Selective Scrutiny? DOJ Investigating CBP for Civil Rights Violations…of Foreigners

Selective Scrutiny? DOJ Investigating CBP for Civil Rights Violations…of Foreigners

Many of us recall the tragic death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry resulting from the Fast and Furious scandal, and the succeeding cover up by the deceptively named Department of Justice, the same DOJ who just last week had its hand firmly slapped by a federal judge who ordered the agency to release related documents it’s withheld for years under the veil of “executive privilege.” Well, not to worry, because the Justice is-Not-All-That-Blind Department is on the ball this time. Oh, but wait…Eric Holder’s DOJ isn’t investigating drug cartels shooting across our borders, or the hundreds of illegals with criminal records roaming freely around our country, or Mexico’s military crossing into our nation and firing on our border agents. No, its Civil Rights Division is now investigating, not crimes by illegals upon border patrol, but the use of force by Customs and Border Protection agents in the deaths of foreign citizens reportedly hurling large rocks and other projectiles at them. From Breitbart:

“According to Buzzfeed, the Civil Rights Division has opened at least two investigations into CBP shooting deaths in Arizona.

‘The involvement of Justice Department headquarters could represent a significant shift in how the Obama administration is addressing violence along the border,’ Buzzfeed’s John Stanton …‘FBI investigators almost never bring criminal charges against CBP agents and officers, and human rights organizations have accused the administration of turning a blind eye towards the border…’

According to a Friday report in the Nogales International, however, Assistant U.S. Attorneys…were at the location of CBP’s 2012 shooting death of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez along the Arizona-Mexico border last week…Civil Rights Division staff were [also] on the scene.

Elena Rodriguez was a 16-year-old Mexican who died on the Mexico side of the border after Border Patrol shot him. CBP has argued that Elena Rodriguez was throwing rocks at Border Patrol agents.

The investigations come less than a month after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Border Patrol on behalf of Elena Rodriguez’s family.

‘I don’t think that timing was necessarily coincidental,’ James Lyall, ACLU of Arizona staff attorney, told Nogales International…’”

Nope. Not a coincidence. Twenty-two months after the fact, following an ACLU lawsuit, and less than three months before a midterm with tanking approval ratings. More of the same selective scrutiny for political expediency is more like it. Oh, and here’s an idea: Don’t hurl rocks at our border agents.

Rock thrown over U.S./Mexico border that struck an agent in the head, causing severe injuries.
Six-inch rock thrown over U.S./Mexico border earlier this year that struck a border agent in the head, causing injuries. Agents are authorized to use deadly force in self defense. At least one agent is being sued by a deceased rock thrower’s parents.
In 2012, sixteen-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was fatally shot by CBP agents, who claim he was lobbing rocks at them.

If withholding evidence on Fast and Furious, hamstringing border agents, and focusing on the “civil rights” of rock-throwing citizens of foreign nations isn’t enough to convince us that this federal government has a preference for CYA and foreigners, what Rep. Luis Gutiérrez is demanding should cement it. You see, he’s insisting that Captain Golf Greens silence the voices of a vast majority of Americans and unilaterally grant amnesty to six million more illegals—over and above those affected by DACA—with the stroke of his imperial pen.

“Gutiérrez, along with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, gave Obama a wish list of executive actions and urged Obama to legalize all of the illegal immigrants that would have qualified under the Senate’s amnesty bill.”

Never mind that the bill didn’t pass into law. That whole “laws are created by Congress and not the Executive Branch” is so 1787, right, Luis?

Mr. Gutiérrez has already proven himself a traitor by encouraging those invading our country to essentially vote our Republic out of existence once they’re made citizens as “punishment” to Americans opposing amnesty. If we had a Congress who wasn’t terrified of being labeled “racist,” he’d be expelled, tried for treason, and spend the remainder of his days wasting away in a federal prison. One can DREAM…

While no one wishes to see anyone die along our borders, what we should be doing is aggressively securing them with every tool we have, including deadly force, and deporting every single illegal crossing them, particularly those with felonies who continue to harm American citizens. But that won’t happen anytime soon. Because we have a lame duck president who sees the writing on the wall, and a shrinking base of voters, with a desperate need for a whole new crop of Democrats come 2016. The question is, what will Congress do when he unilaterally grants the amnesty that those like Gutiérrez are brazenly demanding?

By the way, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi? Well, he’s still languishing in a Mexican prison wondering when his civil rights will be addressed, or when POTUS will kick President Enrique Peña Nieto square in the…shins with those sanctions he’s so fond of to pressure his release. Is the ACLU fighting for him? Because Obama and Holder haven’t found the time, you know, in between golf games, and race baiting, and investigating the deaths of foreigners assaulting our border patrol, to even mention his name. But then, he’d probably vote Republican.

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