Media Gets Religion Over Impeachment

Media Gets Religion Over Impeachment

Media Gets Religion Over Impeachment

The media has been salivating over impeachment ever since President Trump was sworn into office. Now that all their fever dreams have become reality, the media has lost touch with that same reality.

There isn’t a bigger contrast to that than the truly inane fawning of Chris Matthews and MSNBC as they try to push the whole “solemn and serious” Democrat narrative about impeachment. Since media and the Democrats regard politics as religion, of course Matthews and crew see this as a religious equivalent.

Matthews, 74, who was chief of staff to legendary Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill, was discussing with fellow anchor Chuck Todd the ceremony around Pelosi transmitting articles of impeachment to the Senate on Wednesday after weeks of delay.”

Reflecting on the American system, Matthews, 74, said: “You can get rid of a president if he or she has to go. That’s profound. A president cannot get rid of Congress. It’s not like the king can dismiss Parliament, so I think the idea of the Congress in its awesome power — and also, there’s a sacramental quality to this. There’s a ritual.”

Todd, 47, suggested that this might be “kind of depressing.”

When Todd quoted Pelosi as saying that President Trump had “been impeached forever” and “they can never erase that,” Matthews said: “Well, there’s a sacramental statement for life. Like a priest for life. It’s a perfect statement of what she is. I think she is very reverential. I mean, she’s one tough politician, but she’s got another part of her, which is very respectful of hierarchy in terms of who — true moral authority.”

“The Democratic elected officials have true moral authority to run the country. They’re not just there ritualistic, they were elected by the people. It’s a republic. And I think — I’ll go back to this. The ability of this Congress to remove a president is an awesome power.”

That burning aroma you smell is Chris Matthews, because all the “thrills up his leg” from this “sacrament” have lit his hair on fire.

Yes, this was such a somber and sacred moment akin to a religious moment for the media… if you were watching a televangelist, perhaps, who was offering cheap souvenir pens to your followers.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi had special pens madewith her signature on them – to sign the articles of impeachment, and then handed out the pens to her fellow Democrats. This was apparently the second choice behind the “I voted for impeachment and all I got was this t-shirt” idea.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was less than impressed.

Even CNN – yes, CNN! – was admitting that this was not a good look for Pelosi.

As many on Twitter are now pointing out, now we know why transmitting the impeachment articles took forever. Pelosi had to wait for her special order of pens to show up – and then she had to decide if she wanted to fix the apparent misspelling of the word “United” on the pens, but apparently that would have taken too long.

The articles of impeachment have now been ceremonially walked over to the Senate, where the Chief Justice is and the Senators are waiting to be sworn in. Someone check on Chris Matthews to see if he’s been raptured, because this is the greatest religious experience of his life. Unfortunately, there are too many in the media who worship politics, and they are feeling exactly the same way today.

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