review explains,

For one thing, Bevin is the most unpopular governor in the country, according to data from Morning Consult, which at last count found that just 32 percent of registered voters in the state approved of the job he was doing while 56 percent disapproved. These weaknesses were likely the biggest factor in his loss to Beshear, who had the added advantage of being the son of the man who served as Kentucky governor just before Bevin. For another thing, until Bevin’s election in 2015, Democrats had held the governorship in Kentucky for almost the entirety of the past two decades.”

This certainly tamps down the victory celebration. An unpopular governor lost to the son of his predecessor. In a state that has a party legacy on the office. Okay then.

Meanwhile, in Virginia the Slide is Complete

The other big election reflection on Trump is the Democrats takeover of the house, giving them complete control in Virginia. This one is slightly accurate. But only in the way we measure Warren’s Native Ancestry (with a huge lick of salt). Virginia has been blue in every presidential election since 2008. The shift has been happening over a decade. The 2018 congressional election ousted the last Republican inside the Beltway, largely due to shifting demographics and expanding suburbs. National Review explains,

The trend toward supporting Democrats, particularly in the wealthy, populous northern Virginia suburbs, had been underway before Trump appeared on the scene, but it also has accelerated enormously during his tenure. But it makes little sense to blame the president entirely for the GOP’s woes, especially given the unpredictability of off-year elections.”

The “Flip” doesn’t seem all that impressive with context.

It’s Not a Black Cat on the Field, But “The Worm” in Monroe is Awesome

I can think of nothing less exciting than watching CNN’s Jim Acosta. Well, one thing. Watching him awaiting his prompt. Thanks to a young man attending the Trump Rally, Jim Acosta became entertaining.

This brings me to a conversation I had with my husband. He’s firmly in the “Trump is going to get trounced” camp. I blame the Economist, and Foreign Affairs for his denial. I’m no fan of POTUS, but I see the way people respond to him and know people who work with him. All accounts are that he’s magnetic, and imparts the feeling that he truly cares about the average person. It’s a talent shared by Bill Clinton (I know people who strongly dislike him but are still in awe of his personal charisma).

Unapologetic and Unconstrained, DJT Has a Presence

Trump is brash, and unpolished. This appeals to his fans, and they are fans, because he’s unapologetically wealthy while unconstrained by the dictates of his position. He doesn’t drink beer, but he will offer you something domestic from a can. His supporters show up in the tens of thousands to attend his rallies and hear him speak. Many know they won’t get inside the arena, but are willing to watch on a Jumbotron outside the venue. They could easily watch from the comfort of their own homes, but they want to bask in the glow of the cult of personality that is Donald J. Trump. Especially when he fires up his speeches like this,

“The American people are fed up with Democrat lies, hoaxes, smears, slanders and scams. The Democrats’ shameful conduct has created an angry majority. And that’s what we are … We’re a majority, and we’re angry, that will vote the do-nothing Democrats out of office in 2020.”

Hopefully he’s not wrong.

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • GWB says:

    The political heads took the opportunity to blame him for the recent GOP loses in VA
    Well, I blame him a little, too. He hasn’t drained nearly enough of the Swamp, and all those swamp creatures live in northern Va and have turned this state blue. Drain the Swamp and I’ll have to put up with less of the tyranny.

    the sheer cult of personality that is Donald Trump
    This part is what worries me. If the people who voted for Trump don’t grasp the principles that we need, and push hard for people with those principles to run and achieve office, then when Trump is gone, so will the populist surge currently keeping the totalitarians at some remove.

    considering POTUS had been in office less than a year
    Ummm, I was under the impression some were from January 2017. That means just before or after his inauguration!

    if justified
    No, that was not part of the tweets I read.

    The National Review

    An unpopular governor lost to the son of his predecessor. In a state that has a party legacy on the office.
    Not just that, but on it being a Trump referendum, Bevin went form losing HORRIBLY to barely losing (and probably a recount), because Trump came and campaigned for him there. He went from something like 30% to 49% in the last bit of that race.

    expanding suburbs
    Uh…. no. It’s NOT “expanding suburbs”, it’s a specific set of suburbs – namely those i nNorVa containing the denizens of The Swamp. Also, not sure what is meant by “ousted the last Republican inside the Beltway“, since we still have Republican representation in Congress from 4 of our 11 districts.

