The 50th Anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech (Video)

The 50th Anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech (Video)

We, at Victory Girls, want to recognize and honor the 50th Anniversary of the iconic “I Have A Dream Speech” delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Washington Monument for the “Washington D.C. Civil Rights March”, on August 29, 1963.

Personally, I think MLK’s speech was divinely inspired. No matter how many times I’ve watched it, it gives me goosebumps. You can watch the video of Dr. King’s speech on that day below, and you can find the full text of the “I Have A Dream” speech, here.

I believe Dr. King was an amazing, brilliant and courageous man. Listen to his now, very familiar speech. Read his words, again. He certainly wasn’t asking for government handouts and Obama phones as a demonstration of equality for black Americans in this country. Rather, his message was a simple and eloquent demand that our government recognize the fundamental rights of people everywhere – the rights of all of us to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. King loved freedom. He wanted all of us to be able to live and pursue our dreams – The American Dream – free from government oppression and statism.

Fast forward to 2013, and I believe Dr. King would be shocked by today’s so-called black leaders and their abandonment of the black community in favor of corrupting political power. I believe he would be ashamed of the way liberals and race-baiting hustlers such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have hijacked and corrupted his message for their own craven financial gain. Dr. King would be appalled at the state of our inner cities and the collapse of the black family. He would weep that some 13 million black babies have been lost to abortion.

In closing, we all know there will never be another MLK and we honor his legacy. We have come far, racially, since the early ’60’s but seem to have lost our way of late, as with many other things in our beloved country. But I think there’s still hope. We do have Allen West, Tim Scott, Dr. Benjamin Carson and many others who are fierce and hard charging about strengthening race relations in this country and building dreams again for all of us, based not on our skin color but on the content of our character.

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  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Fabulous post and yes, MLK, Jr. is rolling in his grave.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks. 🙂

      He would certainly cast off the grifters like Jackson, Sharpton and all those old screeching bats in the Black Congressional Caucus! He’d create a new band of lieutenants named Allen West, Condi Rice, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Herman Cain…

  • kevin says:

    Your post is so grossly off base. How can you stand there and say Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK jr) would be “shocked by today’s so-called black leaders and their abandonment of the black community in favor of corrupting political power.” I am not near a radio or tv to watch the 50th anniversary ceremonies but did see the line up of speakers … MLK jr’s son and daughter, people that worked directly with him and three democratic Presidents (I point out the democratic Presidents because I think it’s stunning that there are zero/zip/nada/nill conservatives or republicans present on the stage). If his children are standing with the “liberals and race-baiting hustlers such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton” who are you to say their father (who they would know better than you (or I) would turn his back on those that have been working tirelessly (much more than you and I) for the betterment of their community?

    • Kate says:

      I’m not so sure his children did know him very well. They certainly have had their own issues concerning exploitation:

      SHAME on them for standing next to race baiters! It flies in the very face of his father’s legacy. They do not get a pass simply because they are his children when they passively support the very kinds of behaviors their dad gave up his life for. But setting that aside, you wonder why no black conservatives are on stage? They weren’t invited.

      So much for equality and celebrating success regardless of which side of the aisle, right?

      The (D)’s love to forget that MLK was actually an (R) and that he loved life — all life — including the unborn. He would weep in the streets if he knew what was happening to black pre-born babies at a disproportionate rate to whites in abortion clinics all around this country — funded and protected by the very people who are on that stage today. He fought for black people who struggled in the inner city — what would he say about Detroit that has suffered at the hand of (D) leadership for 40 years? Fifty years after the “I Have a Dream” speech, the income gap between white and black families is over 40% greater than what it was then. Not for lack of effort.,0,5701746.story

      I’m finished here.

  • kevin says:

    What would he say about trying to limit others (primarily low income, uneducated, and people of color) right to vote? What would he say about the over-representation of blacks in prison? (How a black person gets 20 years in prison for having crack cocaine and a rich banker single-handedly destroys our economy and gets millions of $$$ in bonuses.) Who knows what he would say? I don’t and nor do you. That’s the point. You’re trying to mask your disdain for liberals by referring to MLK Jr. and co-opting his movement and how much you believed in it but, “If he were only alive today … what a shame.” He is alive … in all the people of color who work tirelessly for the cause of equal voting rights, representation in government, ensuring fair treatment for people of color like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (to name a few).

