Roundup Time: More Lefty Screams About Teh Fascist

Roundup Time: More Lefty Screams About Teh Fascist

Roundup Time: More Lefty Screams About Teh Fascist

Recent events and the Very.Important.Beautiful.People who hate them reveals, yet again, that no matter the issue with the Left, it is never actually about the issue.

From the Maple Syrup Journal

Victory Girls has covered the Convoy for Freedom, but as the protests grow and spread, the Leftwing Canadian government is doubling down on the rhetoric and threats.

Ottawa’s police chief said the capital may request aid from the armed forces to stop the ongoing anti-mandatory vaccine Freedom Convoy trucker protest, but the Defence Ministry responded saying they had no plans to get involved in the situation.

Kinda puts lie to the oft-claimed “champion of the working class” label for Leftists. Ottawa’s threat comes on the heels of trying to secure tow services to remove those fascist, white supremacist truckers only to be told sorry but we gots teh covid (cough cough) and can’t work for you.



Irrelevant Actress feelz NYPD funeral is fascist

Well, no one has ever accused Susan Sarandon with an over-abundance of intelligence … or morals.

Actress Susan Sarandon shared a Twitter post comparing police gathered at the funeral of slain NYPD Detective Jason Rivera to fascists — in the latest example of anti-cop vitriol.



David French – Another day, another cringe

The ostensible principled conservative … heh … sniffs about taking the high road on Whoopi Goldberg Caryn Johnson’s misspeaking …

Yet, here we are …

david french tweet
screenshot from Twitter

We wonder if David has had a chance to admire Creepy Joe’s pants crease.



The Hellenization of the American Jew

Whoopi’s dismissal of the Holocaust as just white on white crime actually finds it roots in the 60s Black Nationalist movement. It represents part of the attempt to deJudanize the Holocaust. However, it should be noted, yet again, that a significant proportion of the American Jewish community are assimilated into Leftwing ideology. Such ideology winning out over any conflict with Judaism. The ADL just beclowned itself by first changing their definition of “racism” to conform to Left Critical Race Theory standards … then scrambling to reverse it when they realized how that definition actually supported Whoopi’s claims.



The Hellenization of the American Jew – Part II

Look no further on how the deep state State Department treated U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman in 2017.

Word of my stubborn insistence on standing with our ally Israel had now circulated widely within the State Department. Another senior staffer decided to call me and offer the following advice: “Mr. Ambassador, don’t be so Jewish.”


“Don’t be so Jewish. You represent the United States of America. Tone down the Judaism in your work.”

*Don’t be so Jewish.*

I was furious. “Do you think I am under any disillusion as to who I represent? I’m not a politically correct person but I have to ask you, why do the laws of political correctness not apply to Jews?”

“Just a free word of advice.” Worth the price.

Lucky for us that Friedman stuck to his guns and principles, worked with Trump and ushered in the Abraham Accords.



The Left deploys the word “fascist” with as much regularity as “racist” and with as much evidence, too. Realize they don’t actually mean either and will obfuscate the issue when challenged for evidence.

As a 1960s radical put it, The issue is never the issue, the issue is always The Revolution.

Keep that in mind, dear readers. Until next time …

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • Ted says:

    I disfavor letting the pejorative, i. e. leftist definition of fascist stand. IMO, Fascist with respect to Mussolini meant only that a dictator determined that all institutions of society had to work toward the dictator’s goals, or else. Fascist with respect to FDR means only that with somewhat grudging consent of the people through Congress and the Courts, the US’ institutions worked toward the goals propounded to the suffering electorate.

    I think we should beware the left’s dialectic that taints everything like bad drains: We agree that X is awful, terrible, no good, right? Well, since X is embedded in the system, we all agree the system is awful, terrible, no good, caca poopoo. Down with systemic X-ism! To the barricades!!

    • Dr Cruel says:

      Fascism is a brand name, like Bolshevism, National Socialism, Maoism, Bolivarianism, etc. They all refer to variants of the same intellectual property. Left fascists dislike rival forms because of brand loyalty.

  • It is worth remembering that Benito Mussolini was a member in good standing of the Italian Socialist Party and only left them because he lost a power struggle for control of that party. The Fascist Party was formed as his way of continuing to pursue Socialism in a way that bypassed his former comrades. Socialism and National Socialism have always been the same thing.

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