    It’s a talent shared by Bill Clinton
    By a great many successful businessmen and politicians. Schmoozing is what they do best.

    My real concern is what comes after Trump. A cult of personality dies rather quickly because it has nothing else to hold it up. And a savior fixation (“If only we elect the right president, he will save us!”) is downright cancerous to a republic of free citizens. I’m hoping enough of a shift happens in the mentality of the electorate that we can work our way back toward that republic of free citizens we should and >can be.

    • Hey Friend!
      Re VA:
      To some extent. However, these are the same voters who let slip the Gov wearing either blackface and/or a Klan Robe as a costume. Then elected a man who plead no contest to having sex with a minor (who was his then secretary). They are now married, but she was till under 18 when they started having sex. Not to mention, his subordinate.

      Those expanding suburbs include Loudoun county and PW county. The people moving further out are trending Blue. for now the concentration in Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington will guide NoVA politics, but to be fair does anything south of Lorton and west of Chantilly even count at NoVA? I know people like to include Stafford as the far south point, but really… Culturally and geographically it’s not NoVA.
      The last Congressional beltway Republican was ousted in 2018 (Comstock). Districts 8/10/11 are all Dems. Districts 1/5/6/9 are Republican, but they are not inside the Capitol beltway.
      After Trump…. a zen garden maybe? The cult of personality IS the new normal. The Dems had their leader in Obama, and everyone after his is falling short of that mantle. The best they can do is Quirky in Sanders, and Homey in Warren. Biden has a bit of Obama shine, but not enough to compensate for being Donkey to Obama’s Shrek. After Trump… How do we even get back to that level of “normal” with a society raised on larger than life pseudo-reality? I don’t see the electorate wanting more depth from their leaders. They just want to be on the winning side. If we truly cared about quality in leadership, we could do better than Trump, Clinton 1.0, Clinton 2.0, Obama, etc. Smart, humble, intellectual people stay the heck out of politics. And those who just can’t help themselves and go against their better judgement…. don’t stay long.

      • GWB says:

        We have expanding suburbs in the SE, too. But they aren’t made up of national gov’t apparatchiks. (Though, we do have our share of lefties and Democrat-by-race/family voters.) (Stafford IS part of that expanding bubble. Hell, some of those people commute from just north of Richmond to get to their phoney-baloney jobs. (*harumph*))

        The other thing that didn’t get mentioned: the judicial lawfare that got a pro-Democrat gerrymander installed between the last inter-cycle election and this one. It’s a travesty, like all the gerrymanders from the left (and most from the right).

      • SDN says:

        “Then elected a man who plead no contest to having sex with a minor (who was his then secretary). They are now married, but she was till under 18 when they started having sex. Not to mention, his subordinate.”

        Where were our cuckservative Pharisees who crucified Roy Moore? Bueller?? Bueller???

  • zenman says:

    what comes after Trump…

    Pence/Grenell 2024

    • GWB says:

      I doubt Pence could win in 2024. He doesn’t have the fight in him, and the Democrats will be OUT FOR BLOOD. They will pull out all the stops and slander/smear/entrap/frame the GOP nominee.

      I’m hoping we go with something like a Cruz/Hailey ticket. But even that will be tough if we can’t get the electorate to look for something other than a reality TV show contest.

  • mcj says:

    We stayed at the Trump hotel in downtown Chicago.Truly amazing and top class hotel! My husband, ever outgoing and talkative, asked many of the employees what they thought of Trump. We expected that their reviews would be positive, of course. They want to keep their jobs. However, their praise for Trump went way beyond what would have been necessary to be a loyal employee. Most gave specific examples of how kind and generous he was when they had the opportunity to interact with him.

  • Kevin says:

    Here’s how people speak of tRump when their livelihoods are contingent upon his approval … Ambassador Sondland “You know, you need to go big or go home. You need to, you know, tweet out there that you support the president, and that all these are lies and everything else.”

    Tell him he’s a king and you’ll go far. It’s all documented … over and over and over again.

    • GWB says:

      And another example of utter gibberish from Kevin. Oy.

    • Scott says:

      Dude, evry time you talk about PRESIDENT TRUMP negatively, you’re actually describing obama.. We all know that you’ve got a crush on the muslim half-breed, so why don’t you do us all a favor, and stop huffing glue! You obviously don’t have the brain cells to spare!

    • SDN says:

      Documented by the guy who’s just been shown to have committed perjury.

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