Swing State Edge And The 2024 Presidential Rematch

Swing State Edge And The 2024 Presidential Rematch

Swing State Edge And The 2024 Presidential Rematch

As of today, Tennessee is solidly RED and Tennesseans are grateful. Since we have entered the political silly season, every Swing State resident is going to be tortured by talking heads, political consultants and assignment reporters. Poor sods. Does any of it really matter? Can an advantage be gotten OR will people just return to their political homes in the end?

Check this out from the Washington Examiner:

Former President Donald Trump still holds leads over President Joe Biden in most key swing states, but his margins in two of those states have tightened.

A new Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday night shows Trump leading Biden 44%-43% in Georgia, and the two men are tied at 46% in Wisconsin, in a head-to-head matchup.

In a six-person race, including independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, libertarian candidate Lars Mapstead, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin 41%-38%, while Trump leads Biden in Georgia 38%-35%.

Ouch! That made my hair hurt. I really think voters are just punking pollsters and saying what they think their local “on the street” reporter wants to hear. At this time in the spiraling election cycle, lots of groups are issuing threats to their political party to sway their swing state:

Yes, Muslim organizers from Arizona, Michigan and Minnesota warn that they have the MONEY and the VOTES and Biden has betrayed them. They will not vote for him because he has the blood of Gaza on his hands. There goes the Democrat strategy of promising everything to everyone. Minnesota may not be a Swing State but party chieftains still have to worry about the down ballot races.

Of course it’s incredibly early to be looking at numbers for the Swing State Polling, unless you work for a campaign and need to know where to put resources:

Thems fighting words for DOCTOR Jill. She’s not leaving the White House. Don’t talk to DOCTOR Jill about Joe losing any Swing State. Joe is just fine and coming up:

More from the Examiner article:

In the head-to-head race between Trump and Biden, the former president leads in Arizona at 47%-42%, Michigan at 48%-45%, North Carolina at 49%-43%, Nevada at 48%-44%, and Pennsylvania at 47%-44%.

Trump’s significant lead in North Carolina comes after a visit last week by Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and the recent announcement they will open 10 campaign offices in a bid to flip the state blue for the first time since 2008.

Do the poll numbers in any Swing State matter? It’s a nice parlor game and it’s fun watching politicians promise goodie baskets for every group. BUT, in the end voters will either go home to their party of origin or they will stay home. People don’t change all that much. It’s not human nature. Whatever, Republicans can leave nothing to chance in any state. In the spirit of March Madness, we must leave it all out on the floor.

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