Smollett Story Collapses Along with Liberal Virtue Signaling

Smollett Story Collapses Along with Liberal Virtue Signaling

Smollett Story Collapses Along with Liberal Virtue Signaling


The Jussie Smollett story of how the actor bravely endured an attack in Chicago is coming to a close. And it’s not looking good for Jussie’s narrative, either. Indeed, the story has gotten more and more bizarre as time has gone on.

But Jussie stuck with his narrative of how MAGA supporters beat him on the mean streets of Chicago, yelling homophobic and racist slurs.

He took the official Smollett Story to Good Morning America on Thursday, where he spoke to a sympathetic Robin Roberts. He even shed a few tears:

Yes, brave Jussie says he can identify his two attackers.

Now, it looks like he’ll have a chance to do just that. And along with that, he’s got a whole lotta ‘splainin’ to do.

Chicago police have been holding two men whom they have characterized as “persons of interest” after they arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday night. The men were returning from Nigeria.

Nigeria? Yep. Now those two “persons of interest” have been arrested on “probable cause they committed a crime.”

Here are the two suspects:

I don’t think they look like the MAGA type, do you?

So what crime did these two possibly commit?

According to a Chicago CBS reporter, investigators believe they conspired with Jussie Smollett to stage a hate crime attack.

Not only that, but it looks like the brothers worked as extras on Smollett’s TV series Empire, and fled to Nigeria just hours after the Smollett attack. One of the pair, Abel Osundairo, is also a bodybuilder who posted a posing routine on Instagram, accompanied by the Jussie Smollett song “Ha Ha I Love You.”

“Ha Ha” indeed.

Meanwhile, prominent Democrats and progressives have some ‘splainin’ to do, too. Like how they immediately assumed that the Smollett Story was gospel truth and went into full virtue signaling outrage mode.

Like DNC chair Tom Perez, who tweeted this:

“Let’s call it what it is: a vicious hate crime.”

Or Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) who called for a “hate crimes investigation into attack on actor Jussie Smollett.”

Smollett story

Credit: hipsxxhearts @ flickr. Attribution CC by 2.0.

And feminist activist Amy Suskind who demanded:

“Trump needs to address this attack and publicly condemn it!” 

Of course. Because everyone knows that this was all Trump’s fault, right?

Oh, and then there’s Kamala Harris, who wants to become president, and who called the “attack” a “modern day lynching.”

Cory “Spartacus” Booker wants to be president, too. Only he was more of a drama queen in his comments, as you might suspect:

“The vicious attack on actor Jussie Smollett was an attempted modern-day lynching. I’m glad he’s safe.”

“To those in Congress who don’t feel the urgency to pass our Anti-Lynching bill designated as a federal hate-crime — I urge you to pay attention.” 

Maybe Spartacus should’ve paid more attention to the actual timeline of the case instead of jumping to conclusions.

Finally, there’s Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who never lets a story pass without preaching a sermon about social justice. Besides, it’s how she keeps her name in public view, which is what she’s all about anyway:

“There is no such thing as racially charged.”

“This attack was not possibly homophobic. It was a racist and homophobic attack.”

“If you don’t like what is happening to our country, then work to change it. It is no one’s job to water down or sugar-coat the rise of hate crimes.” 

Preach it, girl!

So it looks like the Smollett Story is about to topple like a house of cards. And it’ll be interesting to see what the Chicago Police will do if these Nigerian brothers start singing like I suspect they will. But what about all those progressives and Democrats howling for justice for Jussie? Especially since they emerged with egg all over their faces after they falsely called for the heads of the Covington boys?

You know how this works: they’ll just carry on like they always do, convinced that Republicans and those who support Trump are evil incarnate. They insult half of America and yet won’t admit when they’re wrong. Meanwhile, they’re making idiots of themselves, and inadvertently paving the way for four more years of Trump. Because, as the saying goes, “You want more Trump? This is how you get more Trump.”

UPDATE: On Friday evening, CPD released the Nigerian brothers because of “new evidence.”

However, Jussie Smollett has retained a high profile defense attorney, Michael Monico, who is also representing Michael Cohen.

As Alice said in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: “Curiouser and curiouser!”

UPDATE SATURDAY: The Nigerian brothers have sung. No wonder Jussie has lawyered up:

However. . .

Which is not a surprise, considering the bad blood that has existed between the CPD and the black community in Chicago, especially since the shooting of Laquan McDonald and the subsequent cover-up by Rahm and Company. On top of that, there are many who think the police officer who shot McDonald, Jason Van Dyke, got off too lightly with prison time.

