Stronger Together? Hillary Camp Doubles Down on Insulting “Deplorables” Rhetoric

Stronger Together? Hillary Camp Doubles Down on Insulting “Deplorables” Rhetoric

Stronger Together? Hillary Camp Doubles Down on Insulting “Deplorables” Rhetoric
Photo Credit: Allen West
Hillary: Queen of the Deplorables (Photo: Allen West)

Hillary Clinton has suffered a punishing week. It started with Mr. Clinton accusing Donald Trump of racism by employing the campaign slogan Make America Great Again, which, by George, all Southerners know is obviously coded language for “black slavery” (insert sarcasm here). But what Bill Clinton forgot to include was that he used the very same slogan in his own presidential campaign all those decades ago, as did Ronald Reagan back in the day. Oops. Then, offering her most profound words of wisdom on Mr. Trump’s assertion that Mrs. Clinton oft appears un-presidential, Chelsea Clinton whipped out the sexist/misogynist trump-card and played it like the Clinton she is. Apparently her mother’s failing memory is contagious, given the fact that she clearly forgot that Bill Clinton is her father. Then came Sunday’s Collapse Heard Round the World during our nation’s remembrance of the September 11th attacks on America. And now, just days after expressing regret for insisting that “half” of Trump’s base is every ist-and-phobic imaginable, condemning them as “baskets of deplorables,” Hillary’s camp is doubling down on her initial assertion.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Clinton—who, you’ll remember, accepts money from countries that execute gays and subjugate women, and destroyed evidence while under subpoena—offered this non-apology apology for her “deplorables” label:

Clinton on Saturday said she was wrong to generalize that “half” of Trump’s supporters fell into a “basket of deplorables,” while defending her attack on certain elements of his support.

“The mistake I think, Wolf, was trying to quantify it,” Fallon said Monday on CNN’s “Wolf.”

But when asked about the bigoted insults yesterday, her campaign said this:

A Clinton official said that while the nominee has expressed regret over her phrasing, there are at least some Trump supporters her campaign considers to be in the “deplorables” category.

“What should she have said? Ten percent? Twenty percent? Five percent? What would have been a more accurate number?” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon on his show.

“I don’t know, Wolf. It’s certainly a non-zero number,” Fallon responded.

Yes, that’s so much better. Keep digging.

He also argued that Clinton would compete for “the vast majority” of Trump’s supporters.

“The vast majority of those people that are with Donald Trump right now are people that we’re going to continue to compete for, the people that want to see the economy improve,” he insisted.

By continuing the divisive rhetoric, and economically illiterate tax-and-spend policies of Barack Obama? Thanks. But, no thanks.

Even Josh the White House Puppy won’t defend her rhetoric:

But he and his boss still support her. And that’s all we need to know about them.

The same contempt that has been the hallmark of the past eight years under her former boss.

The hypocritical Mrs. Clinton apparently forgets—there’s that memory issue again—that millions of Trump’s supporters include veterans, military members, gays, women, minorities, all those voters she prefers to lump into Baskets of Identity Politics. And that she herself criticized the current POTUS for similar rhetoric:

Indeed. Except for when we won’t be pigeon-holed and we dare climb out of her elitist mocucks, then we’re ridiculed for not supporting She Who Would Make History. While I’m no Trump fan-girl, I’ve become a Default Deplorable. And I can thank Hillary for that, because her continued insults—while pointing at Trump and screeching “Divisive!”—do nothing but solidify my choice to cast my vote for a man who’s several light years from perfect, but at least seems to understand for whom he’d serve.

Baskets of Deplorables is how Hillary has always perceived the American electorate. And now her true colors are showing:

Yes, she actually said it twice, on two separate occasions, starting on Israeli TV. It was obviously scripted, and poll tested, apparently on her fellow tolerant liberals.

Some of the deplorables supporting Trump. (Photo: CNN)
Some of the “deplorables” supporting Trump. (Photo: CNN)

Like Trump asserted yesterday, she sees us not as human, but as objects for her own personal gain. It’s nothing new. She’s a textbook, smug progressive with nothing fresh to offer, so personal attacks are all she has. It’s just that she’s never been the Democrat nominee for POTUS before, and a bright light of truth has rarely been cast on her on a national stage. No, the Hillary that repeats Barack Obama’s “I’ll be your president, too” is a bold-faced liar. She sees the entirety of hard-working Middle America not as her equals, but as necessary evils on her decades-long quest to inhabit the highest office in the land. And it’s how she’ll govern should she achieve her end goal. Enduring eight years of abuse from the current White House occupant, treating those of us as inferior based on political ideology, has grown utterly tedious, and the possibility of eight more years of vilification is unbearable.

Hillary herself likes to paraphrase the Maya Angelou quote, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I couldn’t agree more. And while her media sycophants mimic her divisive language ad nauseum all across the interwebz, she’s shown us exactly who she is this past week: ethically, morally, and physically unfit to hold the office of the presidency. And we would fare well to take her at her word. Just. This. Once.

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