Safety Scott: It’s Back-To-School Week and Broward’s Chief Coward Has Something to Say

Safety Scott: It’s Back-To-School Week and Broward’s Chief Coward Has Something to Say

Safety Scott: It’s Back-To-School Week and Broward’s Chief Coward Has Something to Say

…Although we wish he’d just shut up.

While Parkland activist David Hogg and supporters protest (complete with a posse of armed guards) in front of the NRA headquarters on a Saturday afternoon, Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, took to Twitter:

As you can very well imagine, these little safety tips backfired. Big time.

Apparently, somebody thought it was a great idea. And they thought it was an even better idea to put Scott Isreal’s face on these “safety tips”. The jokes really just write themselves here.

“Stand 6-9 feet from the curb when waiting for the bus,” says the “safety” pamphlet. Oh, and you will note in big, bold letters that Sheriff Israel says “NO BULLYING!” Did he say this to his own 17 year-old son a few years back when his little darling held down a 14 year-old boy while another boy kicked him and grabbed his genitals? I’m sure he provided “amazing parenting” after such an event. After all, he did provide “amazing leadership” to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department over the years:

“Police officers make mistakes. But it’s not the responsibility of a general or the president if you have a deserter. You don’t measure a person’s leadership by a deputy not going in. I’ve given amazing leadership to this agency.”-Scott Israel

Yep. Of course it’s not your responsibility, Mr. Israel, if one of your deputies wants to hide in a corner while innocent lives are being lost because a crazy young man with a gun is shooting up a school. And I’m sure the best and most heroic military generals of all time in our history would never sit back and take the blame for lives lost on their watch or a young soldier under their command not doing all he could to protect the innocent or his brothers-in-arms. You’re a general, a president. You couldn’t possibly get your hands dirty or shoulder any of the burden, could you? Wahhh. It’s not your fault.

So some back-to-school tips for you, kiddies from Sheriff Israel of Broward County along with some lessons in life here. When danger knocks on your door, hide and throw your classmates in front of it. Protect yourself. In a social situation when your friend’s reputation is at stake, don’t defend him or her unless there is something in it for you. Leave them hanging out to dry. After all, what do you care? You’re above all of that anyway. You’re a general. You’re a leader. And you are AMAZING. And when it comes time to accept some accountability for your actions that have caused harm, blame someone else, blame an inanimate object. Blame anyone and everything but yourself and continue on being the AMAZEBALLS people your are.

When we have adults behaving this way, it is no wonder some kids end up with lousy character. We do not need to look any further for the culprits. Here’s a few back-to-school tips for you, Sheriff Israel. You have failed so many families on that fateful day. Your smiling face on a “back-to-school” Twitter post is taunting to these families at best. Wipe the egg off your face, SHOW UP. Do your JOB. Encourage your deputies to do the same. And if you can’t and feel the need to continue scapegoating and making excuses, perhaps it is time to just be quiet, stop showing your mug and step aside.

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  • Red Dirt Man says:

    Scott’s Twitter post borders on cruelty toward the past and present families that send their kids to Parkland. He doesn’t wear a uniform to work — it’s a costume.

  • SFC D says:

    And the number one tip for school safety in Broward County FL is….

    Get the hell out of Broward County FL.

  • Wfjag says:

    Safety Tip #1: When seconds count, the police are minutes away – except in Broward County where they stop outside and wait for the All Clear;
    Safety Tip#2: It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • Scott says:

    ” SHOW UP. Do your JOB. ” Sorry Lisa, gonna disagree with you here, he needs to resign, and go the hell away! It does make you wonder what the hell the Florida Legislature and Gov. Scott are doing. This incompetent partisan hack needs to be suspended, impeached, and shown the door! He is a failure as a leader, a law enforcement officer, and a human being!

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