Students Pay Professional Writers So They Don’t Have To Be “Burdened” with Academics

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Students Pay Professional Writers So They Don’t Have To Be “Burdened” with Academics

Tell me again why students and parents take out multi-thousand dollar college loans?  So they can buy college entrance essays and class assignments written by other people?

"We Learned NOTHING!"
“We Learned NOTHING!”


Can beer taste that good?

Has the line between learning and cheating to get a grade been so blurred, it’s invisible?  And promoted??

Should people who are too unprincipled, lazy, and stupid to do assignments with the goal of learning a marketable skill even BE in school?

Do people who use cheating as a way to get through school think that an actual employer will be fooled for long once they see their college educated employee knows nothing?  I seem to remember that legitimately proving you learned something by writing an essay or paper was the acceptable way for your knowledge to be assessed, leading (or not) to a degree  that proved to an employer you were up to the task you were hired for.

Are people who use these essay writing services better suited to pursue other avenues of learning other than attending schools they can’t afford for four (or more) years?  There are many jobs, good jobs that don’t require that you be a scholar or a stellar writer.   

If you can’t write a damn essay, and decide to pay someone to do it for you, please revisit your reasons for attending college.

If you are incapable of discerning that passing off someone else’s work as your own is WRONG, perhaps you should consider going to another school – Sunday School at your local church comes to mind.

If you know it’s wrong, but you do it anyway, because you have bought into the whole “College or I Am A Huge Loser and I’ll Do Anything To Get A Degree” nonsense, perhaps you need to apply your non-scribing self to another venue.  Perhaps you could consider a trade school, where you get hands-on learning and don’t have to pay someone to write your homework.

And if you STILL  see no problem with lying and cheating to bolster your ambitions, well then, I guess you could go into politics.  Many do.


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  • Dana says:

    It may be worth it . . . especially if someone else is paying for your education.

    Alex Rodriguez is, tangentially, the best example. It wasn’t until he was in his mid 30s that he was caught using steroids, and if that means his image has been tarnished, it still doesn’t take away the hundreds of millions of dollars he has made.

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      Sorry to disagree, but it’s not worth it, ESPECIALLY if someone else is paying for it. That makes it worse.

  • Jodi says:

    Dana, so you’re saying that cheating is “worth it” if you make gobs of money (or whatever your personal currency is) in the end? I completely disagree. My dignity and clear conscience do not have a price.

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