Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and, as Dorothy Parker once said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.”

Happy Sunday, friends. So sorry to have missed last week but fall is time for true vacation time – to unplug, unwind and recharge the batteries. And considering what has happened this past week, I certainly needed it. Let me take a good long sip of this champagne and let’s get to it.

Democrats DO care about children … as props

There was a stack of mail waiting for us and, given the political season, the slick vote-beggary and promises of DOOOOOM if we dare not vote Democrat dominated the junk-pile. As I started looking at my California state-issued voters’ pamphlet, it is apparent that when one becomes a Leftist, any sense of joy, laughter and irony is burned right outta ya. I’m sure you all know about Proposition 1 which not only legalizes abortion-on-demand through labor, but also protects all adults involved from any scrutiny if a baby is born alive and … oh oopsy! … just up and spontaneously dies during an undefined “perinatal” period. Cuz these things, like ruining a nice pair of Jimmy Choo pumps with mud, just happen due to no fault of the people who were hell bent on killing the inconvenient brat just minutes prior.

Nothing to see. Move on. And while Gavin Newsom is all about dead babies, he’s also for banning fruit-flavored tobacco products for everyone to Protect Our Children

Thank you, Gov. Lovejoy.

And if that isn’t enough whipsawing for you, Lockdown Newsom is also in favor of the medical capture of any child in the nation that wants to mutilate their body in the name of Holy Moly Trans.

Sunday morning cafe meme

Hairgel ignores the rampant crime & collapse of this neo-feudal state in order to pursue his Oval Office fever dreams. Don’t ignore him. He’s another machine creature that will roll over the country unless stopped now. Even Beto groupies and Cuomosexuals are hungry for their next Dem-crush.

Democrats care about women like they do babies

It looks like gay male Dylan Mulvaney parlayed his girly Stepin Fetchit act into a White House appearance.

It could be the morning champagne, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why these male LARPers in camisoles are so fixated on bathroom selfies. Some help here, dears.

Artist wins case against religious discrimination

In excellent First Amendment news, Bakersfield, CA, Cake designer Cathy Miller triumphed when Superior Court of California in Kern County ruled in her favor after the Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued her in order to force her to create custom wedding cakes for same-sex couples against her Christian beliefs.

Miller had been the target of multiple lawsuits after a lesbian couple asked her to create a wedding cake and she referred them to another baker. Miller’s polite refusal to design a custom cake for a homosexual union was rooted in her sincere religious belief that marriage is intended to be between one man and one woman.

Color me unsurprised that absolutely no major media outlets reported on this. Dollars to palmiers, dears, if the court had ruled against Ms. Miller, it would have been woke confetti tossed in newsrooms from WaPo to MSNBC. Taylor Lorenz and Mandy Marcotte would have shopped for matching dominatrix wear for a full video invasion of Miller’s Tastries Bakery to gloat and harass. However, the court heard the evidence and concludes a 25-page decision thusly

Defendants’ pure and expressive speech is entitled to protection under the First Amendment. Application and enforcement of the Unruh Civil Rights Act under the circumstances presented is not justified by a compelling governmental interest. DFEH’s enforcement action seeks to compel Miller and Tastries to express support the same-sex marriage, or be silent. No compelling state interest justifies such a result under strict scrutiny.

Amen. God bless our Founding Fathers and God keep the US Constitution.

Ecofascists after your little dog, too

Anyone daring to touch my wine, chocolate or bacon is apt to find themselves slapped into next month. And I will spare you my dark thoughts about the rancid carbuncles telling me I need to eat bugs.

So guess my reaction to that choleric excuse of a news network, CNN, lecturing about feeding bugs to whatever pets I’ll be allowed to have:

A CNN climate piece arguing that pets and their “meat-heavy diet” are major contributors to climate change was shared online this week.

The piece offered ways that owners can reduce their beloved animals’ “carbon pawprint.”

It suggested pet owners re-assess their pet’s diet, offering “lab-grown meat” and “insect-based pet foods” as a potential option for them. (snip)

(T)he article recommended potential owners to adopt smaller pets for a smaller carbon footprint. “The general rule is that larger pets will have a larger climate impact than smaller ones, primarily because they need more food.”

I’ve had four children, raised them with dogs, cats and occasional class mice or reptiles that a youngster “volunteered” to watch over during school breaks. I currently have two cats and plan on a new German Shepherd dog, or two, in the near future. If I don’t – and will never – eat bugs, neither will my offspring or my pets. Crickets can fend for themselves outside with the lizards, they will never be on the dinner table or in the cat bowls.

Is there no human activity that Leftists won’t do their utmost to suck out all the joy and fulfillment in it? I’ve never met such unhappy, miserable people. They can flatten the bubbles out of a case of champagne at 50 paces.

So dears, as we get closer to November 8th, brace yourselves for Leftie psychosis to be dialed past 11 and the Biden regime and ilk scramble for some desperate October Suprise.

Pray it’s not a full-on war from these loons.

Hang tough, remain calm and Be Prepared. Until next Sunday, friends.

featured image, original graphic by Darleen Click

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  • Lloyd says:

    I not only like what Darleen says….I love the way she says it !!

  • Cameron says:

    Is there no human activity that Leftists won’t do their utmost to suck out all the joy and fulfillment in it?

    Nope. These people’s religion preaches that life is a zero sum game. If someone is happy then that is at the expense of someone else’s joy.

  • Tina Hubbard says:

    Love this article by Darleen! I would have to say it is not much different here now in Washington. We moved from California a few years ago, and I am glad we did. The only things I miss down south are my dear friends who have to put up with all the nonsense for a few more years, a few good restaurants, and Huntington Beach. The doom and gloom are prevalent here too during election season. I have thrown my full support behind Tiffany Smiley for USSenate. I have signed many petitions to oppose things that are detrimental to the livelihoods of all who live here. Inslee and Newsom are like junior high kids who are vying for attention to be the class pet of teacher Bumbledore Biden and hopefully take over. God help us if that happens! Now with the CDC recommendation of kids needing the Covid vax to enter school, you can bet all of the West coast will hop on that bandwagon. The only saving grace there is parents can and should opt out with an exemption. They cannot force anyone to vaccinate or immunize (there is a difference) their children. I know this, I am a teacher. The left is far removed from the real issues happening, inflation, energy, the border. Nothing to see there, gaslighting in its truest form.

  • Greg says:

    I do look forward to this feature in Sunday. So we’ll written and entertaining. Thank You for this.


  • Kim Hirsch says:

    I just watched that TikTok video with Dylan, and I swear I just retasted the Culver’s salad I had for lunch. Ugh.
    And Dylan? You don’t know what to do with the cookie that Biden gave you? I would tell you, but this is a family-friendly site, so …

  • GWB says:

    Absolutley perfect use of the phrase “Stepin Fetchit”, Darleen.

    I can’t figure out why these male LARPers in camisoles are so fixated on bathroom selfies
    Oh, but you do. It’s a seven-letter word that starts with “per-” and rhymes with “culvert”.

    Crickets … will never be … in the cat bowls.
    No, they’ll catch them and eat them outside or when they happen to get into the house. Cats hunt them on occasion. Nothing you can do about it. 🙂

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