Shooter in Florida Went Full George Floyd When Arrested

Shooter in Florida Went Full George Floyd When Arrested

Shooter in Florida Went Full George Floyd When Arrested

Keith Melvin Moses, the shooter from Orange County, FL, was arrested shortly after he allegedly killed three people and wounded two. On Thursday, the Orange County Sheriff’s office released hair-raising body cam footage.

In a post at Facebook, the sheriff’s office described what happened:

This is the moment OCSO deputies apprehended Keith Moses, who shot five people on Feb 22, killing three.

At the time of the arrest, deputies noticed that the 19-year-old gangbanger was carrying a weapon, which they called a “zero.”

At 1:29 into the video, you will hear a deputy say, ‘There’s a zero in his pocket.’ ‘Signal zero’ means weapon.

At 2:54 into the video, you will see the deputy pull the gun out of the suspect’s pants.

One of the deputies observed that the gun was “still hot.”


The Shooter Channeled George Floyd

Here is the full footage from the deputies’ body cam:

Notice the tactics Moses used when the deputies arrest him. He started with They killin’ me! They killin’ me!  

He followed that with demands that the officers let him go. And when that didn’t work (as if!), he pulled the George Floyd card: I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! even though no officer was compressing his neck.

So the deputies helped him to a sitting position. But Moses continued to shriek I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! All the while, of course, he was inhaling and exhaling enough air to scream. Then when the officers cut the weapon from the back of his pants, Moses yelled something which sounded like They killin’ me! or They cuttin’ me! I can’t determine which.

I’m surprised he didn’t go all-out Fred Sanford.

Shooter Fred Sanford

But at least faking a Sanford-style heart attack would’ve been unique since Antifa and other extremists have also channeled George Floyd when police arrested them.


Guess Who Else Can’t Breathe

One of the victims of Keith Melvin Moses was this little girl, 9-year-old T’yonna Major. She can’t breathe either, nor will she ever breathe again after the shooter took her life.


T’yonna wanted to be a gymnast — perhaps the next Olympian Gabby Douglas.

Billy Seagraves, who owns a plumbing company where T’yonna’s father works as a technician, said in an interview that Gabby’s mother had opened her door for the family dog. That’s when the shooter came in.

Said Seagraves:

[The gunman] busted through the open door and in a matter of seconds all hell broke loose, and then he was gone again.

T’yonna’s mother took a bullet to her arm; she has returned from the hospital and is recovering. But little T’yonna? She’ll never become Gabby Douglas, this little budding gymnast whose aunt Phyllis Turner described as a “perfectionist.”

She didn’t like second and third place. She just believed in excelling in everything she did.

That’s thanks to a teenage gangbanger with a lengthy rap sheet who went on a killing spree, and then had the audacity to use Antifa and BLM tactics on the arresting deputies.

But that stunt certainly backfired because the deputies acted professionally. Now it’s left to a district attorney and the justice system to keep shooter Keith Melvin Moses from ever walking free again.


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Featured image: @OrangeCoSheriff/Twitter/screenshot/cropped.

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  • Someone should have told Moses that the George Floyd gambit only works if you seal the deal by dying.

  • Cameron says:

    The media is going to have a tough time with this story. I expect they will do the absolute minimum to cover it while quietly hoping something new happens.

    • Kevin says:

      It’s made the front pages of the NYT, Washington Post, NPR, ABC News (don’t watch ABC, CBS or others). It will be covered until something new comes along … like another shooting … in about an hour. I can’t remember the shooting before this one because they happen so frequently.

      • Cameron says:

        ” I can’t remember the shooting before this one because they happen so frequently.”

        Must be tough living in Chicago.

    • Ampleforth says:

      The story will be about gun control and the shooting is a result of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

  • Kevin says:

    “He followed that with demands that the officers let him go. And when that didn’t work (as if!), he pulled the George Floyd card: I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! even though no officer was compressing his neck.”

