Seattle School Principal Refused To Help Police Arrest Intruder

Seattle School Principal Refused To Help Police Arrest Intruder

Seattle School Principal Refused To Help Police Arrest Intruder

Remember how the Biden administration outright rejected the concept of hardening schools against those who would harm students?

That’s because the whole point is to push for gun control, not actually protect kids from harm.

The natural end result of that philosophy could have been so much worse at Sand Point Elementary in Seattle last week. The kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school is within the Seattle Public Schools district, and last Thursday, an adult intruder got through fences, and got into a portable classroom with students.

Witnesses spotted the man immediately as he climbed a fence that surrounds the school campus just before dismissal on Thursday.”

Staff rushed the children who were on the playground into a portable classroom while they confronted the intruder and called police.”

But the man, who appeared to be on drugs or in crisis, forced his way inside and went for the students.”

“He grabbed two children,” said Kale Tinsley, who works as a custodian at the school. “He grabbed one, and thought that’s the one girl he wanted to take, but then another girl tried to defend her friend and he deflected her, grabbed her too.”

At this point, any person of sense should realize that if the intruder, now identified as 20 year old Liban Harasam, had any intent to harm or kill students, these kids would be dead and Seattle would be dealing with their own version of Robb Elementary School. Amazingly, the substitute teacher in the portable managed to convince Harasam to let go of the kids and leave, even though he stole at least one child’s backpack in the process. As to why the door didn’t get locked behind the kids when there was an intruder on campus?

KOMO News asked why the door wasn’t locked. Tinsley said it normally is.”

“When the teacher comes in the morning, they go and they unlock the door, then they set the panic bar, and then they lock the door,” Tinsley said, adding that an Allen wrench is used in that process to secure the bar.”

The problem was the substitute teacher assigned to the class wasn’t familiar with this system, which allowed the man to get inside.”

You would think that being up on safety protocols would be important, even for substitute teachers. Seattle Public Schools should consider themselves very, VERY fortunate that this incident was no worse than emotionally traumatized kids and a stolen backpack.

And yet, the school administration made it worse.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. In ultra-liberal Seattle, the school principal REFUSED to cooperate with police, EVEN WHEN student safety had been compromised on a school campus.

Police were called after the school went into lockdown. But Principal Richard Baileykaze, according to the incident report, would not cooperate with police, effectively preventing an arrest.”

When one officer arrived, he saw parents gathered outside of the school. The officer was not initially told the school was on lockdown.”

“I met Principal R. [Baileykaze], in the north parking lot. He was observing the suspect with two other teachers. He provided very little information about the incident. I was only advised that the suspect jumped the fence,” the officer wrote in his incident report.”

The officer observed Harasam “walking around in circles” while repeatedly dropping personal items, according to the report. He may have been high or experiencing a mental health crisis.”

“Principal R. [Baileykaze] and the other two teachers would not speak to me. I had not been advised of any crime, so I contacted the suspect thinking I was performing a welfare check, due to his mental state. He appeared to be under the influence of narcotics or possibly having a mental episode,” the officer wrote.”

Harasam would not speak to the officer and walked off.”

“Once HARASAM, LIBAN left the school grounds, Principal R. [Baileykaze] now stated the suspect took a child’s backpack,” the report alleges.”

So Principal Baileykaze didn’t tell the police officer that the intruder had actually laid hands on students or stolen a backpack until AFTER the suspect had walked away. Student safety? What student safety?

The officer now had probable cause for misdemeanor theft — he just needed the info of the student so he would have a victim.”

“Principal R. [Baileykaze] now claimed HARASAM, LIBAN had the backpack. Principal R. [Baileykaze] turned away from me and walked off. He refused to advise me if anything had been taken from the backpack. He continued to walk away. I advised radio of the principal’s uncooperative behavior, which destroyed probable cause that a crime occurred. I was unable to validate his earlier claims of a crime,” the report says.”

Again, the principal would not help, allowing the suspect to walk, according to police.”

