OFA Ghouls and Joe Biden Shamelessly Push Gun Control as Newtown Anniversary Approaches

OFA Ghouls and Joe Biden Shamelessly Push Gun Control as Newtown Anniversary Approaches

The first anniversary of the December 14th, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is nearly upon us. And as we pause to remember, with hearts still broken, the lives of the twenty precious children, along with the six staff members who tried their best to shield them from a madman, another group is also planning a “memorial.”

As the 911 recordings of the horrific Newtown nightmare are planned for release on Wednesday—commendably, local officials fought their release until a judge ruled against them last month—the Barack Obama-worshipping Organizing for Action is planning its own round of insensitivity: another blatant push, not for addressing the mental health aspect that lead directly to the shooting, but once again to attack our gun rights.

OFA tweeted this press release out to its followers:

OFA Tweet
OFA Tweet

And OFA released this gem within an email to subscribers:

OFA promises to provide organizers “the resources you need to ensure your event is a powerful reminder of what we lost a year ago, and a reminder that we as a nation need to do more to prevent gun violence and keep our communities safe.”

No mental health advocacy in there. Sounds like veiled gun control to me. But that’s not all. Our very own Uncle Joe Biden, in solidarity with the Community Organizer in Chief and his Organizing for Action minions, late last night released a cringe-worthy press release in yet another attempt to seize our firearms. Click here to read the press release in full. In part, it reads:

“Now, it’s not enough to take these steps on our own — we still need Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence. We need expanded background checks, and we need to create serious penalties for gun trafficking. There is no question that these kinds of measures would protect our kids and keep our communities safer.

No parent should ever face the horror of the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Or a movie theater in Aurora. Or a temple in Oak Creek. Or the campus at Virginia Tech.

We’ve seen too much gun violence as a country. And if there’s even one thing we can do to save a life, it is our most sacred duty to try.

That’s where I stand. And you have my word that the President and I are doing everything we can to make sure no parent loses their child to gun violence.”

That’s right. While the Newtown families struggle to make their way through the first anniversary and the second Christmas without their beloved children and family members, whose lives were needlessly taken by a mentally ill young man while staff members were unable to defend themselves and their students, in part, because of Connecticut’s Draconian gun laws, the ghouls over at OFA, and the Vice President of Inappropriate Behavior, are letting no good crisis go to waste. Never mind that none of Mr. Obama’s succeeding Executive Orders would have prevented Newtown; never mind that stricter gun control laws would not have saved lives (the firearms used in Sandy Hook were stolen from the shooter’s mother); and never mind about that little thing called the Constitution. OFA and the VP to Captain Campaigner’s grotesque exploitation of a day that ought to remain reserved for national mourning are, once again, proving themselves to be the shameless ideologues that they are. Evil knows no bounds.

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  • wfjag says:

    What they need is a catchy phrase to market the idea. I’d recommend a contest. My entry would be:

    “Making America as safe as Chicago”.

  • gramma says:

    I’ve read some pretty convincing stuff that this was all a hoax devised to take our guns away from us. I saw one of the child “victims” laughing” and playing on Obama’s lap several days later after she supposedly died. I wouldn’t put anything past this administration. I’ve seen videos of the rehearsal. I’ve seen a supposedly grieving father laughing and cutting up just before going on camera a day after his daughter supposedly died. The same little girl who was on Obama’s lap a couple days later. None of the neighbors in the neighborhood where the supposed gunman lived had seen him in more than 3 years. There was no video of him buying the guns he was supposed to have bought. Many more things that only add up to one thing. A gigantic hoax perpetrated by our government to try to pass gun laws to take away our second amendment rights to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

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