Rep. John Lewis Has a History of Labeling Republican Presidents-Elect “Illegitimate”

Rep. John Lewis Has a History of Labeling Republican Presidents-Elect “Illegitimate”

If you read the breathless, outraged headlines coming from many in the media following Donald Trump’s criticism of Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon—and you didn’t know any better—you’d think that Trump initiated the verbal jousting match. And oh, my, how dare he criticize a man who marched alongside MLK! Headlines like this, and this abound. But that’s inaccurate. Congressman Lewis flung monkey poo first, deeming president-elect Donald Trump “illegitimate.” And it’s not the first time Mr. Lewis has stomped his feet is opposition to the election of a Republican to the office of the presidency. But let’s begin here: you may recall this from last year, when Rep. Lewis sat on his bum on the House floor when he didn’t get his way…

Never mind the Second Amendment, we demand gun control NOW! (Photo Credit: Screen Shot)

Not surprisingly he, and dozens of the most juvenile amongst our elected representatives, plans to sit out Friday’s inauguration as well. Mind you, they’re reps from districts safely in the Blue Camp. How courageous. By the way, here’s the truth, Mr. Lewis: your temper tantrum is not going to stop Trump’s inauguration any more than your silly sit-in forced gun control on law-abiding citizens.

Now, this is the same John Lewis who said this about then president-elect George W. Bush following that contentious battle for Florida…

The Washington Post reported at the time that Lewis “thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush’s swearing-in because he doesn’t believe Bush is the true elected president.”

Oh, but wait. Rep. Lewis insists Trump’s will be the first inauguration he’ll skip. Let’s go to the video:

Sorry, Mr. Lewis. Pants on fire.

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