Saudi Soccer Team Disses the Dead in London Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

Saudi Soccer Team Disses the Dead in London Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

Saudi Soccer Team Disses the Dead in London Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

This is maddening. Talk about disrespect for the dead, as well as disrespect for a nation hosting a team.

In Australia today the team Football Federation Australia played a qualifying soccer match opposite the national Saudi Arabian team, and a moment of silence was held before the game to honor the victims of the London terror attacks. Two of the people killed were Australian.

The Australians stood solemnly. And the Saudi team? They wandered around the field. What the heck?

Oh, but understand, Saudis don’t do that kind of thing. It’s not in their culture, you see. A spokesman from the FFA said this:

‘The FFA sought agreement from the Asian Football Confederation and the Saudi national team to hold a minute’s silence in memory of those lost in Saturday night’s terror bombings in London and in particular the two Australian women. . . .’
‘The FFA was further advised by Saudi team officials that this tradition was not in keeping with Saudi culture and they would move to their side of the field and respect our custom whilst taking their own positions on the field.’ (boldface mine)

Oh, really? Then maybe someone can explain this picture. Looks like a moment of silence to me.

So maybe this isn’t about a tradition, is it? Maybe it’s more about who were the victims, and who were the killers. . . er, martyrs.

Needless to say, some soccer fans are really enraged.

Click to enlarge screenshot.

You know why it’s not “keeping with Saudi culture?” Because Wahhabi Islam governs that culture, and that branch of Islam doesn’t condemn the killing of an infidel by a Muslim. Moreover, it would be wrong to stand against the martyrs.

Here’s how Sheikh Mohammed Tawhidi explained it in the UK Daily Mail:

‘In their eyes the attackers are martyrs who are going to paradise. And if they stand for a minute of silence they are against their Muslim brothers who fought for jihad and fought the ‘infidels.’

Some culture, right?

Sheikh Mohammed Tawhidi. Credit:

But there was good news from Australia, after all. Australia beat the Saudis 3-2, and will meet Brazil on Tuesday.

Aussies cheer their victory over SA. Credit:

Once again, we see that we’re facing a worldview that really hates us. It must be remembered that all the thoughts and prayers and teddy bears will not change the hearts of those who hold us in such contempt.

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  • Scott says:

    unless those “teddy bears” are like the rabbit and squirrel that Bill Murray put together in Caddyshack… and we send them to all the asses like those soccer fans… Kinda makes ya wish for a good old fashioned soccer riot huh? I’d be ok with the Aussie fans throwing a serious beat down on the saudi fans… just saying..

  • parker says:

    Beyond diplomatic relations, why have any cultural exchanges with the Arabs? And someone please tell me one good thing about Arab culture.

  • Scott says:

    I’ll take “Not a damn thing” for $1000 Alex….

  • GWB says:

    Funny, but “moments of silence” are intended to be a totally anodyne, non-offensive to anyone, perfectly pluralistic, COEXIST sorts of things. We used to stop and say a prayer, until certain jerks (I hope O’Hare was able to take a large suitcase of nomex undies with her when she went) objected. So we came up with the “moment of silence” because no one could possibly object to that, right?

    All they had to do was stand there silently. Not bow their heads, just stand quietly for a minute. Sixty whole seconds. But they couldn’t. And their fans couldn’t even keep quiet. Their fans were deliberately disrespectful. *smdh*
    (I can actually understand not standing in place for a whole minute if you’re an athlete, keyed up for the game; you want to keep moving, not let the muscles get cold. The fans? They don’t have any excuse.)

    But, the point about a moment for the king’s death – well, they’re right, it’s NOT “in keeping with Saudi culture.” Saudi culture says you shut the heck up when the king dies because otherwise his heir might come along and lop your noggin off. You don’t stop polo matches for mere peasants (often no more than slaves when within the Kingdom of Saud), just for the king.

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