The Hubris Of ‘Lincoln’ Liz Was Her Downfall

The Hubris Of ‘Lincoln’ Liz Was Her Downfall

The Hubris Of ‘Lincoln’ Liz Was Her Downfall

Hubris is Liz Cheney, mere minutes after she was kicked to the curb by WY voters, comparing herself to Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.

This concession speech shows how utterly out of touch Liz is with Wyoming constituents. Nowhere in her speech does she discuss Wyoming issues. Nowhere. In fact, in one of her prior ads, titled “The Great Task,” she signaled she would be channeling Lincoln. Prior to that, she trotted out Dick to lecture Wyoming voters on how Liz’s work against Trump and serving on the January 6 committee was MORE important that any of the issues the state currently faces and will face in the future. 

Needless to say, Wyoming voters across the board didn’t appreciate those lectures, and they most certainly didn’t appreciate a Congresswoman putting HER agenda above that of the voters she was supposed to be serving. Hence her 30 point trouncing. 

There’s another aspect to Hageman’s 66% to 29% walloping of Cheney that bears mentioning. The congresswoman simply did not spend enough time tending to the homefront to accrue enough political capital such that she might have, conceivably, survived an aggressive primary challenge.

Sure, Cheney’s voting record on the House floor was plenty conservative, no matter what her detractors might think. And, yes, Cheney’s last name was beloved in Wyoming: Her father is former Vice President Dick Cheney. He represented Wyoming in the House for a decade back in the 1980s and has always been something of a favorite son in the Cowboy State.

But in part because of Dick Cheney’s years of government service, Liz Cheney spent years elsewhere and was not considered a local. And after winning Wyoming’s at-large House seat in 2016, the same year Trump advanced to the White House, Liz Cheney didn’t compensate by traveling the state and focusing on parochial concerns sufficiently to convince her predominantly Republican electorate that she was truly one of them.

It wasn’t that she didn’t spend enough time in Wyoming meeting constituents, she didn’t spend ANY time. As soon as she was on the Jan 6 committee, she quit coming to the state altogether, unless it was with carefully chosen and very carefully vetted people (such as the media) in attendance. Furthermore, the mailers her campaign sent out providing a ‘how-to’ guide for Democrats to cross over and vote in the primary went over like a lead balloon. That particular bit of hubris pissed a lot of WY voters off. 

To be sure, Liz is now doing exactly what WY voters thought she’d do. Continue digging a deeper ANTI/NEVERTRUMP hole for herself. When you have the Lincoln Project projecting all the sads and scolding Wyoming voters for not seeing the light, which shows you exactly what team Liz has been playing for, and it wasn’t Wyoming voters. 

While Liz went on TV Wednesday morning after her humiliating defeat, her campaign launched a new PAC. To the surprise of no one watching, that PAC is designed to serve as a vehicle for her to continue her uphill battle to convince the world that January 6 happened because of Trump. 

Keep in mind, she’s been asked several times about the 2020 riots that decimated businesses, gave drug-addled George Floyd FOUR funerals, had medical experts telling us the riots were fine, but children playing on playgrounds was verboten, and caused billions in damage. Every single time she’s dismissed those concerns and pivoted to Jan 6. Wyoming voters definitely took note of that hypocrisy. 

Liz channeled Lincoln and Grant in her speech. Which was interesting and timely since I had the opportunity to tour Gettysburg this last week. She highlights how Lincoln lost, but then persevered and won the Presidency. What she NEGLECTS to mention is that Lincoln won the race with 40% of the popular vote and NINE southern states keeping Lincoln OFF the ballot. Yes, that historical information is front and center at the Gettysburg museum. The votes and win by Lincoln were protested with southern states going as far as to secede from the Union. But Liz demands that we believe that President Trump is the ONLY one who has ever contested an election, and his doing so led to the January 6 insurrection. How’s that history clue bat Liz?

It was Liz’s hubris that led to her defeat. The media and political pundits who’ve never stepped foot in Wyoming are now flapping their gums about her running in 2024. Except she’s a one-issue candidate and our Republic has far greater issues than her ax to grind about Trump. 

Should she run, I’d venture to say that this part of her concession speech will be front and center in her stump speeches. 

Today, our highest duty is to bend the arc of history to preserve our nation and its blessings to ensure that freedom will not perish, to protect the very foundations of this constitutional republic. Never in our nation’s 246 years have we seen what we saw on January 6. Like so many Americans, I assumed that the violence and the chaos of that day would have prompted a united response, a recognition that this was a line that must never be crossed. A tragic chapter in our nation’s history, to be studied by historians to ensure that it can never happen again.

But instead, major elements of my party still vehemently defend those who caused it. At the heart of the attack on January 6 is a willingness to embrace dangerous conspiracies that attack the very core premise of our nation. That lawful elections reviewed by the courts when necessary, and certified by the states and Electoral College, determined who serves as president.

If we do not condemn the conspiracies and the lies, if we do not hold those responsible to account, we will be excusing this conduct, and it will become a feature of all elections. America will never be the same.

Wyoming voters twice elected Liz to serve WYOMING. She has failed at that task by putting her agenda ahead of Wyoming. Her hubris and delusions of grandeur led to her downfall. 

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