    I wash my hands and walk away … D O N E ! ! !

    • Kate says:

      Prove your premise that it is the GOP or conservatives who are trying to limit the low income, the uneducated, and the people of color’s right to vote. You cannot because it is simply NOT true and a favorite meme of the left to get their very necessary base ginned up. If anything, it is the (D)’s who would even let my dog vote if I would let her.

      Prison and blacks? Shameful. That can be attributed to economic and social woes (breakdown of families) on which he stood strong for. Too bad the (D)’s have walked away from those issues.

      I’m not trying to co-op anyone’s movement. I believe MLK and what he stood for (remember what he stood for??) was an American value not simply a…liberal issue. I certainly as a taxpayer have paid handsomely over the years for all the celebrations, monuments, parades, etc. of which I am happy to do. But surely, if he were alive today, he would clean house “big time” — to use a favorite word of one of my favorite conservatives, Dick Cheney.

      I’m NOT trying to mask my disdain for libs. I do it openly and with great flare I think.

    • upinak says:

      Jesse Jackson? Seriously.. Okay lets talk Jesse. I wonder why he didn’t stand next to his son when Jesse Jackson Jr. was indicted? Hmmm oh yes, I think that has been interesting watching where the “parents” of Jr is involced (or obviously not).

      Or good ol’e Al Sharpton, who recently spoke of how the kids should get a free education. I don’t think he realizes that fact that nothing is free. Or maybe it is his new Girlfriend (who could be his daughter) that maybe persuading him to think outside his box… to bad the only outside he knows it how to manipulate the people he represents.

      MLK didn’t have a mistress, was faithful to God, his Wife and the next step for those seeking equality. I am sure if MLK saw the equality of this day and age, he would be sick. And FYI, when his children died, most of them were very small and probably have little recollection of him. Which is a shame.

      Please keep trying. Your lack of understanding Kate’s post just shows how much you really pay attention, which obviously isn’t beyond reproach of yourself.

  • kevin says:

    I’ve got to get back to work. It was fun while it lasted.

    I can’t wait to see the next topic on the Victory Girls blog. You need to get some opposing opinions on here versus the lemmings that troll conservative blogs.

  • Kevin says:

    So, Republicans weren’t invited to the MLK Jr. Party? WRONG!

    Salt Lake City News: Happy Thursday. Tens of thousands of folks gathered at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday to hear a slew of speeches commemorating The Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech and the 1963 March on Washington. But noticeably missing from the program was a Republican voice. Organizers say they reached out to several GOP officials inviting them to speak but they passed. Republican aides say the invites came too late.

    The Capital Hill newspaper: The House’s two most senior Republicans, Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.), turned down invitations to speak at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

    NOTE: I’ll give a pass to George Sr because of his declining health and to George Jr because of his recent serious health scare. I completely understand why they were missing.

    Boehner and Cantor decline speaking opportunities at MLK Jr. event:
    Read more:

    From what I find online, Cantor WAS MEETING WITH OIL LOBBYISTS YESTERDAY!!

    The “Autopsy on the Republican Party” that came out six months ago or so explicitly outlined for Republicans … Go to places that have opposing view points like the Daily Show, MSNBC, etc. If you only appear on FOX NEWS you’re only going to be seen by the 66 year old viewers of FOX News. (Al Sharpton said today on MSNBC … “You do an autopsy on a dead body. The Republican Party is a dead party.”)

    We’ve all been there before … Deciding whether or not to make an appearance where you might not feel comfortable or welcomed. You put a smile on your face and go. The message that was heard yesterday (from one of those ear piercing fire alarms) was Republicans only care about the oil lobbyists; not the betterment of disenfranchised communities.

    So there, I correct yet another mistake you tossed out there as to why conservatives were missing from the MLK Jr event yesterday!

  • Kate says:

    Kevin so many of your facts are wrong but I don’t have the interest to continue this battle with you, especially since you had no interest in answering any of my above concerns. So I’ve moved on. You should too. Check out Catherine’s post on conservative men. See what you are missing? Surely you want to take exception there? 😛

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