Samantha Bee Mocks CPAC Attendees With “Nazi Hair,” Including Cancer Patient [VIDEO]

Samantha Bee Mocks CPAC Attendees With “Nazi Hair,” Including Cancer Patient [VIDEO]

Samantha Bee Mocks CPAC Attendees With “Nazi Hair,” Including Cancer Patient [VIDEO]

In some circles, Samantha Bee is supposedly funny. But there is nothing original about her “angry liberal” shtick. And this time, her show has stepped on a land mine of its own making.

Samantha Bee
Bee’s show, Full Frontal, broadcast on TBS, sent a reporter to CPAC for laughs. Here’s what they came back with. (This is not the original video, which has been removed from YouTube by the show.)
Kyle Coddington, one of the men singled out in the video for having “Nazi hair,” is actually fighting brain cancer, and attributes his haircut to his treatment. His sister tweeted this screencap at Samantha Bee.

Kyle Coddington actually identified as a “Never Trump” conservative, but Bee’s show didn’t care. After all, they were in it for the laughs, not for actual substance.

To their credit, they responded to Coddington’s request to be removed from their video – which is why the video is now no longer available from them on YouTube (presumably, until it is re-edited to take out their foot in their mouth).

There’s a comment to be made about not judging people solely on their appearance, but…

Yeah. Don’t expect Samantha Bee to actually change her perspectives just because this time, she ended up with egg on her face. But a little contrition would probably make a difference for this young man.

Over to you, Samantha Bee. A tweet and an edited video shouldn’t be the end of your apology.

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  • Jodi says:

    SB: “Sorry if we offended the guy with brain cancer…but the rest of you really are Nazis.” #NonApology

  • parker says:

    These people need to be shamed and shunned. Stocks on the county court house lawn and buckets of rotten vegetables and rancid meat, have at it.

  • SFC D says:

    I’ve seen a hell of a lot of millennial hipster liberal douchebags with similar haircuts. Highly likely that the Hitler haircut reference fits them better.

  • Trixie B says:

    But, but, but — everyone knows the libs are tolerant, non-judgemental folk, unlike we evil conservatives!

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