Border Security – Medieval Walls, Military Drones and Rejected Facts

Border Security – Medieval Walls, Military Drones and Rejected Facts

Border Security – Medieval Walls, Military Drones and Rejected Facts

The government shutdown is entering its third week. The meetings between President Trump and Congressional leaders to come to an understanding regarding border security have landed with a resounding thud. Earlier in the week, Speaker Pelosi told Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to stop talking and on Friday told her that she rejected her facts. No representatives showed up to work with Vice President Mike Pence. Only staffers came to work with him. The Democrats have made clear that they will not tolerate a medieval wall.

I am not a security expert. I have zero military training. I don’t know how to protect a border. I do have something that is gravely lacking in our elected representatives: Common Sense. When then Candidate Donald Trump discussed the border wall, I never imagined a Great Wall of China 5.0 kind of wall. And, when Candidate Trump talked about Mexico paying for the wall, I never imagined Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sitting down in White House writing out a check. Contrary to what everyone on the left and about two-thirds of the people on the right believe, Donald Trump is not stupid. Bullish and vulgar, yes. Stupid, no.

I am well-aware that the only reason the Democrats are against the “wall” is because it was a Trump campaign promise. They hope to do a “read my lips, no new taxes” hit on Trump as they did on G.H.W. Bush. They were vile to Bush 41, although they love him now that he is dead. If the Demoncraps can claim that Trump failed on his promise to build the wall, 2020 re-election is a dead issue for Trump. Game over.

The wall is now immoral. This is a stupid lie. Nancy Pelosi and the Pope both say the wall is immoral. First of all, Pope, go deal with the child molesters in your clergy and stay the heck out of U.S. politics. I don’t need to point out, do I, that both the Pope and San Fran Nan have a ton of walls, fences and security. And, Nan has voted for the wall in the past.

A door handle is one of the many ways the primitive lever is still in use today. Try getting through the day without a lever. Photo credit: Lusina/Photo License

The wall is medieval say Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Hakeem Jeffries. They are too wrong. Walls were way earlier than Medieval Times. Walls were like totally primitive tools, right up there with the wheel, fire and the lever. All by the way are still in use today. There are a lot of medieval inventions that are still in use today like gunpowder, wind mills and coffee houses (who knew?). Medieval is not all bad, you see.

Walls are very, very good. We are not talking about the Berlin Wall to keep people in. We are talking about a wall to keep these invading hoards/migrant caravans filled with lice, tuberculosis and dying children out. I know, I am heartless, cold and not a good Christian. Shut up.

What we really need are technologies like ground sensors and drones say the Demoncraps. Aha! Michelle Malkin did an article on ground sensors for National Review one year ago.

Nearly 14,000 ground sensors have been littered along the southern border over the past several decades — some dating back to the Vietnam War era. Untold numbers have simply been buried and lost by federal workers who failed to record where they put them. Twelve years ago, a Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s report found that agents couldn’t determine the cause of 62 percent of the sensor alerts because they were “unable to respond to the dispatch, or it took the agent too long to get to the sensor location.”

Compounding staff shortages are outdated sensors unable to distinguish between humans, vehicles, and animals. They can’t tell cows from criminals or wild boars from dirty bombers. Thirty-four percent of alerts were confirmed false alarms in the 2005 review. Only 2 percent resulted in apprehensions of immigrants in this country illegally, the feds admitted.

Drones, we need drones. Smart technology. Just like Hillary Clinton’s “Smart Power”, if you add “smart” to something that indicates it will work with no other information required. Well now, the Cato Institute did a policy brief on drones in May, 2018. From the brief:

In response to President Donald Trump’s call for a border wall, some members of Congress have instead offered a “virtual wall”—ocean-to-ocean border surveillance with technology, especially unmanned aircraft known as drones. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) already operates a fleet of nine unmanned aircraft. Although drones have been widely used in foreign battlefields, they have failed to help CBP apprehend illegal border crossers and seize drugs. Drones have led to only 0.5 percent of apprehensions at a cost of $32,000 per arrest.

At the same time, drones undermine Americans’ privacy. Their surveillance records the daily lives of Americans living along the border, and because CBP regularly uses its drones to support the operations of other federal agencies as well as state and local police, its drones allow for government surveillance nationwide with minimal oversight and without warrants. CBP should wind down its drone program and, in the meantime, establish more robust privacy protections.


What does the Border Patrol say they need? January 3, 2019 the head of the Border Patrol Council said the following:

Walls work.

The Demoncraps can and will stick their fingers in their ears, and shout “Immoral and medieval!” and the legacy network types will repeat it ad nauseam. The truth is we need it all. There are natural barriers such as mountains and rivers that help. We do need sensors and walls and fences and watch towers and dogs and more border patrol agents. The only way drones would help is if we equipped them with Hellfire missiles. Obama could have gotten away with that. Trump, no way.

Feature Photo Credit: U.S. Marine Corps Drone/Section 105 of the Copyright Act/Cropped and Sharpened

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  • SDN says:

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just the Democrats.

    Vichy Mitchy could have funded the wall with 51 votes; this was an actual budget bill which could have been passed through “budget reconciliation” before the new House took over. Vichy didn’t. That’s on him.

  • Kathy says:

    As so often happens, it comes back to having enough trained and capable people in the right places. Drones and sensors can’t chase down and grab the illegals and take them where they should go. People can. The Border Patrol needs more people to go with more walls.

    The walls give more control and make it so they don’t have to try to be every where at once on the border.

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