What Is A Woman? – Matt Walsh Documentary

What Is A Woman? – Matt Walsh Documentary

What Is A Woman? – Matt Walsh Documentary

All the sentient beings on the planet got a “What the what?” moment when Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn asked SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to define the word “woman” during Jackson’s Confirmation Hearings. Unbeknownst to those of us with an IQ higher than that of a rutabaga and a basic understanding of biology, there is not a clear answer to that question. Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has chronicled his search for an answer and the result is the documentary, “What is a woman?”. You MUST see this documentary. At moments, it is hilariously funny as it exposes the frauds of academia and the medical profession. It is eye-opening when it shows how quickly youth are prescribed “gender affirmation” drugs. It might cause your brain to explode when you understand the truly evil and twisted men who foisted the “Trans” movement on us.

Matt Walsh was, I thought, quite fair when dealing with the cockwombles who are experts in the field of gender identity. I am going to focus on Dr. Patrick Grzanka. He is an associate professor and chairman of the Interdisciplinary Program in Women, Gender, and Sexuality at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. My husband and late father-in-law are graduates and I live less than 15 minutes from the main campus. Plus, Mr. Grzanka is straight out of Hollywood casting for his type. Grzanka thinks that Matt Walsh using the word “truth” is transphobic, rude and condescending. Matt just wants to know “What is a woman?”. Behold:

Grzanka was fun, but each and every pro-trans professional that Walsh interviewed was an archetype.

Walsh interviewed young women at a “Women’s March” who were so indoctrinated that they hurt themselves trying not to define “What is a woman?”. The young women are at the opening of the trailer for the documentary.

The Masai Tribe of Nairobi provided the most common sense of the documentary. The Masai and the Star Wars merchandise store owner who knows he is a man because he has a d**k.

The most raw and honest of those interviewed is Scott (Kellie) Newgent. He is a transman who was a masculine woman convinced to transition. He puts the lie to the safety of the drugs and surgery needed to achieve the cosmetic change. Scott pushes up his sleeve to show the scar from his phalloplasty. The surgery that took skin to form his penis. He lives with constant infections from the surgery.

My heart broke for Scott and every single person who lives with gender dysphoria. The mental anguish is unimaginable, but hacking off body parts cannot be the answer.

Dr. Miriam Grossman points her knowledgeable finger at two men, two medical professionals, who led us down this hellish path. Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who began the sexual revolution, used prisoners in his research. The prisoners were convicted of offenses against minors, voyeurism, incest and other sexual crimes. This I had heard about. The next evil twat I had not heard about. Dr. John Money.

Evil is the word. From his NY Times obituary:

In papers on infants born with ambiguous genitalia and in later studies, Dr. Money challenged those assumptions, providing a systematic theory for understanding how sexual identity developed. He argued that social and environmental cues interacted with a child’s genes and hormones to shape whether the person identified as male or female.

“He was the first scientist to provide a language to describe the psychological dimensions of human sexual identity; no such language had existed before,” said Dr. Kenneth J. Zucker, psychologist in chief at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

That’s the safe for public consumption part. The next part is not safe for anyone. When David Reimer was a baby his penis was burned during circumcision. His twin’s was not. The parents brought the boys to Dr. Money:

David’s parents took David to see Dr. Money at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where he advised that David be “sex reassigned” as a girl through surgical, hormonal, and psychological treatments.

John Money believed that gender identity is primarily learned through one’s upbringing (nurture) as opposed to one’s inborn traits (nature). He proposed that gender identity could be changed through behavioural interventions, and he advocated that gender reassignment was the solution for treating any child with intersex traits or atypical sex anatomies.

He argued that it’s possible to habilitate a baby with a defective penis more effectively as a girl than a boy. At the age of 22 months, David underwent extensive surgery in which his testes and penis were surgically removed and rudimentary female genitals were constructed.


Throughout his childhood, David was never informed that he was biologically male and that he was an experimental subject in a controversial investigation to bolster Money’s belief in the theory of gender neutrality – that nurture, not nature, determines gender identity and sexual orientation.

David’s twin brother, Brian, served as the ideal control because the brothers had the same genetic makeup, but one was raised as a girl and the other as a boy. Money continued to see David and Brian for consultations and check ups annually.

During these check-ups, Money would force the twins to rehearse sexual acts and inspect one another’s genitals. On some occasions, Money would even photograph the twins doing these exercises. Money claimed that childhood sexual rehearsal play was important for healthy childhood sexual exploration.

David transitioned back to male. The damage was done. His twin died at age 38 from a drug overdose. David committed suicide. There you have it folks. This is how we got here. We no longer celebrate our differences. No more masculine women and feminine men. We must all conform. We don’t know what a woman is any longer. We are savagely butchering a generation. We can expect to see many more reddit posts like this one:

I miss my breasts so much
I’m sitting in bed crying because I just miss my breasts so much. I got top surgery when I was 18, I’m 27 now. Even if I get implants they won’t actually be mine. I want mine back. Not only were they mine, but they were great looking. I will never have them back. Never. I never ever thought that this would happen to me, I was always 10000000% sure I made the right decision. But the past couple years I’ve finally realised and it’s so fucking hard to comprehend this and accept it. I’m going through a mourning period right now over my old body. I miss it so so much. I look at girls nowadays, any girl at all and I’m completely jealous. At least they still have their natural body. I feel like an imposter, like I can’t even claim that I’m actually a girl even though I am. My voice is fucked, I have no boobs, I’m constantly worried about passing as a female even though I fucking am one. I feel so much regret and it’s eating me alive.

Scott Newgent says we should scream and scream louder.

The first step is watching and absorbing “What is a Woman?” from Matt Walsh.

Featured Image: Regan Vercruysse/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons

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