So is CPD going slow with this investigation and making sure that all their tracks are covered? I think so.


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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    When Smollett arrived at the hospital ER, the attending doctor told him he had to take his temperature.
    Smollett yelled, “Hey, that’s not my mouth!” The doctor replied, “I know, and this isn’t a thermometer.”

    Too soon?

    • Scott Somerville says:

      The difference between Jussie Smollett’s “I was attacked” and Hillary Clinton’s “I was hacked” claim is that it only took Chicago two weeks to find the truth.

  • jus'wonderin says:

    …….. why does this guy need a ‘defense attorney’ when he’s the ‘victim’ ?

  • RebeccaH says:

    I suspect the Nigerian brothers won’t be charged because they were hired to do whatever they did (Which might have been nothing more than walking down the street), and didn’t really know what Smollett was up to. Even if he confided in them, the bleach, the rope, whatever bruises he claimed to have were probably staged by Smollett himself. It’s just another race hoax, and particularly stupid one at that.

    • Kevin says:

      They likely rolled over on him, they get kicked, plus they want to stay in the country, they have more to lose than Jussie. He at first claimed he had a cracked rib, but through it all he managed to save that sandwich. My thought is just prior to the “attack” he was to do a concert at the Troubador in L.A. and tickets sales were lagging. Then the “attack” gins up some pubilcity and his sales jumped some.

      • stylin19 says:

        held onto the sandwich and his phone while talking with his manager while “taking a beating” …..speaking of manager, he’s in for some lovin by Chicago PD.

  • Gretz says:

    I think that the reason for the release of the two Nigerian nationals has less to do with discovery of anything that exonerates them, and more from an urgent political phone call to begin damage control.

    Chicago’s politics can’t stand pulling back the curtain and shining any light back there.

    As “Journalism” is mostly deciding what facts should be suppressed as they’re damaging to Democrats, Justice in liberal enclaves is much the same.

  • mac says:

    Democrat=criminal, and hate crimes are almost invariably phony. They are usually done by the “victim” themselves in order to get attention. I’d say this stupid bonehead should be looking at serious jail time for filing a false report and lying to the police, but he’d probably enjoy being in there with all the “boys.”

    I simply cannot see how any decent, thinking person can admit to being a Democrat these days. They have besmirched their reputation completely beyond any hope of redemption. They have made it indisputably clear they hate the United States and everything about it. They are truly “the enemy within.”

  • Gordon J Boyington says:

    i’m black and voted for trump so assuming two black guys couldn’t vote for trump is racist, idiots.

  • Sam L. says:

    I thought those two were the darkest “white men” I’v ever seen.

  • Billiamo says:

    Like “Melvin and Howard”, “Catch Me If You Can”, etc., it will make one heck of a movie. That is, if anyone in Hollywood dares to take it on.

  • Allan E. says:

    This was definitely a Hate Crime. Those who committed this Hate Crime against President Trump and the Conservatives who elected him, should be prosecuted to the Full Extent of the Law. Every time one of the perpetrators of these Fake Hate Crimes gets away with their criminal actions and is not convicted and spending serious time in jail, it encourages more of these morally corrupt people to make more false accusations.

  • sound awake says:


  • GWB says:

    “Let’s call it what it is: a vicious hate crime.”
    Yep. It sure enough was. A hate crime against all Trump supporters and against the very rule of law.

    a federal hate-crime
    It’s out of your jurisdiction, Departicus.

    It is no one’s job to water down or sugar-coat the rise of hate crimes.
    How do you sugar-coat something that doesn’t exist?

    won’t admit when they’re wrong
    Because they’re NOT wrong! It just didn’t happen that way THIS time.
    After all:
    Just because there was a fake robbery it doesn’t mean robberies don’t exist. Please do not fall for this logical fallacy.
    Yep, knocking down a logical fallacy with another logical fallacy. This is a religious mindset.

    As soon as the charged-not charged-charged bit started I knew exactly what was going on. It’s in every dang police show that has ever existed: you charge the little guys with charges as if the claimed scenario were true, and they realize they don’t want to go to jail for a looooong time for nothing, and they sing like canaries!

    (Yes, I took a long time to comment on this. :p )

    • GWB says:

      How do you sugar-coat something that doesn’t exist?
      Just as an aside, I’m not saying that no hate crimes exist, anywhere, at all. But this one certainly didn’t. And almost all of them that make the news didn’t.

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