Ending Gerrymandering by Gerrymandering

Ending Gerrymandering by Gerrymandering

The Democratic machine is at it again. Eric Holder and Obama have enhanced their partisan partnership ahead of the 2020 census, with the goal of reshaping the electoral maps and minting a Democrat stronghold over America. 

Sesame Street Moving to HBO – Will It Give Up Tax Money?

Does anyone else remember, during the 2012 election, when Mitt Romney suggested that it was time to defund PBS, saying during one of the debates that Big…

#StandWithPP:  Organizing For Action Shows Its Support For Planned Parenthood

#StandWithPP: Organizing For Action Shows Its Support For Planned Parenthood

The site formerly known as “Obama For America”, now “Organizing for Action” tweeted their support for Planned Parenthood just hours after the third gruesome video took to…

OFA’s Jim Messina Proud as Obama Does Whatever He Wants, Regulates Workforce

Organizing for Action Chair, Jim Messina, is proud. He’s proud of the ACA, also know as ObamaCare. That’s right. He’s proud that his party, without one Republican vote,…

OFA Ghouls and Joe Biden Shamelessly Push Gun Control as Newtown Anniversary Approaches

The first anniversary of the December 14th, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is nearly upon us. And as we pause to remember, with…

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