Hillary’s Free College Plan Feels The Bern Of Failure [VIDEO]

Hillary’s Free College Plan Feels The Bern Of Failure [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton’s grand economic plan has so much wrong with it, its difficult to unpack it all. Toni hit the high points here, but there’s more when you take an in-depth look at the details. For example, her grand ideas concerning college and trade schools.


As we’ve known for the last few weeks, she’s definitely channeling Bernie’s progressive socialism Free Stuff! mantra.

There’s a problem with that though. Several problems in fact. First, Hillary’s idea of “free” college doesn’t cover everyone, just many of those who could already afford some type of college. Secondly, the colleges won’t be able to just magically run themselves, pay the staff, keep the lights on, the buildings heated/cooled, and the technology up to date. Third, her commentary about implementing new tax credits and starting training programs run by unions is disingenuous at best and highly regulatory at its worst.

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