“I no longer had probable cause that crime occurred, since there was no victim identified for the theft, and Principal R. [Baileykaze] walked off refusing to cooperate,” the officer writes in the report.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, Harasam then assaulted a DHL delivery van driver and tried stealing the delivery van, which resulted in him finally being arrested – but also resulted in him fracturing the arm or wrist of a police officer while he was resisting arrest. In a twist that will surprise absolutely no one, Liban Harasam has a long record in the city of Seattle.

Police identify Harasam as a High Utilizer in the city of Seattle with multiple police contacts and arrests. The new Seattle City Attorney, Ann Davison, has identified dozens of High Utilizers responsible for a large number of local crimes. These cases are prioritized in her office to keep those suspects off the streets.”

According to court documents, Harasam faces charges of first degree criminal trespass, two counts of assault, vehicle prowling and resisting arrest.”

His bail was set at $10,000 and court records show he refused to attend his arraignment. Harasam has a competency evaluation hearing on Monday, June 6.”

Harasam was previously cited for assault in May, 2020 but under previous City Attorney Pete Holmes, the city did not file charges.”

Ann Davison was elected just this last November, and is the only declared Republican in city government in Seattle. Even Seattle had gotten sick of the catch-and-release philosophy of the previous city attorney, and was willing to actually elect someone who ran on “law and order.” But what can police or the city attorney do when the freaking principal refuses to cooperate with police???

This story is the end result of the “defund the police” mentality, combined with impulse to prioritize politically correct causes over student safety. The principal literally does not care that someone dangerous got on to campus, much less into a classroom and got hands on students. Again, the guy physically manhandled at least two students. Does Principal Baileykaze care? And where are the parents of these students? Where are ALL the parents of Sand Point Elementary? We just saw what happened when one person with evil intent managed to get into a classroom, and everyone has legitimate questions about how the police responded. How can the police respond if school administration refuses to cooperate with them? If Liban Harasam had been armed and had the intent of harming a child (and we honestly don’t know what his intentions were), then this would be a national news story. Instead, we are getting barely a ripple in local news, and a principal who is more interested in sticking to his hatred of police than being dedicated to the safety of his students.

Hey, Seattle Public Schools – expect your enrollment numbers to keep dropping. You are damned lucky you weren’t the next Uvalde, and Principal Richard Baileykaze needs to be explaining himself to parents, and then be fired for his lax approach to campus safety.

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  • Derek3000 says:

    Evil principal is an accessory after the fact. Should be prosecuted.

  • In a sane world, Baileykaze would be trying to post his own bail – for two counts of accomplice after the fact to felony assault and battery on a minor.

  • GWB says:

    At this point, any person of sense…
    Would have shot him in the face. Period.

    Harasam has a competency evaluation hearing on Monday, June 6.
    The use of competency hearings to determine illness is so very much against the original concept of “by reason of insanity”. That was supposed to only be applied for someone who literally didn’t know right from wrong. This guy was stoned. There should be no competency hearing – just sober him up, then hammer him into a dark hole until his madness passes.

    But what can police or the city attorney do when the freaking principal refuses to cooperate with police?
    In a republic that means the people themselves need to act. I n the olden days (and better ways) the people would have horse-whipped the principal. Or maybe tar and feathers. At a minimum it would have been the stocks for 10 days. And any of those choices would lead to a better community.

    This story is the end result of the “defund the police” mentality, combined with impulse to prioritize politically correct causes over student safety.
    No. This is the end result of Progressivism and it’s therapeutic approach to everything. “Don’t involve the police; the poor man has obviously just got a problem. Let him work it out.” Versus the punishment/incentive approach, “Give that guy a serious beating so he knows to never, NEVER, EVER do this again, and the police won’t need to be involved.”

    How can the police respond if school administration refuses to cooperate with them?
    And everyone will complain about the police when they stand around outside this school when something bad does happen. No one will wonder “Maybe they’re not going in because they don’t see the point.”

    Principal Richard Baileykaze needs to be explaining himself to parents
    No. He needs to beaten senseless and so severely that he quietly quits and limps away somewhere quiet where they don’t know his name.

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