    I’m just reprinting this comment and letting the ignorant statement sink in.

    • Cameron says:

      Yes, it was ignorant to scream “I CAN’T BREATHE!” at the top of his lungs for three minutes when in fact he could breathe.

  • Bucky says:

    At 19 years of age this perp is eligible for the death penalty which Florida has and uses.

  • Lloyd says:

    Just wondering: Is that a hat he is wearing?,,,Jester hat, maybe?

  • JT Smith says:

    Pine Hills is a very bad part of Orlando. Locally, we call it Crime Hills. I’m sure, though, that the actual residents of the neighborhood would be much happier if the justice system would keep people like this guy in jail and not release him to substantiate the Crime Hills moniker.

  • BZZZzzz... says:

    RED=(+), BLACK=(-)…LIGHT HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred says:

    Ask any police officer and they’ll tell you that this is a common thing they hear whenever one of these gentlemen (aka criminals) is made to account for their actions (ie, getting arrested).

  • Blackwing1 says:

    Ms. Hirsch:

    As Kevin noted above, you included the phrase in your post, “..even though no officer was compressing his neck.”

    Please bear in mind that the “neck compression” never happened, and that it was a complete fabrication by the Prosecuting Attorney(s) in the case, and that they completely withdrew that false narrative of the death of St. George when confronted with the actual physical evidence. Despite that, officer Chauvin was still railroaded into a guilty verdict, despite using a Minneapolis Police Department APPROVED restraint position for which he had been trained by the department.

    Continuing to disseminate the lies of the collectivist/statist/authoritarians does not advance anything other than their position.

    I believe you may wish to correct that phrasing in this post.

    • Cameron says:

      It is accurate to report that neck compression did not happen to this person which was what they were focusing on.

      • John says:

        In context it is not accurate as it implies that in George Floyd’s case Chauvin DID compress Floyd’s neck leading to his death, neither of which is true. Floyd killed himself, any phrasing that suggests otherwise is misleading.

    • Liz says:

      Very good point, Blackwing.

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      Thanks for your concern, but I will not “correct that phrasing in this post.”

      My post was about a killer who tried to use a popular narrative about the George Floyd incident when he was arrested in order to paint the deputies as racist. He failed, and his attempts were laughable. Plus, as our friend Cameron pointed out, neck compression did not happen, so what I wrote was indeed accurate.

      I’m not about to rehash the George Floyd incident here. We did write about it when it happened, and you’re welcome to go through our archives to comment on those stories if you wish.

  • Steve Willson says:

    This has become a script which black hoodlums use any time they are arrested. Unfortunately for them, the more often it’s used the less effective it will become.

    • Cameron says:

      Antifa ruined it for them as well.

    • GWB says:

      It will primarily become less effective because of the prevalence of body cams on cops. When it can be shown to the public, and they begin to get that these poor, put upon, benighted* souls are really just using the tactics of a 5yo – lying, drama, false accusations – to try and get out of the situation, then the carp will stop.

      (* Is that racist in this case? j/k Of course it is! smh)

  • GWB says:

    a teenage gangbanger
    Well, I’m going to pile on a little bit, Kim. We shouldn’t call him a teenager – he was an adult even though ‘teen’ still appends his age. Don’t give the progressive hoplophobes any breathing room on their campaign to call these folks “kids”, because that’s what most people think when they hear “teenager”.
    I know it’s technically accurate in one sense. But so is “adult” and we should be reinforcing that he was an adult.

    I also think you should note in the post that you don’t believe that’s what happened to Floyd. It helps people (who might not have read the VG’s other takes on the Floyd incident) not think you don’t know the facts. It’s a problem with internet writing, in particular.

    I am still wondering why this guy came back. I (at this point) have to believe there was something on the news about it, and about an upcoming interview with witnesses to the crime, and he wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.

    And, yeah, this guy should get the chair. (Though, I prefer rope.)

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