Six Life Hacks of Planned Parenthood President

Six Life Hacks of Planned Parenthood President

Six Life Hacks of Planned Parenthood President published a real charmer of an article by Mike Allen. This article is part of an ongoing series “about … quirks and life hacks” called “My Six Big Things” and this one features the head baby murderer herself Miss Cecile Richards.

My 6 Big Things: Cecile Richards shares a worthy part of her morning routine” is an endearing look into the life of our nation’s head infanticide proponent. In case you don’t know, Cecile Richards is President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and has been for over a decade.

Cecile Richards and Hillary Clinton

Before we reveal the sappy details of Richards’ life hacks, let us dispense with the fantasy that Planned Parenthood is essential to women’s health and health care. As reported by Cybercast News Service, and admitted by Richards herself, not one of the 700 Planned Parenthood Clinics has a Mammogram machine. Also, you don’t have to go to Planned Parenthood for a low cost pap smear for cervical cancer screening. Per

Unfortunately, due to a lack of health insurance and financial struggles, many women miss having regular ​pap smears.​

But thanks to government and nonprofit programs, no woman has to go without having a regular Pap smear because of financial concerns. This is because of local county health departments across the country, as well as a federally funded program, which offer low cost or free Pap smears, an essential screening test for cervical cancer.

Your local community health care provider can make sure that each woman eligible gets low cost health services. According to Life News, Planned Parenthood does 40% of our Nation’s abortions. Victory Girls’ Nina Bookout has written recently about Planned Parenthood and partial birth abortion and the the Department of Justice investigation into Planned Parenthood and the baby parts sales. Nina has written some good stuff about the evil that is Planned Parenthood.

Evil. The “banality of evil” is a phrase coined by Hannah Arendt, a Jew who narrowly Nazi Germany. She was describing the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann. The “banality of evil” is the idea that unspeakable evil can be performed by the most harmless looking people. She also called it the “normalization of human wickedness”. Those are the phrases that came to mind with the six life hacks of Cecile Richards. The “fish rots from the head down” and the head of the rotting fish that is Planned Parenthood is Cecile Richards.

Just what are Cecile Richards’ life hacks?

1. Cecile calls one of her three children every day. She allowed her children to live? Dear God, what were you thinking? I want an answer God.

2. Her favorite trick for getting smart quickly? Read Jeffrey Wright and Don Cheadle. What? Two actors? Yes.

3. Cecile’s favorite life hack is homemade pie crust. Ah, the head abortionist bakes. Sweet, isn’t she?

4. Cecile is looking forward to election day November 6, 2018. As she says, “Marching is great, knitting a pussy hat is fantastic, but voting? That’s the whole thing.” The woman who ensures that babies die every day is as deep as a mirror.

5. She is insecure about her Karaoke talent, and finally…

6. She wants to open a Taco Truck.

Wait a minute there is a seventh item. Cecile loves her Ipad.

And, there folks, is the “banality of evil”. The woman who fights for money so that more women can murder their unborn children cannot count and wants to open a Taco Truck. Cecile Richards also had no idea when life begins. Watch and be horrified:

When life begins “is not relevant to the conversation” and “will be debated through the centuries”. Dear Lord, this woman is pure evil through and through. When life begins is the conversation, you nasty piece of work. It will not be debated through the centuries because, science, you human waste. Your children’s life began when you delivered them, are you freaking kidding me?

I, personally, have never understood how it enhances a woman’s life to abort her unborn child. I am a huge fan of birth control and am grateful every day that God granted me my smart as a whip, handsome, hysterically funny, sarcastic, Airborne boy.

While the establishment blue bloods and “Never Trump” clique pitch bookoodles of hissy fits over our twitter loving, filter free President, there are larger problems that we need to call out. A society that does not protect its most vulnerable, a society that does not value each individual life and the life of each individual is doomed to extinction.

We must not allow this wickedness to be normalized. We must shout the banality of this evil. Cecile Richards is banal and evil. Her life hacks prove it.

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  • Frank in NH says:

    Also, the ultimate irony!
    The citizens have legally destroyed one seventh of our population and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, wants the citizens to have more babies!
    I have a billboard on display currently in Allston Mass. It is an indictment of us all. Also posted on my website.
    Very best regards, Frank

  • GWB says:

    my smart as a whip, handsome, hysterically funny, sarcastic, Airborne boy man.
    FIFY. Just saying, Mom. 🙂

    As to Cecile opening a taco truck….
    I wouldn’t eat anything she cooked, especially if it contained something purporting to be meat. I won’t make bad jokes about the similarity to the PETA truck parked behind the Korean restaurant.

  • Jhoei says:

    For me life is so precious! I don’t support abortion. I consider taking the life of an unborn child evil.

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