Saccone vs. Lamb: Is Pennsylvania 18’s Special Election a Midterm Bellwether?

Saccone vs. Lamb: Is Pennsylvania 18’s Special Election a Midterm Bellwether?

Saccone vs. Lamb: Is Pennsylvania 18’s Special Election a Midterm Bellwether?

As everyone’s been made painfully aware by the media’s hyper-focus on the subject, historically, midterm elections for nearly all sitting presidents have resulted in significant gains for the party not holding the White House. The liberal media would like us all to believe that President Trump is facing an imminent Blue Wave the size of the tsunami in The Day After Tomorrow. And they believe Pennsylvania is the foreshock.

They said the same about last Tuesday’s Texas primary and, well, the result was, yes, an increased number of Democrats voting, but an even greater number of Republican voters who crushed “Beto” O’Rourke into a pulp. He’s the Democrats’ open borders, gun control Golden Boy, who in reality is a Caucasian man of Irish descent who’s gone by the common Spanish nickname for “Roberto” for most of his life. And the identity politics-pushing DNC would like Texans not to elect the real thing in Senator Ted Cruz, but rather a man on any other day they’d accuse of enjoying “white privilege” whose “toxic masculinity” is responsible for every ill facing the world. Yes, they really are that schizophrenic.

My point is: that Blue Wave that was supposed to overwhelm Republicans in Deep Red Texas? Yeah, it was a big, fat fizzle. And I suspect Hoax Hispanic Beto Robert Francis O’Rourke will not be standing before Mike Pence come next January as he swears in the newly-elected senators. Indeed, I predict the opposite will happen: if recent polling in states President Trump won by wide margins is accurate, Democrat senators in red states will find themselves unemployed.

To be fair, Democrats have made some inroads in special elections in state races. And that should draw GOP concern, of course.

But is Pennsylvania 18 a bellwether for this fall’s midterms? Let’s take a look at the candidates in action:

(If you’re so inclined, you can watch Part 2 on YouTube. It immediately follows this clip.)

Rick Saccone—a retired Air Force officer with a PhD and vast experience in counter-terrorism efforts who’s won his district’s state house seat for several election cycles—is nevertheless not exactly a compelling candidate who’s excited his base. If reports are accurate, he’s done the opposite. Which is why the Democrats found themselves a handsome, young, retired Marine-slash-Assistant U.S. Attorney from a political family.

Make sure you read through that whole thread. Voters are all over the place, but some Republicans believe Lamb will represent them.

Um. No.

Pennsylvania Special Election Candidates: Conor Lamb (D), Rick Saccone (R) (Photo Credit:

If you’ve seen the series, Conor Lamb is the equivalent of the Republican candidate, Will Conway, who challenged Francis Underwood in Seasons 4 and 5 of House of Cards. While, like the fictitious Conway, Lamb’s service to country is absolutely commendable, and, yes, he seems like a nice guy, there is no way in Hades that he, as he hopes voters will believe, will be an independent voice among Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi’s House Caucus. He’ll toe her party line just like every other member who cowers under her invisible gavel, or else he’ll witness her wrath. Not to mention, the tax cuts people are starting to enjoy haven’t fully kicked in yet. These are the same tax cuts Democrats want to repeal. And if last month’s payroll increases are any indication, the already-roaring economy is just getting started. And on the national security front, ISIS really IS on the run. So we can bet the two most important issues in every election cycle—the economy and national security—will be weighing on voters’ minds this fall.

Oh, and did I mention, this seat likely won’t even exist next fall thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s overturning of the current district maps?

So, again, is today’s special election a bellwether for November? I’m not convinced. I do know this: we tried unchained liberalism for eight years. It buried us in debt, decimated our healthcare options, flooded our nation with illegals, and saw the unopposed rise of modern-day Nazis, aka ISIS. And while Mr. Saccone is not shiny and new like Mr. Lamb, his resume is by far the deeper of the two. Here’s hoping voters remember that today.

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  • Scott says:

    I really don’t understand.. I guess the previous occupant of the White House did a better job destroying the military than we though. I get lefties coming from the Air Force, and the Navy, they’ve always been a little off, but a Marine??? that just seems so wrong, outside of Obummer creating a culture that encouraged lefties to destroy the military from within, I just don’t get it. and as usual Jodi, your analysis is spot on!

    • Jodi says:

      Thank you, Scott! I don’t get it, either. The Left despises our military. Why anyone would want to be a part of that, I don’t know, but particularly our military men and women.

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    I’m a “leftist” and I don’t despise the military. Using your logic, I guess tRump despises the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

    • Jodi says:

      Then you haven’t been paying attention to Twitter trolls who do in fact hate the military, and Democrat politicians who continually decry them. And why would anyone trust the FBI, etc at this point?

    • Scott says:

      Don’t say that too loud Kevin, the left tolerates no dissension or independent thought! you will toe the party line, or be ostracized… if you believe otherwise, you are delusional!

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