Shame On You: Leftist Vultures Try to Score Political Points on Ft. Lauderdale Shooting [VIDEO]

Shame On You: Leftist Vultures Try to Score Political Points on Ft. Lauderdale Shooting [VIDEO]

Shame On You: Leftist Vultures Try to Score Political Points on Ft. Lauderdale Shooting [VIDEO]

The body count at Fort Lauderdale airport is at five dead, eight wounded. As I write, details about the shooter are still emerging. Facts are not complete.

That doesn’t stop the assorted liberal race-baiters and anti-gun activists from circling and trying to whip up their political spin.

Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun activist group, started ripping on the NRA.

Everytown’s founder, Shannon Watts, managed to dig a little deeper, blaming Congress.

She also directed snark at the NRA as well, describing the shooter as a “US citizen with a concealed carry permit.”

Igor Volsky of the Center for American Progress picked apart each Republican congressman who tweeted out thoughts and prayers for the victims, and then tried the Six Degress of Kevin Bacon routine to somehow, some way, connect them with the evil NRA and thus, the shootings.

Click to enlarge screenshot.

At the time of this writing, he’s on Congressman #22.

And, let’s not forget the race-baiters, who twist themselves in knots trying to assign white guilt to the shooting suspect, whose name is Hispanic.

He based this upon this purported image of the shooting suspect’s criminal record. Gotta find that “white” label and wave it like it’s spoils of war.

What we do know about the shooter is this: his name is Esteban Santiago, he was a member of the National Guard serving in Alaska, and had a record of petty crimes, including domestic violence, property damage, and non-payment of rent.

Released photo of Esteban Santiago. Credit:

CNN is also reporting that he may have had mental health problems, and that the shooting may have started from an altercation on his flight.

He was reported to have contacted the FBI, claiming that ISIS was trying to recruit him, according to CBS News.

Click to enlarge screenshot.

The fact is, we don’t know all the facts. And yes, our prayers are with the wounded, their families, and the families of the dead. We don’t care what their race, or nationality, or religion was. And we’re not about to point fingers at anyone other than the shooter himself.

Shame on those activists who circle the bodies like greedy vultures, looking to score political points.

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