#SOTU: Democrats Love Dead Kennedys [VIDEO]

#SOTU: Democrats Love Dead Kennedys [VIDEO]

#SOTU: Democrats Love Dead Kennedys [VIDEO]

The Democrats desperately need a fresh face to appear on the horizon for them, especially since all their leading candidates are about ready to or are already eligible for Medicare. What new, fresh face could they find?

Bring on the next available Kennedy!

Because nothing says “Democrat” like the next generation of an entitled political dynasty.

The irony of this pick is completely lost on the left.

Let’s be honest, responding to the State of the Union is a pretty thankless job. President Trump went a little long in his speech, but struck a highly positive tone throughout it, despite Democrat sulking. So, could a next generation Kennedy pull off a response?

Ummmm…. apparently only by channeling a William Shatner-esque delivery. And by having a live studio audience. But this is a snoozefest designed to hit all the Democrat talking points, and it’s clear that Joe got the job not for his stellar charisma (the Kennedy charm is apparently getting watered down with each subsequent generation), but because of his name.

Being a Democrat means promising everyone everything, plus the moon.


And let’s just say that there was an issue with Kennedy’s… mouth.

While Kennedy managed to not mention any of his dead relatives, the rest of America has a long memory.

If this is all you’ve got on the bench, Democrats, you need help. But I dare you to put up this Kennedy twig against Nikki Haley in 2020. Go on, do it. I’ll bring the popcorn.

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