OFA’s Jim Messina Proud as Obama Does Whatever He Wants, Regulates Workforce

OFA’s Jim Messina Proud as Obama Does Whatever He Wants, Regulates Workforce

Organizing for Action Chair, Jim Messina, is proud. He’s proud of the ACA, also know as ObamaCare. That’s right. He’s proud that his party, without one Republican vote, muscled through people control veiled as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the highly unpopular law that has thrown what was one of the best healthcare systems in the world, into sheer chaos. He is so proud that Mr. Messina sent this message out to supporters:

“I’m still so damn proud that we passed health care reform.

Now, with millions of people getting covered across the country, all that hard work is paying off big time.

I’m writing because there’s still some important work to do as we head toward the enrollment deadline.

We’re all going to do our best to make sure folks know how to get covered. We need you in on this.

Yes, this email is about getting the chance to meet President Obama backstage at an event this month.

That’s because the work we’re doing right now—to help people get the facts about getting covered—is as meaningful as it gets. And we need as many OFA supporters as possible to be part of it as we get closer to the enrollment deadline on March 31st.…



Jim Messina, Chair, Organizing for Action

Jim Messina: Proud of the Destruction of our Healthcare System
Jim Messina: Proud of the Destruction of our Healthcare System

What is Mr. Messina so very proud of?

  • Is it that the latest delay of the employer mandate violates the very text of the law, as reports CNSNews.com. It couldn’t be this particular lawless action because Mr. Obama has already proven his disregard for several federal laws, so why would he choose to be constrained by federal law this time? Nothing surprising there…
  • Is it the 10 million Americans that Senator Dick Durbin asserts are now covered because of ObamaCare? Oh, wait, that little gem received a Four Pinocchio rating from the Washington Post. There are lies, damn lies, and then there’s No Fifth Pinocchio…
  • It must be the approximately 5+ million Americans now uninsured, a significant number having been previously insured, who are being either shoved onto the Obamacare exchanges, not secure and ripe for identity fraud or worse, or forced onto Medicaid, subsidized at taxpayer expense for what they used to pay for themselves. Not to mention the millions having their hours cut or losing their jobs altogether. According to the New Democrat Party, losing your job is a family value, or something…Despicable? Yes. An accomplishment worthy of pride? Debatable.
  • Is it the reports that some Americans are losing their doctors, access to quality hospitals, lost policies mid cancer treatment, or being told their ill children no longer have health insurance? No, no, can’t be, that’s just one of those phony scandals…
  • Ok, among other hoards of taxes and fees, maybe it’s the fact that some gym memberships are now being taxed at 10% because those specific memberships happen to include access to tanning beds. That must be it! Because leave it to liberals to punish healthy life styles while at the same time discouraging hard work and innovation. You’re right, Mr. Messina, that is something to be proud of! Your party is successfully transforming an otherwise productive nation, a proud culture of entrepreneurship and hard-working Americans, into hapless addicts to your Nanny State Utopia. Never mind that your Shangri-La is unsustainable and its collapse is imminent and inevitable. Get your pride on!

So it seems that Mr. Messina, Mr. Obama and I finally agree on something: It’s good to be the King, because he is indeed doing whatever he wants. Yes, Mr. O said this in jest, but within that off-the-cuff quip lies the ugly truth that Mr. Obama believes himself above the law, believes the myth of himself as the great messiah, and can indeed do whatever he wants, without repercussion, just as he did again yesterday: His Majesty, pen and phone in hand, buried a new regulation into the newest ObamaCare employer mandate delay—the latest of no less than 27 illegal changes to the ACA law—that regulates, under the power of the IRS, that employers may not cut hours or positions because of ObamaCare, and threatens charges of perjury if they do so and then deny it in a written affidavit to the IRS. Yes, you read that right. Barack Obama is regulating our workforce. Meanwhile, most in the feckless, cowardly Congress say nothing, do nothing, and hear nothing, continuing to assert their right to remain frustratingly silent.

What will it take for Americans to hold this man accountable for his repeated violations of his oath of office? Congress, which lacks the ability to right itself, let alone the executive branch, certainly won’t. Soon it will be too late, then we will awaken to a fundamentally transformed America, our Constitution in shreds beneath the foot of a petty tyrant, residing in a progressive dream that will prove itself to be an oppressive nightmare from which we cannot awaken. Welcome to 1984. Are you not proud?

Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” ―George Orwell

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  • wfjag says:

    What’s so hard to understand?

    When you’re a Trust-Fund Liberal, ObamaCare means you’ll no longer have to share the best Doctors and Hospitals with dirty working people.

    And, as long as you keep the dying kiddies off MSNBC, you don’t have to look at them or think about it.

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