#SessionsTestimony: 5 Questions the Senate Intel Committee Should Ask Jeff Sessions Today [LIVE VIDEO]

#SessionsTestimony: 5 Questions the Senate Intel Committee Should Ask Jeff Sessions Today [LIVE VIDEO]

#SessionsTestimony: 5 Questions the Senate Intel Committee Should Ask Jeff Sessions Today [LIVE VIDEO]

On the heels of the bombshell-dropping testimony by former FBI Director and alleged fibber James Comey last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify as a witness before the Senate Intel Committee today. The committee, chaired by North Carolina’s Richard Burr, is investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. And as requested by Sessions, the hearing will take place publicly in an assumed effort toward transparency (remember: a curious juxtaposition has reports saying that Comey’s BFF, Prof. Daniel Richman who assisted in leaking the now-infamous “Comey memo,” is now reportedly in hiding). You can watch the hearing live right here via our handy-dandy YouTube link, beginning at 2:00 p.m. ET:


And here’s an interesting twist, if proven true:

Brilliant chess-master move, or potential unforced error? Either way, let the Comey refutations commence.

With that, here are five queries, with follow-ups, that senators should ask AG Sessions. The quesstion is: will they? Or will they impose the “that’s classified and can only be answered in a closed session” mantra?

  1. How does Special Counsel Robert Mueller—a longtime friend and mentor to Comey—not have a conflict of interest with Comey residing at the very center of the Trump/Russia investigation?
    Comey and Mueller, longtime pals. (Photo Credit: Legal Insurrection)
  2. To your knowledge, do the Comey memos exist?
    • Does the Department of Justice have the originals and/or copies of them?
    • Do you believe the memos to be government property?
    • And if so, and Comey destroyed the originals, isn’t that the same violation of 18 USC 641 that Hillary Clinton breached?
    • Further, did Comey sign an NDA upon joining the FBI as its director, and if so, isn’t the memo-leak a violation of his employment agreement?
    • Is prosecution, as outlined in the agreement, warranted?
  3. Was Comey taping his conversations with Trump, as some pundits have theorized?
  4. What other information, if any, did Comey leak?
    • And will Comey’s leaks be investigated and, if found in violation of the law, will he be prosecuted?
  5. Does instructing the former FBI director to adopt Clinton Campaign rhetoric rise to “obstruction of justice” and “collusion,” as Comey claims former AG Loretta Lynch did?
    • And if so, will an investigation into Lynch be launched?
    • Oh, and are there any memos on the Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Powow?

And that’s just the short list.

The hearing will likely prove to be a much-watched drama session, just as the Comey Soap Opera was last week. Here’s hoping AG Sessions doesn’t play the role of pathetic Damsel in Distress as Mr. Comey opted for just a few days ago, or waltz into a minefield set by the impeach-happy Democrats.

Ditto that.

Photo Credit oaoa.com, MikeSheltonCartoons.com

Any reasonable, thinking person knows that the Democrats, hand-in-hand with their compliant/complicit media and swamp-y Republican counterparts (the actual “colluders” and “obstructionists,” mind you!), don’t care one whit about Russia, or collusion, or obstruction. Their goal—along with providing cover for Barack Obama’s egregious abuses of power and repeated lawlessness—is to paralyze the Trump administration, to keep it from successfully implementing its policies on behalf of the America people. Why? Because they know, that should those policies indeed Make America Great Again, that their chances of regaining power in the foreseeable future are dismal, the American people, our security, and a robust United States be damned. Here’s hoping Jeff Sessions smashes down this ridiculous “collusion” narrative today and begins busting the heads of those responsible for this seven-month-long lie, starting with the despicable James Comey and the corrupt Loretta Lynch.

Attorney General Sessions: you promised us equal justice under the law. It’s time to put up, or shut up. The American people deserve no less.

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  • Scott says:

    Well said Jodi!
    I do hope that this was all planned on the AG’s part, and that this does put an end to this crap once and for all. Let the prosecutions of these clowns begin! President Trump doesn’t just need to drain the swamp, he needs to burn the damn thing down first, then drain it!

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Thank you, Scott. Here’s hoping he can weather the crap storm the Democrats are about to hit him with.

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