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Salon Promotes “Virtuous Pedophiles” [VIDEO]

Salon Promotes “Virtuous Pedophiles” [VIDEO]

The online magazine Salon has tried to normalize pedophilia before. And now they are at it again. This time, they have once again brought back Todd Nickerson, an admitted pedophile who claims he has “never touched a child,” is trying yet again to justify his attraction to children through an interview on Salon.

Nickerson, now 43, says he has never abused a child and never will. He is involved in a website called “Virtuous Pedophiles” that provides an online discussion forum for people that are attracted to children but do not want to act on it.

“My purpose is to go out and educate people, allowing people like myself to come out and be open,” he said. “Society makes it harder by persecuting us because a lot of us become fatalistic.”

“We start to think it doesn’t matter what we do or say they’re going to hate us anyway.”

If you can stomach it, he gave an interview on video.

Yes, Todd Nickerson, you are a monster. Anyone who believes that a five year old girl is making a pass at him is a monster (which is part of Nickerson’s story). Anyone who sees children as sexual objects and expects to be pitied for it is a monster.

And for someone who swears that he’d never touch a child, he admits on other websites that the only thing keeping him from doing so is the law.

In his Salon piece, Nickerson states unequivocally that it is wrong for a pedophile to act on his urges. But the detailed worldview outlined in his internet forum history says otherwise. Really, the only villains in Nickerson’s story are society and parents. Without these harmful influences, children could finally act on their urges to engage in relationships with pedophiles.

So what if society does change? What if we do become more sympathetic to pedophilia? Nickerson is clear:

Once again, I’ve always maintained that, if we lived in a different, more sex-positive society and it were legal to do so, I WOULD engage in sex play with a child that I loved if she wanted it and initiated it. I will never deny that.

That’s just what he does end up denying in his piece for Salon.

So, Todd Nickerson is an admitted pedophile who would sexually abuse children if he could only find a legal way to do it. And he asks for pity because people call him a monster.

Nickerson’s perversions aside, what on earth is the purpose of Salon giving him a platform yet again? This is a company that has never turned a profit, and has only survived by getting cash handouts from its board members. Subscription services on the site have failed to raise enough revenue to keep it out of the red (though their most recent spin was “hey, we lost LESS money than last year!”). There are really only a couple of reasons why Salon would keep bringing Nickerson back and promoting his “Virtuous Pedophilia.”

Either 1) they are determined to drive up their views with “shock journalism,” which might lead to more clicks, which allows them to show those numbers to advertisers, to keep revenue flowing, or 2) the view of Salon is that pedophilies should be pitied, and perhaps given greater leeway, since they are so deeply misunderstood. Maybe they think pedophilia should be legal.

So, which is it, Salon? Desperate for clicks, or do you actually champion Todd Nickerson as a poor, misunderstood man who just longs to have sex with five year olds? It has to be one or the other, and both are despicable.

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  • Dutchuncle says:

    “born this way”. Is that what the left will do for this sick POC? And to hell with the safety of OUR Children? yeah, what ever happened to their old “Fall Back Statement” “It’s for the Children”?

  • GWB says:

    Didn’t Lisa just do this?

    Anyone who believes that a five year old girl is making a pass at him is a monster

    Actually, they’re sick. Very, very sick.

    Regardless of why Salon ran the piece, the reason Nickerson is involved is because – like all the other perverts today – he wants to be declared normal and allowed to go his merry way with the little ones.
    May he have a millstone placed around his neck and dropped into the sea. (Matt 18:6)

  • Kodos says:

    I could not care less what a cage-liner like “Salon” has to say.

    Any creep I see messing with a child is going to be dealt with.

    End of discussion.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the next frontier of “civil rights.” The groundwork has already been laid. The rhetoric is already in widespread use.

    “I always knew I was different.” “Scientific tests prove that my brain chemistry/hormone balance/socks are different, it’s not my fault and you can’t hold me responsible” “It’s just a different kind of love, why are you people so full of hate? You’re worse than Hitler, all of you!” “It’s 2020, how dare you interfere with my chosen sexual self-expression?” “You bigots with your Victorian sexual taboos make me sick!” “Lots of great men throughout history secretly diddled little boys. This book says George Washington diddled little boys. We’re making movies where we reimagine your cultural heroes as boy-lovers. Superman? Diddles little boys. Spiderman? Diddles little boys. The Lone Ranger? Diddles little boys. Daniel Boone? Diddles little boys. Paul Bunyan? Diddles little boys. Johnny Appleseed? Diddles little boys.” “You’re on the wrong side of history.” “There’s going to be at least three boy-lover characters on every TV show on every network, on every channel, every night of the week. Can’t you see it’s normal now? Why are you people so afraid of change?” Look for dozens of TV shows to be praised by the reviewers as “courageous” for showing baby-rapers in a positive light.

    It’s called “cultural Bolshevism.” It’s what “civil rights” was really always about. It never stops. It never ends. Read Gramsci. Read the Redstockings Manifesto–this is all straight out of 1960s-70s “gender feminism” and “queer theory,” not that you’d know it if all you read fawning Wikipedia articles about people like Shulamith Firestone or Daniel Cohn-Bendit you’d barely notice the suggestion that they were, in fact, Communists. It isn’t mentioned that they were both pedophiles, either, who wrote at great length about the revolutionary necessity to “break down bourgeois taboos” and “liberate” children to be sexualized.

    The more disgusting and destructive it is, the more the Left loves it. The intent is to destroy society so that it can be rebuilt from the top down, with them in charge. They’re succeeding.

  • sean heaney heaney says:

    Just a disgrace,ive looked further into Nickerson,with his old online name markaba 2.0,and what he says is far more sinister than Salon He talks about 5 year old little girls being sexually aggressive just the most perverted stuff.How can a 5 year old girl be precocious and advanced beyond her age,just a disgrace,and a bigger disgrace from that perverted publication Salon

  • sean heaney heaney says:

    Nickerson thinks that he will get away with it.Imagine the terror from a 5 year old child,being abused by the local freddy Kruger,with his iron claw and everything.Nickerson actually believes that a child molesting utopia will happen in his lifetime.I have read all of his past writings on line.Maybe that despicable Salon should search the world to present a pedophile to the world without any skeletons in their closets,doubt if they will find one.Nickerson believes that children secretly long for sex with dirty pedophiles,this is what we are up against.

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