Sheila Jackson Lee Co-opts MLK to Pimp Voter Fraud

Sheila Jackson Lee Co-opts MLK to Pimp Voter Fraud

Sheila Jackson Lee Co-opts MLK to Pimp Voter Fraud

FICUS Biden wasn’t alone yesterday in using the corpse of Rev. Martin Luther King for partisan ends, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-mented, TX) had her ghost writer go full March on Selma in support of Democrat’s attempt to yank elections away from the states and enshrine voter fraud.

Come on, man … does anyone believe Sheila wrote this article? Granted, it’s full of distortions, lies and, in it, history begins something like five-minutes ago but it is far more coherent than Jackson Lee has been in her long, nasty public career.

Sheila’s the clown who proclaimed the Constitution as 400 years old, that in 1969 Neil Armstrong planted the flag on Mars, believes there’s still a South Vietnam working in cooperation with the North, and is just one of the most compassionate employers what with her penchant for bestowing nicknames on her staff … like “motherf***er”.

Such a lovely lady, Ms. Sheila is.

So it’s no surprise she’s got her braids in a knot because people aren’t falling in line with Creepy Joe’s agenda – especially the push to make American democracy more like her beloved Red China.

But to this has been added reactionary state laws passed or introduced in 49 states to suppress, abridge, restrict, or deny the right to vote of millions of eligible Americans, particularly persons of color, young persons and persons with disabilities, and working parents, precisely the constellation of persons whose votes determined the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Ms. Sheila’s thumping for the questionable validity of Biden’s 85 million votes is snort-inducing in light of her efforts in Congress to not count the electoral votes in Florida (2001), Ohio (2004), and North Carolina, South Carolina and Wyoming (2017) to keep Republican Presidents out of the White House.

Sheila is a cafeteria American – she only waxes patriotic about the Constitution, traditions and Civil Rights when it suits her statist agenda.

After the former president was soundly defeated at the ballot box in what experts unanimously proclaim was the most secure election in history, still the former president and his cronies propagated the Big Lie that the election was illegitimate because it was rife with fraud. The former president persisted in this specious claim even though, despite ample opportunities to do so, they produced not a scintilla of evidence to persuade any of the 61 state and federal courts that entertained the claims.

We’ve been here before and it’s just plain exhausting to see Democrats continue with the disinformation campaign that because courts dismissed lawsuits on procedural grounds, not merit (Ms. Sheila’s whine about evidence) that somehow it translates to MOST SECURE, TRANSPARENT, FRAUD-FREE, BEST ELECTION EVAH!!!

Bovine excrement. In the state of California alone, the court held that Mad King Newsom had no authority to order blanket mail-in ballots for everyone and their dead relatives. But, with a shrug of the shoulders, the court said they couldn’t do anything about it post-election. Voter fraud is just fine as long as you can get past election day.

And we know that feral racist Sheila is well aware of it. Just as she is able to get an airline to bump a passenger so she can fly at will, so she looks forward to permanent disenfranchisement of people who don’t vote the way she demands.

However, these bills cannot be passed unless actions are taken to address the Senate filibuster. The Senate filibuster is not enshrined in our Constitution.

Maybe Sheila should check with fellow Democrat, Chucky Schumer, about the importance of the filibuster:

Oh, snap!

But worse than Sheila’s attempt to stand on the corpses of President Lincoln and MLK, is that her disdain for actual voter integrity, e.g. her claim that Voter ID is voter suppression is just not supported by even the melanin-enriched she considers her personal property.

“A recent national survey found that four key election reforms are supported by more than 80% of voters,” pollster Scott Rasmussen recently wrote in an article highlighting the disconnect. “These include removing people who have died or moved from voter registration lists; requiring all voters to show photo ID before casting a ballot; wanting all ballots received by Election Day; and, having all voting machines made in the United States.”

In Rasmussen’s latest national poll on the issue, 78% of African-American voters supported voter ID.

Americans who take their right to vote seriously don’t want their vote diluted by fraudulent votes. And black folk find it … ahem … racist to assume they are too stupid to have, or too lazy to acquire, identification documents.

Someone tell Jackson Lee to loosen those braids and shut-the-brandon-up.

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  • Mark Gist says:

    Here’s the thing about voter IDs. The Democrats claim that millions of minorities don’t have them but they dont’ really believe it.

    First, there’s no such thing as a voter ID. There’s a regular ID that’s needed for things like driving a car, buying alcohol, getting a job, cashing a paycheck, etc. That includes a long list of government programs meant to help the poor. It’s also required for getting a COVID shot so they know it’s really you.

    Without an ID you are not a full, functional member of society. You are fully dependent on others who do have IDs for food, shelter, and an income.

    So why doesn’t this bother Democrats? Why doesn’t the Democratic party have large ID drives where they help people get IDs? Why doesn’t Build Back Better include provisions for thousands of ID centers to help these millions of people get IDs?

    The only rational explanation is that they know it’s not really a problem. It’s a talking point to energize minorities (or would be if Biden was an effective speaker) and it’s an excuse to keep making election laws weaker and weaker.

    The next step is to allow non-citizens to vote. New York City already allows legal aliens to vote in local elections and San Jose is considering allowing illegal aliens to vote.

  • Mike Giles says:

    Here’s another thing about voter ID, lack of voter ID allows the DemonCrap’s “House Ni**ers” to steal elections and stay in office. How often have you been told that 80 to 100% of minorities voted for the Dims? I don’t believe that percentages that large agree on ANYTHING! Indeed when I look for information on where these percentages come from, it usually comes back to the “usual suspects”.

  • bflat879 says:

    Whenever you see all the Democrats in a panic, and on the same page, you can bet their goal is power. They must feel the only way to stop the coming disaster is to use the same tools Eric Holder put in place for 2020. The real shame is we have to depend on 2 Democrats to stop this from happening. I hope they can take all the pressure they’re going to be put under about this. Democrats are relentless when they’re on their high-horse. Of course either of them could stop this by declaring themselves independents and caucusing with the Republicans. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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